The Gay/Lesbian/Trans-Gender Community

When I was in grade eight (maybe) I was introduced to my first lesbian. HOWEVER she was very tomboyish, meaning she had a buzz head, probably tapped her breasts and wore very boyish clothing. So being young and not really aware of the gay and lesbian community I assumed she was a guy. She was one of my cousins best friends, and it wasn’t until later on (in high school) I realized she was actually a women. 

Growing up I never really knew very many gay people, I went to a catholic school and lets face it even in the early 20th century people still weren’t coming out of the closet and were still scared of what people around them would think.

I went to high school with a girl who in grade nine hated my guts, I remember high school well and I got bullied a lot and girls like her sort of intimidated me. A guy she liked ended up liking me and it made her furious. However in grade 11 I believe we had a few classes together. I couldn’t help but put my head down when she walked in thinking to myself “GOD why do you hate me so much.” SURE enough she sat near me, BUT I think it was one of the best things that could have happened to me.

We ended up becoming really good friends and she would always talk about this boyfriend she had. HOWEVER later on she came out to me telling me her “boyfriend” was actually a girl. She had a strict family, as a matter of fact I believe her dad was a minister of some sort. I knew it was probably hard for her so instead of judging, I tried to understand where she was coming from and I think she was one of the first people who allowed me into the gay and lesbian world. Of course not being gay myself I always had a lot of questions about it. And she wouldn’t make me feel stupid to ask anything I was curious about. 

There were actually a few girls I was close too through sports, and just high school in general that hid that secret away. These were girls who dated guys in the past, they were girls I had gym class with, played basketball with etc… 

When I got a job at Kelseys, I met a guy there who started around the same time as me, and although I had my suspicion that maybe he was on the gay side it wasn’t my place to ask and I figured once he got to know me, if he was gay he would tell me on his own terms. WHICH is exactly what happened. Kelsey’s had a few people from the gay and lesbian community working there and I became good friends with a lot of them.

Travis: Travis never once made me feel stupid if I had a question to ask about the community. He was always straight forward and honest with any answer he gave me regardless how red it made him go to tell me about it. 

Joe: He introduced me to the trans-gender and drag community. I got the opportunity to experience various drag shows and learn about their community. I would ask questions and Joe would laugh at some, but never made me feel stupid and didn’t mind answering them. 

Stef: Hands down this girl was one of my best friends, but it was weird having such a good friend who was interested in females. BUT I could always count on her to tell me when I looked retarded and when I was actually looking good. She was honest that way and never made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. She had a way of going about it without making me feel like she wanted to attack my box. She was also really helpful to better understand the Gay and Lesbian community. 

All three of these people I think are amazing because they are so strong for coming out with their sexual preference and not letting the negativity get them down. 

I feel like Gay/Lesbian Marriage, and seeing them being affectionate in public and wanting kids and so on is no different then a black and white person together having babies. Its another generation with a minority issue to get over. 

Everyone has their own beliefs and opinions about marriage and what it means and I don’t feel like they should push them on everyone. Religion, culture, race are VERY touchy subjects that never really have a right and wrong answer. 

Does it mean you have to influence it in your life… NO, what I mean is have an open mind and just be accepting. These are sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles (and the list goes on). WHAT if they were your sister? or brother? What if after 25 years of marriage YOUR mother comes out and says she’s a lesbian? IT CAN and HAS happened. 

I’m sure if there was someone in my family that was gay I can GUARANTEE YOU 100%  that even if i didn’t agree with it, I would never EVER make them feel like they have to hide it. I feel like if you have to hide WHO you are from your family… who is your OWN flesh and blood then that is a LONELY life. If your family makes you feel like you have to hide it thats even worse. 

At the end of the day that person is still that person they just have a different sexual preference. I mean there are people having sex with animals, and peeing on each other and I’m sure A LOT worse ALLLLLL over the internet and we are worried about the gay and lesbian community? GIVE ME A BREAK!

I mean kids are dying for coming out with WHO they really are, and it disturbs me because I would expect people of this generation to be more understanding then say someone from the 1960’s who is very traditional. I feel that kids are mean because they don’t quite understand what it means to be gay. To be honest I throw that term out a lot “oh thats gay, your so gay.” Sound familiar? I’m sure everyone else has used those terms too. 

I feel like because they don’t know about it, they aren’t educated which is why they are cruel and verbally harass other kids that come out. It would be no different then making fun of the black kid, or the kid with the turban on his head, or the girl that hides her face? Kids can be mean and with this new outlet of the internet its really hard to get away from it all. When I was in school once I left school it was like I checked the school drama at the door when the bell rang, but now there is facebook, twitter, youtube, and many other outlets where people can attack other people and display it for the entire world to see. 

What kind of bothered me and incised this blog was David Tyree’s Rant about the community (which I saw on

THIS is a BLACK MAN talking about a “minority” of people? I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit because of the colour of his skin if people of his “minority” didn’t stand up for them self he would be sitting in the back of a bus somewhere NOT playing football, and that’s even if they LET him on the bus. 

THIS is no different I feel, its just a community of people wanting to be heard, and wanting to show people the only thing that is different is their sexual preference. 

Do I believe in Gay marriage, of course I do, because if you are married you know how much that commitment meant to you that day you said your “I do’s”. THAT’S all they are asking for as well, just to have that deep commitment with their partner.

I am Catholic and I don’t care what the bible states, I don’t care if it says “man and women” because to be honest the Bible is quite contradicting it self and i DON’T believe should be taken word for word anyways. 

Canada is one of the most multicultural countries, and you would think that the ignorance towards this stuff would be kept to a minimal JUST because of all the different kinds of people we have in our country. 

I’m not pushing anyone to accept the gay and lesbian community I’m just asking you to be less ignorant because for all you know your son or daughter may have the same secret. People should not throw stones from a glass house especially if they don’t know what is in store for them.

To all the gay and lesbian people who have accepted me into their community even though I’m a straight without hesitation I appreciate your acceptance and I wish more people could be less ignorant. Keep being strong and driving forward in life, you know who you are hang on to that and never let anyone take it away from you!



~ by Christina Sears on June 18, 2011.

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