Happy New Year! Goodbye 2011 HELLOOO 2012

First of all I want to give a warm Happy New Year to everyone reading this, I’m glad you survived another year and hopefully you can look back and reflect on 2011! I’m sure some of you may have had a crazy year full of ups and downs, a lot of twists and turns but guess what you made it. As of 12am January 1st you get a clean slate to start 2012 off right. 

My Zia Grace told me once (as I was getting my hair done) that you are in charge of your own fate. If something doesn’t happen for you, go your way, gets you down, made you sad, its because of you and you alone. I know pretty harsh to say right? My aunt is a very blunt (but honest women). 

She believes that if something doesn’t happen for you then you didn’t exhaust all outlets to try and make it happen. Did you fight? Some people would probably say yes ( I know because I was one of those people), but when I really thought about it… I let other things get to me and in away discourage me from striving for what I want. I let it stop me before I got there. 

If something is getting you down, you have to stop for a second and remember NO ONE allows it to get to you BUT you. YOUR the one in charge of how it effect you, and how you are going to react. I know a lot of the time life throws you these curve balls, some hit you out of nowhere and your not really sure what to do in that moment, but if you can find the strength to just pull through it and get up for one more round it’s more then anyone can ever ask for. You owe it to yourself to get up and fight, get up for that next round. BECAUSE like Stallone said in the newest Rocky movie “Life will BEAT you to your knees and KEEP you there permanently if YOU LET IT.”

You are in control of who you become, where you go, and where you end up. Everyone you surround yourself with are just people to in away shape the person you are. EVEN from the worst experience there is always something to learn. 

I’m never regretful because in the experiences I have had, it only made me a little wiser, a lot stronger, and gave me the strength to push forward. 

In 2011 I was grateful for a lot of things regardless if they were good or bad.

FINALLY after almost 5 years of headaches “crazy” was held accountable for their actions. As hard as it was to sit there and have everything in my hand to prove that this wasn’t just in our heads and still be told “it wasn’t good enough” or have people not being very thorough at their jobs finally a light was shined on my family. Everyone said grin and bear it, you will get through it give someone an inch of rope they will take enough to hang them self and that’s exactly what happen. We were fortunate to have an officer who took his job seriously, one who was pretty sharp and investigated the situation didn’t just shove it to the side. Someone who took all the facts from both sides and put the pieces together. Without him doing his job none of that would have happened. He lifted the weight of the world off my families chest. He did more for us then he thinks and we thank our lucky stars that he was working that night, because if he wasn’t, I’m not so confident we would have had things turn out the way they did. We hope that those around us also follow in our footsteps and know that if you stand together as one you will be stronger. 

I am also thankful for having another year with my grandmother, she is the glue that holds my family together. She is one of the strongest women (next to my Zia Grace, and my mom) that I know. She thinks and does for everyone else but herself. She is kind and wise. She has given me advice without even realizing it and those are things that I will cherish forever (well that and the yummy chocolate cookie recipe she gave me). You don’t realize how precious your grandparents are until they are gone. They are full of stories from another time, another way of life in some cases and its fascinating (well at least for me) to hear about when they were my age, what they learned, and maybe get a heads up for what I’m up against later on in life. 

I am thankful that my family is healthy, and as strong as they were the previous year. Everyone is growing up so fast, and starting their own journey’s with the people they are choosing to spend their life with. Good luck to Michael & Tania, Anthony & Ida with your wedding preparations. I’m sure that chapter of life isn’t going to be easy, but I’m sure you guys can push through it. You have come this far right? REMEMBER like Zia Grace says “love is blind and marriage is an eye opener.”! HAHA good luck! 

I am thankful for my job, its one that will allow me to brush up on my media skills in various ways and prepare me for when I venture off with my own business. Thank you to Marija for believing me enough to suggest me for the job and thank you to Kirsten for hiring me on the team.

I am also thankful for my relationship. It’s one that regardless of where I was, or who I was with was in the back of my mind because deep down I knew he was the one I was suppose to be with. NO matter who came into my life and how I felt about them, it wasn’t as complete and satisfying as I feel now. I feel that the time apart (as hard and sucky as it was), happened for a reason and allowed us to grow as 2 different people and find ourself and what we were worth. It made us realize what we truly wanted and like the saying goes if it is meant to be it will happen. BELIEVE ME I’m living it. I’m excited to see what my life holds with him as we venture off on this new path together. Regardless of what terms we were on he was always the one beside me in his own way picking me up when I fell, he secretly watched over me, and the day he realized that his life wouldn’t be complete with out me was the day I said… okay now its time. I love you with all my heart but you know that, and you’ve known that for the last 11 years. You are my best friend, my boyfriend, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you and make little monkey babies (hahaha)! 

I’ve decided this year that I’m going to write again, NOT about MMA sorry folks, just about my life experience almost like an online memoir about my year. I’m  not sure where it’s going to go or what I’m going to write or vlog about. ALL I know it will be 100% true. Maybe some of it you can relate too, or know someone who had a similar experience, but I would love for you to take it with me. 

Some of you have been reading my stuff since I was in college (in 2006), reading about my MMA reports, my training, and my struggles with diet and weight. I was shocked the people I was able to reach, some I even inspired. It made me think about what a powerful tool this internet thing is. 


So please connect with me:

Twitter: @christinasears

Email: searstina@hotmail.com

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Christina-Sears/122124297839302

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/LadyJag85?feature=mhee


Feel free to comment about anything I post let me know what you think, give me the thumbs up or down, post video responses etc… I wanna hear from you, I want your feedback and most of all I want your story. I wanna know what YOUR deal is!!!

Christina Sears


~ by Christina Sears on January 3, 2012.

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