Sheryl Sheppard’s Cold Case

I was waiting to go to work, just listening to some music on my ipod with the summer breeze in my face. I was minding my own business just people watching, as I sit and wait for the ride for work when something caught my attention.

It was weird because it wasn’t just a “oh what’s that” attention grabber, I actually creeped up behind a girl who was standing near the pole this poster was on (which I would never usually do). It was weird it was almost like I HAD to read this poster on the telephone pole. 

It was a missing person’s poster with the picture of Hamilton’s Sheryl Sheppard. You ever heard of her? I was in grade eight when she went missing in 1998. 

Sheryl Sheppard (13 yrs ago)

From what I read on New Years of 1998 she went missing and hasn’t been seen since. She was last seen actually on television where her boyfriend Michael Lavoie purposed to her on television, in which she accepted. The next day she vanished, but her fiance said he dropped her off in Niagara Falls for a dancing gig (ie a stripper job) and she was never seen again. However she had given that up it had been 6 years since she had danced and held a job at the Tim Hortons on Sanford and Cannon Street in Hamiton. The owner of the place said he didn’t know who she was, and that she was not scheduled to dance at his place. 

This case has gone cold twice, and its been 13 years and she has still not been found. The reward has gone from $10,000 to $50,000 and police seem to be determined to crack this cold case. 

( SPEC ARTICLE:–reward-boosted-in-sheppard-murder-case )

As I was reading various articles online, all fingers seem to point to her fiance who apparently hasn’t been any help to police in even trying to locate her nor has his family. 

As I was reading I couldn’t help but wonder if he has killed her and stashed the body this long, HOW police can’t find ANYTHING to connect him with the disappearance.  AND if you had just proposed to a women you have been dating for two years, one which you apparently want to spend the rest of your life with and then the next day she vanishes WOULDN’T you want answers? Be out there looking? 

From what I read he pretty much has just went on with his life, as it nothing even happened. 

When I saw the picture of Lavoie I feel like I have seen him before around the Sanford area, and I’m not sure why I even care enough to figure out from where. 

I’m NOT even sure WHY I was so drawn to this missing persons poster to begin with, or why I’m even searching google for background information on the case.

The more I read the most I’m shocked the guy has never been charged and NOTHING has been found to link him to her missing. I feel bad for her mother who is now 63 I believe to go this long (13 years) WITHOUT any answers, no closure… NOTHING and know that the evidence seems to point to Lavoie yet he’s still walking the streets of Hamilton while her daughter possibly is rotting somewhere in the city. 

Sheryl Sheppard & MIchael Lavoie

Hopefully with the reward now being boosted up to $50,000 people with any information will come forward to help bring some warmth to this cold case and bring Sheryl’s body to a proper rest. 

I wish I knew more, but I don’t. I wish I could help… BUT I can’t. 

Still confused why I was so drawn to this poster, and this story today to say the least. 

If you know ANYTHING about this case PLEASE PLEASE contact 

Anyone with information can call Thom at 905-546-3843 or Crime Stoppers.

I mean how would you feel if these were your shoes and you felt as helpless as her mother probably does?



~ by Christina Sears on June 17, 2011.

7 Responses to “Sheryl Sheppard’s Cold Case”

  1. Sheryl was a friend of ours. The whole case is strange in that nothing has come up. Somebody knows something, but they just aren’t saying. Anyone who knew Sheryl, knew that she was a tough girl, she didn’t get beat down too easily. So me personally, I think whoever did it, did it accidentally, and covered it up. Just my opinion. I hope that someone, anyone, who knows anything, can come forward, reward or not, and let Sheryl finally rest in peace and give some closure to her mother and brother.


  2. no one can feel the pain i am going though btw michel i will get proof tht will link u to the crime sence and i will pay for what u did she was more than a friend more than anything and now thanks to u michel i cant never ever meet her do to u like it now tht every one is in pain all of you are you happy now michel are you no you are not you just want to make more pian for everyone and i know you did it because you tried to kill yourself because you felled bad and if you really cared about her you would be looking for her not dating other people and if you kill her like you did to sheryl you will wish you were NEVER born you hear me.


  3. You should get your shit strieght before you start saying shit about his family I’ll have you know ne personally I have done everything possible to find Sheryl and I have racked my brain for YEARS trying to remember something! Don’t comment on shit you no nothing about!!!


  4. Thats very nice of you to write something about my aunt.
    I miss her alot , and I appericate it.
    I have been wanting answers for years now.
    I know and have that gut feeling , that Michael had something to do with this.
    The way he acted and treated my family.
    Everything leads up to him, I don’t know why police just give him a lie detector test and all of that , just to try and get an answer.

    I will never loose hope.<3
    Love you & Miss you aunty !


  5. I am so sorry to Sheryl’s family for their loss. I am drawn to this case by default. A police officer came into my place of work to interview me as someone reported a sighting to police believing I was Sheryl. We look very much alike and I was from Hamilton.
    I was very sad to hear of Sheryl’s dissapearance and I hope to god someday justice is served for her. My condolences to the family and friends who miss her. Her photo is vivid in my mind and I think of her often.
    Rest in peace Sheryl, I hope you are in a better place.


  6. Sharing your post, Christina! Good on ya! We locals can never let this go until this case is solved.


  7. This case is the subject of CBC show

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