Hiking in the Summer

How amazing does it feel to wake up everyday this week and look outside and not see a gloomy cloudy day with 99% rain expected? I know this week has felt amazing, and productive and everything is starting to come to life and take shape. 

The city is out there planting the gardens around town, people are out and about shopping for summer, going on walks or hikes and just enjoying the weather. I mean really people we live in Canada we get 2-3 months out of 12 that is nice an toasty! The rest we aren’t wearing winter coats but hoodies and zip ups are something that are put on because of the slight breeze in the air. 

Although Fall is my most favorite season (especially if I’m up North in Manitoulin), I love to hike in the fall because no matter where you look there is always a great picture opportunity with the colours of the trees. PLUS there are hardly any bugs, I will admit I’m not a huge fan of mosquitos buzzing around my ears or around me in general. 

I got into the sumer hiking spirit during the period where we had a crap load of rain, at that point I didn’t even care how bad it poured. SO what I get a little muddy, I refused to spend another day off by the window just wishing for the rain to stop. 

Bryan and I headed over to Albion Falls, which wasn’t flowing tooooooo fat at the time despite the rain. However by the time we left the water level did rise a little bit. Honestly I still got some amazing pictures despite the gloomy day, and it was a lot of fun. 

My fingers banged up!

We ended up building these huge things out of rocks, not going to lie we jammed my finger between 2 of the rocks we were moving around. Definitely hurt like a bitch, not only was it banged up but I sprained it. AWE well, stuff happened the end result was  awesome and the things we were building really turned out! So I was pretty happy,

When the nicer weather hit, obviously I took advantage of that too by hitting up some familiar trails at Dundas Valley Conservation. No matter how many time’s I hit up those trails I always find something interesting to photograph. 

I want to try and get to Rattlesnake point again, that was a decent hike I did that one last year with Bryan (on a hot ass day). We hiked from Rattlesnake Point to Crawford Lake, had lunch at the lake took a break and then hiked back. I remember I was dead tired after that. I think we started the hike in the morning (I’d like to say maybe 10am) and I didn’t get to the car until 5pm I believe… Pretty decent that’s for sure and there was a lot of interesting things to explore. 

No trips planned this summer, not yet anyways! BUT I do want to get out and hike a lot more, I love taking pictures on a hike plus its relaxing. 

SO If you know of any awesome places in the Hamilton/Niagara area to check out please comment in the box below I’d love to hear about it. 



~ by Christina Sears on June 3, 2011.

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