Cooke a Douche Bag??

Wednesday night’s are usually great, it allows me to get out my Vegas fever since this years Vegas trip MIGHT be put on hold and not happen. I can’t help but watch the Real World Las Vegas, and although my girl FROM Vegas insists they don’t even really do much in Vegas that highlights EVERYTHING the city has to offer I still enjoy watching it.

I was amazed how fast fans turn when it comes to liking shows and the characters in those shows. Not to long ago everyone was tweeting about how bad they felt for Cooke because the girls just barged in her room and tore her a new hole because of a comment she made, not to mention they didn’t really even want another female room mate in the house. After tonight’s episode people are tweeting about how much of an ugly whore she is, and what not. 

I watched tonight’s episode and laughed a little bit because it felt like I was watching (from outside the box) a high school spat to be honest. I mean, Heather made it perfectly clear that she didn’t want to be with Zito because of his “secret” about doing porn and what not. Which personally I thought was sort of childish because at that point its not like she was in a serious relationship she was just getting to know the guy. Regardless if you live with someone, in a month (max) you can’t feel like its been 3 years… If I didn’t know any better by the way she reacted to the news I would have thought they were together a lot longer then what they were. Personally like I said in my previous blog about Dustin and his Porn secrets… I would have first asked him if he still does it, and if he’s contracted anything. END OF STORY, if he said no to both.. then who am I to judge its something he did at a time in his life (just like once upon a time some people picked their nose) its over and done with move on. Yeah it hurts that it was kept BUT obviously it was for a reason and you can’t blame the guy.

COOKE was one of the only ones who didn’t care and just accepted him as is… which lead to the kiss. After Heather made it clear she didn’t want to be with him what is he suppose to do write off the rest of his trip. It happened you can’t get mad because YOUR sending mixed signals. GRANTED LeeRoy did have a point when he said that Cooke talked to Heather and told her it wouldn’t ever happen bla bla bla and then the kiss happened BUT it was A KISS, I’m not going to use them being drunk as an excuse but it sure lubricates the situation to make it easier for it to happen. BUT the way Heather blew up was brutal considering she is giving Zito mixed signals.

I don’t think Cooke is a slut, I think she’s being herself, OBVIOUSLY Nany is one of those women who has a lot of different faces with different people because of how fast she went and told Heather. If I were Cooke I would have just kept it to myself (especially if it meant nothing).  BUT in NO WAY does that make her a slut and god knows what else people are saying. It was a poor judgement call BUT DUSTIN kissed back so he’s just as guilty and he really didn’t get drilled or ignored at all.. GOES to show the double standard and how catty women can be. THIS is a prime example WHY I don’t have a lot of girl friends. 

I donno I just think it was blown way out and Heather needs to get her shit together and really decide if she wants to be with Zito because some other girl can just grab him whenever and this time its not going to be a roomie who she can snap at… its going to be some other girl who really doesn’t care!

Out of the girls on the show I love Cooke, she was a bit douchie like LeeRoy said BUT in the same sense some other people need to grow a pair and figure out what they want. BUT I love how she’s real, and down to earth and one of the guys. LeeRoy is probably my favorite guy in the house for real talk, Zito for looks, and Mike because he’s just a goofy, genuine guy. 

It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when they hit up Cancun and to see why Zito snaps on Mike… it looked pretty heated! NOT to mention what comes of Nany trying to find her father. I’m glad Nany’s mom was so blunt, I felt like she was right but I guess some people (like me) just have to find out and see/hear it for themselves before they can accept it.



~ by Christina Sears on May 12, 2011.

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