Blackberry Went down!

If you own a Blackberry smart phone I bet you were one of the people today wondering why you were unable to use your internet browser, You weren’t getting email or app updates, and probably most importantly you weren’t receiving any of your BBM messages. 

I know I woke up this morning to read online that some how an overload in Europe has effected a backlog of data which is why a lot of us Blackberry users were unable to use these features.


My Facebook feed was full of people losing it because their Blackberry wasn’t performing, some not even realizing it had to do with the Rim networks and not their service provider. I personally wasn’t too affected by the little delay and glitches of Rim working on the problem and I was honestly shocked at the amount of people who were.

I mean, I guess if your in a career where you need those updated emails right on the spot then you could be effected, and if your an app user and really need those updates i can see how not getting them would get annoying too, and obviously not being able to stay connected via Twitter or Facebook and most importantly BBM probably left some people not really knowing what to do with themselves. 

It amazed me how addicted people can get to their smart phone, people saying that they would rather switch to a iPhone or Android because of this “bullshit”, it was SOOOOO mind boggling. 

I mean I’m not going to lie, I love the fact that I can share random pictures via social networks. I love getting my horoscope every morning (from an app I downloaded). I love being able to brows movie times and make plans while I’m at work. I love being able to send endless pictures,video and sound notes through BBM and stay connected with the messenger function. I love receiving my emails when I get them wherever I am. BUT today if someone didn’t tell me there was a glitch in the server I probably would have never bothered to notice. 

I mean you can still use your phone to call out and receive calls, people can still text message you so its not completely THE END OF THE WORLD.

These days days phones are starting to become more and more like pocket size computers. Like a computer you have at home you will sometimes run into glitches that need to be fixed. You either restart your computer (as you would pull your battery from your smart phone), OR you wait for the provider you are with to get its stuff together and get back up and running. 

I get its frustrating to have a device and not have it work right. BUT I haven’t heard many issues with Blackberry in a VERY long time. The article I read even said there hasn’t been an issue like this in forever. Where other phones you hear about issues all the time.. Yeah iPhone is a nice phone? But I hear about them being hacked all the time? WHY keep your life in your phone when you can’t even 100% trust it will be secure. 

ALL I’m saying is, if you were irritated because you actually had to call someone, or TEXT them instead of using bbm, or bummed out because you couldn’t update your twitter or facebook status with some dramatic spell you were going through and you felt like it took forever for this to even work right again, YOUR seriously addicted to your phone and maybe need to detox from it a little bit. 

I still love my Blackberry regardless of the issues its had the last few days (and today), I wouldn’t trade it in for an android or an iphone because its everything I need. I still managed to stay connected with my normal stuff, I texted instead of BBM, I called instead of trying to message and even better I got together with people to catch up instead of reading it on facebook?

Social networks, and smart phones have really really impacted todays society. It seems some people can’t even function without creeping someone’s facebook or tweeting their lives. Most people don’t read the actual news anymore, they know more about who’s had what done to their face in hollywood then how the elections went. Its sad wen you know the jingle to a mcdonald’s commercial but you stumble on your national anthem.

Or you can name every high end name brand but you can’t recite how many provinces we have in Canada. 

I think being able to connect to anyone at any time is great and it totally has its pros and cons… but not enough people are using it to educate themselves. THEY don’t realize its more then just being able to creep facebook status and info, your phone is like a hand held book to any information about any subject at the tips of your fingers. It’s more then just texting and what not. 

After the issues with Blackberry you want to switch phones? WELL I’m sure that phone will have its own issues nothing’s perfect and companies work very hard to provide the best services for their customers. I don’t care what’s happened with Blackberry, I love the phone and wouldn’t trade it in for the world. 



~ by Christina Sears on October 13, 2011.

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