Strange Laws from Around the World

Strange Laws from Around the World


 1. SHOWING TO MUCH SKIN: In Kentucky, it’s illegal for a woman to appear in a bathing suit on the highway unless she’s escorted by two police officers or injured. There’s been an amendment to this bizarre law. It no longer applies to women who weigh less than 60 lbs or more than 200 lbs. Well, that clears up everything!

 2. DANGEROUS FLIGHT: Are you hoping to go skydiving during your next trip to Florida? Are you a single woman? Will you want to jump on a Sunday? Sorry, but that’s illegal! In this U.S. state, single women who go skydiving on a Sunday can be thrown in prison.

 3. LEARN TO SIT DOWN: In Switzerland, it’s illegal for men to urinate standing up after 10 p.m. If you’re living in an apartment, you also can’t flush. How the police monitor this law? We’re not sure.

 4. WATCH OUT FOR FEMALE DRIVERS: In New Orleans, La., and Memphis, Tenn., a woman is only allowed to drive if her husband walks or runs in front waving a red flag warning pedestrians and other vehicles. This law no longer exists, with good reason!

5. MANDATORY CLEANLINESS: In Moscow, it is forbidden to drive a dirty car. Deciding what qualifies as dirty, we’re sure, would stir quite the debate.

6. A SALTY FINE: A 1760 law made in Philadelphia, Pa., ruled it illegal to put pretzels in a bag. There are no words to illustrate the craziness of this law.

 7. FEEL FREE TO LET LOOSE: Are you a pregnant woman in need of a vacation? Consider Great Britain, where it is perfectly legal for pregnant women to relieve themselves anywhere, even in public. You can even borrow a police bobby hat to do your business. Yup, that’s legal too! You have to admit – doing this would secretly give you pleasure.

 8. A STICKY LAW: Chewing gum is illegal in Singapore. Imagine blowing bubbles – an activity more dangerous than you can imagine in this Southeast Asian country.

 9. NO MONKEY BUSINESS: In Miami, Fla., it’s illegal for someone to imitate an animal. No monkeying around, please.

 10 NOT A VERY BRILLIANT LAW: You’ve just moved into an apartment in Victoria, Australia and you realize the light bulb in the bathroom has burnt out. Darn! You quickly grab a new one and change it? That’s illegal! Only an electrician is allowed to change light bulbs in Victoria.

 11. JAW-DROPPING LAW: In Vermont, women must get written permission from their husband to wear false teeth. Now that’s a law to chew on!

 12. THE IMPORTANCE OF THE NATION: In Thailand, movie-goers must stand and listen to the national anthem before the film starts. If you find yourself in a Thai movie theatre, don’t forget to stand up.

13. FORBIDDEN PLIERS: In Texas, it’s illegal to walk around with a pair of pliers in your hands. Let’s bet that this law doesn’t exist anymore…or does it?

 14. WE WANT YOU ALIVE: In England it’s illegal to die in parliament. So if you’re touring parliament and you get chest pain, please turn around and leave the building. Thank you very much.

 15. A DANGEROUS PICTURE: In France, it’s illegal to take a picture of policemen/women or even police cars.

 16. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM RIPPING: And you thought you’d get away with anything in Canada. Not a chance! Here, it’s forbidden to remove your bandages in public.


~ by Christina Sears on May 5, 2011.

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