Gina Hamilton: “Entertainer of the Year”

So its  a little after two in the morning and I just got home from the Embassy’s “Entertainer of the Year” competition. Two queens Ecstasy and Gina Hamilton plus a king Dewey Hafta competed for that title of entertainer of the year.

All three did a few numbers each trying to “WOW” the crowd over, because ultimately the crowd was the one casting the votes tonight. Each voter had to pay $2.00 per vote with ALL the proceeds going to various charities. 

The club was packed with probably over a hundred people each cheering for their favorite queen/king. 

Who was I going for tonight? OBVIOUSLY Gina Hamilton, I know her well and have seen her perform from the beginning. With every performance I see, its like she reinvents herself and is forever pulling out all the stops. Her makeup, outfit choices, songs, props, dancers all come together very nicely and its not another performer just out there walking back and forth across the stage not knowing the words to the song they are performing. SHE knows her stuff and if she doesn’t you can’t tell, because she makes it all smooth very nicely. 

Every performer that night had their cheering section but (and maybe I’m saying this because I’m a Gina fan) but it seemed like after her last performance the enter crowed was won over by her heart stopping performance of Lady Gaga’s “Judas.”

Gina came out in a an outfit similar to a nun’s outfit yet still very sexy and out there. When the music kicked in she just performed her heart out with so much emotion. Through the song a man came out carrying a wooden cross propped it up on the upper stage as Gina fell to her knees and the man placed a crown of thorns on her head. When the man moved out of the way Gina came down the stairs with blood dripping from her head (pure Gaga style). 

A lot of people refuse to go to these “Gay” clubs because they think they will get hit on and they don’t swing that way. WHEN the reality is the Gay community can smell a straight person as soon as they walk in the door. They respect your sexual preference as they would expect you to respect theirs. I always encourage people to come out to Gina’s show’s because 1. they are usually for a good cause, and 2. because its never a dull performance. 

She truly lights up the stage when she walks out and puts her heart out there and into every step, lyric, prop, and move she does.  

Like I said she’s not like a lot of other queens/kings out there who really have no game plan when they are out there. She realizes that everything that is put in that performance will go a longer way then just people liking you or the song. She puts her personality and spin on every song she does, and if its a Lady Gaga song expect something over the top.

Congratulations on winning Entertainer of the Year PLUS you three together raised $700 which is amazing. Thanks to everyone who came out and voted, and supported the cause!



~ by Christina Sears on April 25, 2011.

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