Jennifer Del Rio & Josh Smith Feud

Normally I don’t watch the MTV show “16 and Pregnant” I usually catch Teen Mom instead. However, I have been catching up on some of the episodes here and there and I caught one last night on MTV at 10pm and I’m pretty sure it was episode two of the new season of 16 and Pregnant. 

The show usually follows the girls towards the last bit of their pregnancies. This episode was about a 16 year old girl Jennifer and her boyfriend Josh. Jennifer seems to come from a great family, who is pretty close and would do anything for their kids. It sort of reminded me of my parents they way they try to tell their daughter what they see outside the box not because they are trying to control her but because they love her and want what’s best for her. They even tell her how they feel even if she doesn’t want to hear it. 

Her boyfriends family from the bit I saw on the show seems pretty supportive too they didn’t show much of his family though.

During this episode Jennifer’s family were saying how they don’t like him and feel that Josh is disrespectful and what not. In the beginning he didn’t seem all that bad, but then as the episode went on some of his comments and actions made me so angry. I couldn’t believe what I was watching to be honest.

At one point in the episode they were talking about when she first got pregnant and she said to Josh something about condoms and him saying he didn’t have money to buy them and then said to her that he just feels its embarrassing to go into the store and buy them. With his girlfriend commenting that its embarrassing to walk around with the pregnant belly. 

But not to long ago this same guy accuses Jennifer of pretending she was pregnant and giving him sonograms of babies that weren’t even hers. He also claims that she purposely got pregnant to be on the show. BUT why in that episode would he admit that he just didn’t want to buy condoms if SHE’S the one who wanted the baby to be on the show and tricked him? In the episode it does mention he is a bit older then she is they didn’t say how much older but if she’s 16 I would put him maybe at 19 or so possibly. I feel at that age YOU should be able to walk into a store  for condoms. HELL if you feel your mature enough to HAVE sex you should be responsible enough to GET the protection you need to avoid this. SHE is equally responsible for allowing him to water her seeds. They both should have been smarter. 

BUT it did bother me to read on TMZ that he’s accusing her of getting pregnant on purpose. 

TMZ Article:

When Jennifer was talking to her mother about coming home from the hospital and how Josh wanted to be there with her for the first week her mother was trying to explain to her daughter how she feels about it, not saying anything unjustified or mean just talking mother to daughter and for the show purposed the phone is obviously on speaker phone. Josh then begins throwing in his two sense. I don’t care who you are IF you are going to be with someone, weather or not you get along with their family YOU HAVE to make an effort. It showed that he would rather everyone cater to him. He was adding his two sense in and I felt that was so disrespectful and arrogant. 

Jennifer’s parents sucked it up for their daughters sake and allowed Josh to come over and spend the time he needed with the baby. Like any normal family when someone brings home a baby everyone wants to come over and visit even if it’s the last thing you want. It seemed instead of showing off his babies Josh was getting irritated that there were so many people there. It was disgusting to see, considering he (in this same episode) proposed to Jennifer. If you propose to someone your accepting the entire family and marrying into them too. He seemed to want nothing to do with them and felt that HER PARENTS were disrespectful in not telling the family that maybe they should come over another time. He ended up leaving while the family was there making Jennifer (after having a c-section for 2 kids) upset. 

Jennifer at some point in the show decides to bring the kids over to Josh’s families house that way he can spend more time and not feel like he’s on eggshells and be more comfy. In the car they get into an argument because Jennifer’s mom calls her and as she’s on the phone with her mom Josh again throws in his two sense saying “hang up the phone please.” as Jennifer continues the conversation he says “how disrespectful.” When Jennifer gets off the phone he asks why her mom called and then the argument continues from there. Jennifer says she’s done with the relationship and wants to go home. He speeds up with the kids in the car and starts driving like an idiot. THEN he pulls over and as she goes to get the kids out of the car he pulls away leaving her on the side of the road. She called her mom to come and get her. 

He turns around and as she’s getting the kids out he’s grabbing her and lifting her away from the car. Jennifer calls the police which is when this article came out on TMZ.


From the 16 and Pregnant footage I think this guy isn’t someone I would want around my kids either. He’s an ignorant, self centered, disrespectful guy who obviously needs not only an attitude adjustment but also needs help for his anger. I have NO doubt in my mind that he’s going to continue to manipulate the situation and do what he can to bring Jennifer down with him. This is the time for her to make grown up decisions and realize the fighting and how he is, is NO place in her babies lives. She needs to stick to her guns and follow through with things instead of failing to appear in court which drops everything.

NOT to long ago, Josh alleged that she actually attacked him, giving him a bleeding nose. All because he was trying to break it off with her. After everything I highly doubt its true.

TMZ Article: 

When TMZ got in touch with Jennifer about the matter she says that he set her up which is explained in this other TMZ article.


The judge issued she say 500m away from him at all times, which will probably be easier for her considering she’s the one who wants nothing to do with him it seems. They are due back in court May 2nd. 


I hope she isn’t blowing hot air and actually follows thought with the charges she wants to peruse and ends up being done with him and the situation soon. Its not a healthy environment for her babies and they can sense the stress of the situation even if they can’t voice how they feel yet. 


PS: you can watch the episode for yourself at under 16 and Pregnant


~ by Christina Sears on April 27, 2011.

One Response to “Jennifer Del Rio & Josh Smith Feud”

  1. This guy is a piece of garbage. I have never seen this show until the episode where he took off with the newborn twins in the car. That loser should NEVER be in contact with his children after the danger he put them in. What an immature, self centered loser. His parents should be embarassed.


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