Lots of Great Things!

So, a lot has been up this week, been pretty productive actually trying to dig myself out of this rut I’m in and climb over that wall thats in front of me. I have some good people under me giving my ass a boost up here and there and they know who they are and how much I appreciate their help.

First and foremost, I managed to pay off my 12,000 debt I got into for school. School debt is probably one of the most frustrating things more so when your paying it off and your still waiting for that other foot in the door you know. High school guidance councillors make you feel like if you don’t go to college or university then you won’t go anywhere pretty much. To be honest I thought that although going to school and learning about a few subjects I love and just am so passionate for was cool, university and college was kind of over rated. I do feel you SHOULD finish high school, because the majority of places DO require a high school diploma at the least. However after that if YOU don’t know what you want to do, or your not sure, or just want to take your time DO IT. I know people who are making a lot of money and all they have is a high school diploma. HELL there are bloggers and youtube personalities that are making more money reporting and putting on their weekly blogs and shows and didn’t have to for out the dough for school. SO if your a youngin’ reading this make sure you know what you want, and the path you want to start on because college and university is a lot of money to play with if your “not sure” or “feel pressured.” If your a parent reading this, don’t force your kids to get into college or university if they aren’t sure what they want support them and help them figure it out.

Onward, I watched the movie “Hall Pass” recently… if you haven’t seen it its about a married couple where the wife gives her husband the week off of being married. AND in that week he can do whatever he wants to get whatever it is out of his system. It was kind of interesting to say the least, and I’m sure somewhere out there (more probably since the movie debut) that couples have used this technique. As nice as it is to be married for “x” amount of years, I know somewhere down the line people start to feel like “maybe the grass is greener” etc… BUT personally I don’t think something like a “hall pass” will make things right, I think a marriage/relationship is something you constantly work at day in and day out. I hate

Hollywood Sunspots NEW Platinum Lay down Bed!!



when people say “we are fighting a lot I just think its best we take a break.” NO NO this isn’t a 15 minute break its a relationship. You either want to be with them or you don’t, if you do then FIND the source of the problem(s) and work on it, if you don’t get the balls so say so. REGARDLESS it was a good movie (minus Owen Wilsons penis looking nose… GOD when will he get that fixed?).

I’ve been hitting the tanning bed lately, have all these minutes I almost never utilize. I usually buy a package of minute before a trip so I don’t burn and have a bit of a nice base before I go and then never use them. BUT I hate looking pasty soooo decided to go here and there to get some nice colour going. NO this has nothing to do with the GTL code its simply because everyone looks better tanned. WELLL not leathery looking just a natural browness to your skin. Like you just got back from the beach or something. So far so good, I’m still trying to figure out best lotions to use and figure out how to get the best results out of my tans (ie what bed, how many minutes, when to switch beds etc..).

Happy 26th Birthday Steven!



Steve celebrated his 26th birthday on March 13th, we all went to dinner to hang out, always a good time with that crowd (when there is no drama). Never a dull moment always some good laughs. When I think about it, its crazy to me to know that I’ve known Steven since I was 15/16 years old (grade 10). NOW we are both 26… honestly he’s one of the bestest people in my  life, whenever I look over he’s always been there. Even when we were on separate paths he’s always been a part of my life, and has ALWAYS been there for me. He’s been there more then some people I’ve known since grade school you don’t come across people like that really anymore so I feel sorta kinda lucky!

ALL you Canadian’s who are reading this, how many of you drink Tim Hortons? STUPID question dumb me… I’m sure all of you reading this are saying “DUH” hahaa… Well like some of my friends I have been keeping track of my roll up the rims. SO far I’m 4/18 isn’t that crazy. AND anyone who knows me know I’m not much of a coffee drinker HOWEVER thanks to Steven I’ve been hooked on Late’s, Cappuccinos, and usually at Timmies I get a French Vanilla or Hot Chocolate. SOOOOO right now i’m 4/18… What are you at? I’m curious to know because there are some CRAZY ass timmies drinkers reading this I KNOW IT.

Steve, Gerry, Gabriel and I!

March 17th, was a day I’ve been waiting for, for awhile now because I headed out to T-Dot with Steven and Gerry to catch Gabriel Iglesias LIVE at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I’m sure not many of you have heard of this guy… but he’s just awesome and totally funny. EVEN funnier in person. PLUS the warm up acts were just as funny as his own. Honestly I was killing myself laughing. There was this one Comedian Noe Gonzalez, he’s about 5’0 (AT LEAST) just this little mexican guy and he had me in tears.  Like all the comedians that came out that night he made fun of his height (others made fun of their age, one made fun of his lazy eye etc..). ANYWAYS Noe spit out a few jokes about how people call him “little man” “squirt” “big man” etc… saying small people in front this and that.. and although people around me were pissing their pants I was sitting there thinking to myself “mannnn these people have no idea what its like being a midget.” He’s got a shirt that says “I’m 5’2 FUCK IT’’ haha I bought it.. I’m 4’10 (yup Sarah measured me), but I still thought the shirt was catchy.  Gabriel rocked the house…. I was laughing so hard which sucked because I had to pee SO BAD. WHY didn’t I just getup and go to the washroom, HELLLLL NO I didn’t want to get ripped on for stand up and sneaking out to tinkle are you kidding me…. if he comes into your town its a total MUST SEE.


On the way there we had some interesting moments… this one being one of them…..

I’ve been eating a little bit cleaner especially around “that time of the month” because all I crave is junk and all I want is junk so I’m forcing my body to eat cleaner. So been fiddling with some different things to eat. WOULD love some feedback on maybe your favorite dishes…. if your a clean eater-ish. My manager Sue introduced me to watermelon sprinkled with cinnamon. I know right… sounds weird but I tried it and it was actually pretty darn good. Her and I are always talking about food when we work, she shares some of her healthier choices with me as I do her, SOMETIMES if we are craving instead of buying what we want we just talk about different “comfort” junk foods we love. She’s got some really good ones that I totally want to try not going to lie. I’ve had a few people tell me I’m a B*#@H when I’m eating clean, I didn’t think I was that bad but if a few people are saying it then IT must be true.. and for that I apologize… I will do better hahaha!

OH, crazy news, I cancelled my Goodlife membership, and although I’m going to miss seeing Marks face and training with him, I knew being there wasn’t what I wanted deep down and it was just a temporary solution for the situation I was put in. I am now back training at Alchemy Crossfit in Hamilton with Adam Morden and his trainers. I’m looking forward to going back there a few times a week and build myself back up this time for me. Not because I feel I have too, not because someone wants me to look and be a certain way, this is all me and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.

When I went I could feel butterflies in my tummy because I was going alone, I didn’t know the new blood that’s there, not sure if anyone was going to remember me and was more scared of the work out and how I would do. I remember the first time I did crossfit I really really struggled with it, wanted to puke and pass out and the fact I was doing it with someone more accomplished physically then I was, was a bit intimidating which I felt put more pressure on me to do well. Sounds stupid now but thats how I felt then.

At first Denise didn’t know who I was… so when she was like “oh … your new.. “ I was like “actually I’m not… I’m Christina” she’s like “Sears” I was like “yep” she’s like “omg I didn’t recognize you, your hair is SOOO much longer then what it was”  after that I felt a bit more comfy. I went to the “fast and furious” class, which means its more met-con get in there get done go home… so its a work out where you go balls to the walls and ger her done you know??

during some of the warm up I was like FML what if I puke, will I even finish this work out… like I was so nervous… but realized I’m here for me not for anyone else. I realized fast that I have to start from dirt bottom only this time I know what I’m getting myself into. MY 3 rep max squat was 155… I remember when I was squatting 195… (awe the good old days).

THEN came the work out

5 rounds

10 power cleans

5 pull ups

I was shocked I remembered the power cleans…. I put 55lbs on the bar (which was standard for the women I think) with Denise reminding everyone its not about the weight its about how many times you can bust out the cleans without putting the bar down.

I knew pull ups I have to start from scratch and grabbed a band to help… well after the first round I was having a problem getting my foot in and out of there which was killing my time so i said F#@K it and just did jumping for now….

I finished at 7:30 I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t like astatic about the time either. LOOKING at the brighter side of things my hands felt terrible form the bar and the pull up bar and I kept going, my body was like WOW SEARS WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME, and I push through it, and I DIDN’T call for a puke bucket… SO in that sense I was pretty happy.

I’m going to be helping Alchemy with some Video projects which I can’t wait to get going on. Its going to be fun to meet other people in the crossfit community and really see them blossom even more and show everyone else what crossfit is really about when done right. SO first class down, and I’m hoping to throw myself back in there on Wednesday…. Thanks to Adam for having me back and I can’t wait to work along side all the people that train there and work with the trainers he’s got running the classes… they are class acts and all of them have something to bring to the table so I’m happy to have this back in my life.




~ by Christina Sears on March 21, 2011.

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