Real World Las Vegas (05/04/11)

I have a lot of respect for Dustin’s friends firstly, because they DIDN’T even know about his past until he left for Vegas and although it also was a shock to them they didn’t beat a dead dog while he was down. Like I said in my other post about Dustin and this whole gay porn thing, people do what they need to do to get by, WHO knows what he was going through at that time to make the decisions he did. I know I’m in a glass house and I don’ t know what’s around the corner for me so who am I to really judge another person. Especially when he seemed pretty hush about it himself. He obviously was a bit embarrassed and I would be too.  If I was Heather my ONLY concern would have been ARE you still doing it and ARE you STD free. If the guy I was with said I’ve been tested I’m good, and tells me he’s legit done with it and it was just something he did in the past for whatever reason I would work through it with him. I wouldn’t have over reacted the way she did. I can see if your with someone for five years and they don’t tell you but they were maybe together a few weeks? If that? I don’t care if your living with the person and you get close with them and such… to over react the way she did was pretty childish. 

THEN as tonight’s episode went on she starts hooking up with Nany (which no offense.. wouldn’t have been my first choice). If that was her way of dealing with the hurt she feels from Dustin she should have been a bit more responsible. Especially since she passed some harsh judgement on Dustin for hooking up with a dude or two. As soon as I saw her hooking up with Nany I thought it was pretty hypocritical of her to be honest. AND THEN going to Dustin, and even worse crawling into bed with him then when he calls her on “what are we” she reminds him that she’s only a friend now and that they are pretty much done. 

She did give some pretty bogus mixed signals and I was happy dustin totally called her on them! Plus he got the confirmation that THEY are DONE! Zito said it in a few confessionals as did Heather. 

When Zito, Cooke and Lee Roy went to the Palms and Cooke was flirting with Zito and such honestly I thought to myself THANK GOD. I think she’s all around a much better person, she seems more down to earth and like one of the guys and I feel like their personalities just are very compatible. I get girl code and I’m sure Heather still likes Dustin just is in the middle of detoxing that part of him out of her life… BUT she clearly didn’t want him so for her to be yelling at both Zito and Cooke is childish. I mean She can’t have her cake and eat it too.  


Moral of this episode for sure was ALWAYS protect yourself, put on the breaks when it comes to sex, make sure you have your shit in check (ie condoms and birth control). STD’s can happen to anyone. PLUS people CONDOMS will ALWAYS be cheaper then KIDS (just sayin)!



~ by Christina Sears on May 5, 2011.

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