UFC 129 in Toronto & MMA Reporting

UFC was finally in Ontario and picked Toronto to put on probably one of the biggest shows in Canada. It was reported that there were 55,000 people that filled the Rogers Centre and just in the inner bowl alone was enough people to fill a UFC event in Vegas. It made me proud to be Canadian that day even though I actually wasn’t part of the festivities over the weekend. 

A lot of people were asking me fight predictions, if I was going to be around in Toronto, if I was going to the fights and I just smiled slightly and shook my head no. 

I know shocker right? Christina Sears not at an MMA event in her own back yard. BUT It wasn’t until this weekend that I really started to miss what I use to love. I don’t know what it was inside me that killed this passion of mine but a bit of it was brought out this weekend. 

Friday I tired to make the expo, but was sidetracked with not only work but a few other things I had to do and was really pressed for time. PLUS with Toronto’s city streets being more packed then normal because of the UFC I couldn’t scoot around as fast as I wanted too. 

Saturday I couldn’t get out of work, so I couldn’t head to anything UFC that night which was pretty irritating but whatever work comes first I suppose!

I did try and get some updates at first but it made me even more bitter that I was stuck at work as long as I was so I waited until the next day to actually get updates.

I was able to catch up with a few of my friends that were in town for the UFC, Frank Trigg being one of them. Anytime he’s in town I always try and catch up with the guy seeing how we live in different areas. He told me about the fights first hand, and since I love his opinions about things it was interesting to hear his perspective on a few of the fights. Talking with him when he got to town he predicted Shields was going to probably take the fight. Me being Canadian (even though I like Shields) I joked and said he should watch his tongue in this city with that kind of prediction haha. 

On my Way to Toronto

I did watch the GSP/Shields fight today actually online, but not before hearing what other people (including Trigg) thought about the fight. SOME said that Shields was close to taking that fight, others said he didn’t come out and do anything. 

Watching that fight I felt that first round could have went either way, both didn’t really do much but feel each other out. I think that the 2nd and 3rd went to GSP and the 4th and 5th to Shields. I think that in the 2nd and 3rd Shields was playing more defensive rather then go out there and try and take that belt. I’m not sure what happen in the 2ndish or possibly the 3rd round but GSP did say something about his left eye being really blurry. Maybe that played a factor in how much abuse his face took during the fight. He did look pretty beat up. 

Even though GSP looked like he might have been dominating the fight he wasn’t doing too much damage to Shields, so I agree with Trigg that Shields almost was able to slipped that title out of GSP’s hands that night. I don’t think that Shields came out looking like a bum he actually came out and tried which is more then what a few of the last fighters have done. GSP has come out of his last how many fights with not even a bruise on him it seems and this time he did look like he was in a fight! 

When I asked Trigg about Couture’s fight he said that he got hit with that same kick Anderson used in his last fight only COuture hit the mat hard, and knocked out a tooth. He also told me that Randy said NO we aren’t going to see him fight in the octagon again. Which sort of broke my heart but I’m sure the guy has so much going on right now he doesn’t need to fight. He’s got his gyms, supplement line, and god knows what else. I was happy that he established other paths for himself to go on when fighting finally stopped for him. TO many guys don’t think about their future but eventually everyone’s going to stop somewhere they just have to set up their future while they are at the peak of their game. 

I saw that Mark Bocek lost too, which broke my heart a little bit because he’s such a good guy and I know he was training so hard for this fight! Best wishes for Mark and I don’t feel he has to justify his loss to anyone because I’m sure he went out there and did the best he could do (like he always does).

After the fight discussion, Trigg then started to tell me how I have to find my “niche” I have to find what I love and go with it. He’s one of the people that couldn’t believe I stopped reporting in MMA especially since I was doing well in it I guess. HE’S been nothing but encouraging and supportive through the entire process and I’ve been able to always go to him for that little pep talk which I usually get when I chat with him. This time he really got into my head about it… and that was followed up by Carla drilling it into my head later that day when I was taking her and her girl to Niagara area to experience the falls and NOTL!

These aren’t the only two people who are continuing drilling things into my head, Gary Whittaker from the fan590 messages me here and there about reporting again. THEY have all been great support systems and I appreciate their time and kind words. Well Triggs can be harsher but that’s how he get his point across… He’s not one to sugar coat it he calls it like he sees it. Always good to have someone like that around haha. 

So I’m looking to get back into MMA reporting, sent off a few resumes to some legit news outlets and hoping to hear back from them. If you know of one send the contacts my way at searstina@hotmail.com 



~ by Christina Sears on May 4, 2011.

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