Niagara Falls Ontario

I’ve had a few people on my butt about the lack of blog posts! I guess since the majority of them were of my training I guess I felt like that’s what defined me and since I haven’t been training because of work and this new path I’m on that people probably wouldn’t find what I have to say interesting anymore. So I guess I lost interest in blogging sort of because of how I felt. 

I mean on facebook I would post random blackberry pictures of things I felt were funny, strange, interesting etc… I tweeted the randomness I came across but never really blogged about anything. 

However there are a few things I have read and came across that I’ve had thoughts about enough to blog about but never got around to it. Really just feeling no one would read it. 

So… I’m going to try and keep up with some of the blogs about things that most interest me, and Please please if your reading this feel free to post your comments in the box below. I always try and connect with the people who take the time to also share their opinion.

Niagara Falls Ontario

The first thing I think I want to talk about is Niagara Falls!

Anyone that knows me knows that Niagara is my favorite area to be in. I would choose Niagara over Toronto anytime of the week. 

Any of my friends that come to visit out of country I try and show them the hidden gems of the Niagara area. A lot of people (poor souls) waste their money and time on Clifton Hill. You know I read in an article that is one of the most useless attractions? Literally its one of the top 5 places NOT to go to when you visit a place. Pretty crazy eh? I guess if you live near the area (like myself) if your going to the falls it gives you something to do. HOWEVER if you’re visiting from another country I WOULDN’T waste my precious time taking that in when there is so much more you could be doing. Niagara Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. 

SO why waste your time with arcades, wax museums, and haunted houses when it has NOTHING to do with the falls?

In the last 2 years, I have tried to hit the “Niagara Falls” attractions, you know that actually have to do with the falls. SO FAR behind the falls, the 4D video, and maid of the mist are the top ones I have for you. I heart the Jet Boat ride is pretty intense and if your a hiker you definitely have to check out the Niagara Glen. 

The Niagara Glen is the gorge that separates the Canadian and USA border. Literally your standing there admiring the breath taking scene in front of you and your standing not to far from the USA. My phone actually sent me a text saying I was in roaming (and I was still on Canadian Soil) my network must have just bounced off one of their towers. 

Niagara Glenn Hiking

There are amazing boulders, trees, look out points, and safe spots you can get somewhat close to the water to get some good pictures. 

If your a history person, Niagara on the Lake has so much history and two war forts you can visit. I’ve been to Fort George and Fort Mississauga (both pretty interesting). 

Niagara Falls in the winter time is also an amazing site. Because of the mist that comes up from the Canadian falls it makes huge sheets of ice that freeze over on the guard rails, trees, buildings, etc.. It’s pretty crazy looking but simply just as breath taking. If your there in the winter it is MUCH colder near the falls (just a heads up). 

When you are in the falls there are guard rails set up along the edge of the falls, A LOT of caution signs about NEVER going behind them, standing on them, sitting on them, etc… BUT every time I go I see so many people being completely stupid and disregarding the warning signs. MOST of them adults (never mind the unattended children). 

This past year (in August) a Japanese exchange student was visiting the falls with a friend, and next thing she knew she was heading over the falls into what I can only imagine is a horrifying death. 


Well because she disregarded the signs and decided to stratal the guard rail and when she went to climb back over she slipped.

If you haven’t heard or read the story here is a quick video:


I feel bad for her friend who had to witness the fall and then probably had to explain to her parents what happened, NOT only that she probably has a few of the last moments caught on her digital camera (maybe even the fall) something she probably WILL never be able to get out of her mind. 

BUT things like that is 100% preventible, ALLL you have to do is pay attention to the warning signs. THEY are there to keep you safe, you want a CLOSER picture of the falls spend the 14 bucks and hitch a ride on the maid of the mist, your pictures will be incredible.

Journey Behind the Falls

HELL hit up the behind the falls too.. you get right up close and personal there too. 

THERE is NO NEED for anyone to be hanging over the edge like that. 

Niagara Falls is a beautiful place to be, and see (especially the Canadian Side) but its also a place that will kill you if you don’t use your head. 


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Here a few retarded people who SOME how got mixed up in a Falls mess:


The first video I found is of a man, in the winter time who I guess climbed over the guardrail onto the ice (which I can only assume is thick), but in some cases could have been thin and flimsy  and he’s dancing along close to the edge. He’s just so lucky that he didn’t slip because I can also assume because of the amount of water, the mist and the wind that is around that area it would have been THAT easy for him to slip in.

Second Video is of a man who willingly seemed to just throw himself in there, however he ended up surviving. Can you imagine wanting to KILL yourself, thinking “yeah… throwing myself over that thing will sure do it” and then LIVING? NOT only that you throw yourself over in the winter time, and the water is so cold. I’m sure a GUN might have been better (or you could have had the same result… living). 

Third video show’s a man just jumping in to his death and a poor reporter who was doing his stand up for another story caught it in the background. That is so unreal, what would come over someone to jump in and go over like that is beyond me.

Fourth video, these people are just plain retarded. To put a friend in a barrel with a mac/webcam to video tape is plunge…. like? WHAT happen to putting soap in a fountain, at least no one potentially can die from it… HARMLESS FUN!

AND this guy… LIKE HOW do you get there in the first place??? SERIOUSLY?


~ by Christina Sears on October 11, 2011.

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