Hamilton Boy Loses his Dog

Catching up on some of my news, I was reading a post by CHCH News about a little boy who’s dog passed away over the Thanksgiving weekend. Apparently he was out walking his one year old dog which is a chiwawa by the way, when they walked by this 37 year old women (who is remaining nameless). I guess the dog got excited and was kind of nipping at her. MIND you a chiwawa IS not a big dog, she claims the dog “attacked her.” She ended up grabbing the leash and flinging the little dog, which snapped his neck killing him. 

Pretty crazy stuff don’t you think? The women is apparently being charged for animal cruelty but when I heard the story my jaw dropped.

If it were a bigger dog, like a german shepherd or a retriever and THAT dog was being sort of nippy at you then yeah i’d be a bit more scared but seriously a chiwawa? COME ON LADY!

People driving by stopped and gave their statements to police which is awesome because at least someone saw it. The family has had a huge out poor of people who feel super sorry for what happen and want to help. SOME have even offered to buy a new dog. 

I have a cat, which I’m not much of a cat person, BUT if anyone tried to be mean to him or did anything to him, I’d be all over the butt like white on rice let me tell you.

Some people don’t believe having pets in the house, others a pet is a member of the family. They are there when you come home, they give you a sense of comfort when your stressed out. 

I’m still in shocked a women would rip a leash out of a kids hand and fling a dog that probably didn’t weigh anymore then 6 pounds at least. (IF THAT)!

What would you do if you saw that happen? 

I’m not sure what I would do, I’d probably lose it on the women, not going to lie. Some kids across the street from my house were toying with a street cat and it bothered me A LOT. I’m not down with people treating animals like that. 









~ by Christina Sears on October 14, 2011.

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