YouTube Fame

Are you familiar with a guy named John Assanti? Probably not, he’s no one from around my area, not someone you would probably think about talking to, or even consider talking too. At first glance you would probably stare, and wonder “how can someone ever get to be like that.”

A lot of things the majority of us would probably do upon first encounter I’m sure of it.

You might know him at “Fat Boy Get Down” on YouTube, a very obese guy singing dancing and video blogging himself.  Last I checked his Youtube Channel

( has a total of 644,988 views alone. His video uploads have attracted a whopping 6,189,958 views.

I watched his video “My Humps” after a friend of mine was describing how he came across it and what was in it. I was in complete disbelief that a guy that size would get on camera and dance to this song without a care in the world.

After watching the “my humps” video I watched a few more, some people would probably be disgusted at this point but I just couldn’t believe his size and what he was doing online. To be honest some of his videos were pretty out there… but in the same sense I was like here’s a guy who is well over 600lbs and despite what slack he has posted in the comments on his videos he’s there and he’s putting on a show. Made me laugh and gained a little respect for him in a weird way because I know if I was that weight I wouldn’t be doing what he’s doing. I’d probably be under a rock somewhere (no joke). Every so often I check out my YouTube home page and see if anyone I’m subscribed to uploads anything new and I see a Post from John saying “this is my last YouTube video.”

It seems that the comments, threats, have got to him…. No matter where you are in life your going to get slack and your not going to be able to make everyone happy, your not going to impress everyone, your not going to get along with everyone etc… I thought the kid has WAY more backbone then that considering if you’ve watched a few of his videos you would think a comment from a “keyboard” warrior or someone who has an opinion would be nothing compared to putting yourself out there like that.

There are a few people in the YouTube world I like to check out every so often another one is Philip DeFranco. If you don’t know who he is you definitely have to check out his YouTube Channel ( and subscribe because he’s one of the most entertaining people with a Vlog and YouTube show.

His Youtube Channel alone has has over 64,000,000 viwes and his videos have racked in 532,260,307 views and continues to grow each day. PLUS he’s got 1,492,441 subscribers. THATS A CRAZY FAN BASE MY FRIEND!

He has a show which he updates through out the week on just news that matters to him, he puts it into perspective for the general public to understand while putting his humor and twist on it. As someone who graduated from a broadcasting program I truly enjoy the spunk this kid has. I love the editing and different ideas that flow week after week. His Vlog is also quite entertaining ( I like his Vlog because its not just him in front of a camera there are a variety of different things which I love about them. When I’m Vlogging I’m always thinking about some of the techniques used on his to clean mine up a smidge.

His girlfriend Lindsay (  also really entertaining to watch, lately she’s been vlogging about trips she’s gone on and put together videos which truly make you feel like your right along side of her just tagging a long. She’s also constantly rating the places she’s been or stayed while traveling which is always awesome and I don’t think enough people do that to be honest.

Keenan Cahill is another person who always brings a smile to my face. You know he’s the kid (well little little kid) that lip-syncs songs in his bedroom while dancing and what not. HAHA.. he’s always quite entertaining. The first video I watched of his was “Dj got us fallin in love” and I couldn’t help but laugh. After that watched a few more videos, YOU guys might remember his video with 50 cent which pretty much put him on the map a bit more then what he was I think. His YouTube Channel ( has almost 20,000,000 views and his video uploads bring in 203,704,424 and still growing! This kid is on fire, and I wish him the best of luck and should enjoy this YouTube Fame while he can!!!

These are only a few people I find entertaining, everyone has their own on YouTube I’m just sharing a few of mine!




~ by Christina Sears on March 9, 2011.

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