Sims3 HOW I Hate Your FREEZING Ways!

Has anyone ever heard of the Sims? Probably, I think I was the only one in a bubble that didn’t really know what the sims was! UNTIL blabkberry offered it free on their app world and even then I really didn’t know what it was. UNTIL I played it on a PC, I was completely hooked. I went out and bought the Sims3 and pets (it came together), and loaded it onto my Mac. I loved it, and then for christmas I got the Generations and Town Life… THEN my computer started to mess up a bit.. saying it was full which was weird because I have a lot of man power behind this bad boy. BUT whatever did some probably much needed computer maintenance and even before the deep clean on my Mac I noticed the game freezing… and it gradually got worse. THEN when i loaded everything on my Mac again it froze so much I couldn’t even have an animal run by, or move and it would freeze. SO I uninstalled it and loaded it onto my 2.5 tarobite external hard drive and STILLLL freezes like crazy.

I can’t even start the game without it freezing as soon as the sim village loads, AND I know I’m not the only one after googling it. I thought it was my computer and its clearly NOT because a 2.5 TB external is a lot of man power on its own and if its sill freezing I have no idea what’s going on. THOSE games aren’t cheap either they are like 30 bucks a pop or so. I mean its a great game (addicting), but great but I don’t think its fair that its freezing and there are A LOT of complaints that it freeze yet nothing is being done about it. 

I’m out of ideas on what to do, I may try to load just Sims3 and generations and skip the pet one see if having less loaded will keep it from freezing but who knows. I just don’t get how it can go from working and freezing every so often to not even being able to walk down the street without it freezing… 


Anyone encounter this at all??



~ by Christina Sears on March 9, 2012.

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