Blue Mountain Ya’ll

This past weekend I had the opportunity to head up to Blue Mountain Ski Resort with some friends and their friends. For a year now I’ve heard wild stories about the trip they took to this location the previous year and after some thinking I figured it would be something to do and a new experience to try considering I’ve never really done anything like that at all. 

Few things at first didn’t sit right with me… people I haven’t talked to and have no interest in were attending the weekend and I knew by being in the same vacinity that nothing good would come out of it. But me being me I set that aside because at the end of the day I’m not going to let something like that bother my entire weekend. HELL there are 2 chalets… and 20 something people going its not like I’m stuck in a locked room with these people right?

SO as we got closer to Collingwood Ontario, you could start to see a bit of snow on the ground, then a lot of snow, then thick snow. Seriously this was the most snow I’ve personally seen all winter. In Hamilton our winter has been considerably mild and hardly any snow at all really. So it was nice to finally see some snow and enjoy WINTER!

We got to the chalet and since we were newbs we wanted to check out the 2 chalets and see what they had to offer. The smaller one I roomed in had a hot tub and a sauna. It had about 5 rooms or so on the upstairs and 3 rooms plus a sauna downstairs with 2 three piece bathrooms. Not too shabby… the other chalet had an indoor pool we definitely were hooked up with some awesome places to stay for the weekend. 

We took the corner room in the basement beside the sauna… it was quiet down there and the plus side our room was next to our buddy Gerry. The first night was a party hard night… I even got a little bit buzzed (haha maybe a bit drunk). People were taking pictures with my camera and video when I loaded everything onto my computer I had a few surprises of what footage I had but whatever…

Skiiing was an experience… I took a free lesson with an older guy named Howard! OF course I was the only one out of our group that went that skied and didn’t snowboard. SO I pretty much got a 1 on 1 not a group lesson with other people. The man started to talk to me like I was a kid and was about to ask me if I had a parent present… I was kind of thrown of he then said “wait a minute how old are you” I of course smiled and said “… umm… 27…. “ he was like “no really how old are you.” and my mates that were there had to reassure poor Howard that I was indeed 27 years old! 

I was glad I took the lesson because I learned how to cut a bit and most importantly stop.

So once I went a few times down the beginner bunny hill I thought I would give the hill next to me a try, I seen some kids doing it and it didn’t seem THAT BAD! 

WELL I had to get on the ski lift WHICH mind you I’ve never been on and wasn’t really sure how to get on to be honest… BUT I tried… this thing scooped me up from behind and I was scared that we were going up and no bar came down right away… the guys pulled the bar down and I still was terrified… I felt like I could fall out at any minute I HATE HEIGHTS! I mean I’m 4‘10.5 if I was meant to be off the ground I WOULD BE but I’m not! 

THEN I get off the lift and was told to just ski straight (so I did). As I was trying to adjust myself I realized I started going down hill. I thought to myself, I guess its now or never right. I started to pick up speed like crazy and of course could feel the fear creeping up on me. I was at this point going so fast I couldn’t even cut properly, couldn’t stop (because I tried) and just picked up more speed. Me being not so smart thought “hey if I squat a little and try and bail maybe because I’m not standing it won’t be that bad to make myself fall.” 

You got it “CHRISTINA YOU IDIOT” is right!

I ended up launching myself ,felt my knees bang together, I jammed my fingers into the hill, banged up my hips pretty good and flew. When I stopped I grabbed my poles and tried to get off my skis. I had to take my poll and undo the straps on my skis to get my feet out. I then picked up my skis and walked along the hill. Steve and the guys came down and asked if I was okay. I really didn’t know what I hurt because my adrenaline was running so high that I didn’t feel much at that point. BUT as the night went on let me tell you it felt like I hit a train. 

OH I almost forgot to tell you!

Apparently Saturday was the day people liked to drive their cars into ditches. It was pretty slippery out, some fresh snow and existing snow and two people that day with in a few hours from each other got stuck in the ditches in front of their chalets. One was someone from our chalet but the other one was a group of church asian’s across the road. THEY MANAGED to some how back up their van (a van that sits large groups) into a ditch. The entire back end was stuck in some thick packed iced over snow and the tire just spun. They were trying everything, even some of the people from our chalet tried to help. FINALLY after acknowledging those poor people have been out there for a soild 2 hours a gy from our group gave his truck keys to someone and told them to pull this van out… ha I felt bad they waited 2 hours to get them out, but it was a sight to see. I felt bad but giggled maybe a little. 

ALL and all though it was a good experience. SO I put… well the weekend in a little bit of a video.. Kind of like a story in a nutshell ha! I”m glad I didn’t have my camera the entire time because everyone got different footage! Some people I wasn’t associated with but whatever it made for some good clips to use!!! SOOOOO hope you enjoy the video!


~ by Christina Sears on March 8, 2012.

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  1. This is GREAT T…it wouldn’t let me like it. But that’s ok, ‘cuz I LOVE it anyway. They really SHOULD have a ‘love’ button on this thing


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