Dusted off the GI

Guess that I did, are you ready for it….. is the suspense killing you yet?

I opened my closet, dusted off my GI and decided to head over to HSMA for some jiu jistu! YES ME! How long has it been? Long enough I’d say!

Ever since my interview with JR Digs something kind of clicked inside when he couldn’t understand how I come this far and trained as hard as I did for it to come to not doing it anymore.

I forgot how much I actually missed the feeling of being on the mat wrestling, or doing jiu jitsu, or being hit in the face with some boxing or mma. I miss the banters with my team mates, the pushing of my coaches, the blood and tears that went into whatever I did. Until that very second he brought it up in my interview. Crazy huh?

SO I was off today and decided to head over to HSMA for some training, I mean how bad could it actually be? WELL I humbly got my butt handed too me. I felt exactly how I did the first day I walked in there just learning the sport coming from my wrestling background. I forgot how to utilize the GI to use it to my advantage. THE only thing that I didn’t find hard was the weight difference, it wasn’t to much as it was when I first started.

Jiu Jitsu in itself is a different body work out, Mark (one of my coaches) has a way of making himself feel like he’s 200lbs when in reality he’s just maybe pushing 150 (if that)!  I worked a few rounds with him and really didn’t mind getting my but kicked I was a little bit discouraged having to start from the bottom again. BUT kept reminding myself that one day it will all click back into place.

I did a few more rounds with another Mark, he’s finally at his brown belt (which i’m really happy for him). He’s a smaller more wired kind of guy. He’s probably 135-140 at most. But he was wrapping me up pretty good, but instead of getting mad or frustrated I just continued on with rolling and didn’t think about it. Because I ACTUALLY missed getting my butt kicked.

I felt good to connect from the roots and I’m hoping to make it a weekly thing when I have the time off from work.

I then messaged another Mark (wow writing this I know wayyyyyy to many Marks) This one was Mark Walter he’s a trainer at Goodlife fitness and asked if he was free after 9ish (maybe 9 30ish) to maybe go over some stuff. He was (which is awesome because he’s always really booked with clients). So we did a catch up session and he was helping me out with some workouts and extra motivation to get me through them.

I started up with a cardio warm up just to get the blood flowing while I was waiting for him to finish up whatever it was he was doing.

I did push ups and pull ups to start, assistance with either? HELL NO that’s not how Mark rolls especially with me because he KNOWS what I’m capable of. He doesn’t care HOW much time I take away from the gym when I’m there, I’m going hard or go home.

So he held my ankles with the pull ups but made me go all the way up and down, not 3 or 5 times (oh no… ) he was thinking more of the 10-15 range (or until my arms gave up). So we did 3 sets of 10 I believe for pull ups and after pull ups it was right down to push ups… 15 of them… made sure form was there or it was a push up that didn’t count.

SOOO I did

Pull ups

Push ups

Pull ups etc…

Did I get a break in between? Maybe enough for my my hands to recover a bit from gripping the pull up bar… (maybe a minute rest) then back at it.

NOT working out for a bit seriously didn’t help any either, even after that I could feel my body kind of caving on me and it really sucked and completely f’d with my head a little bit.

Then it was on to body rows and dumbbell push presses… (kinda just working a bunch of different things) … When Mark sets a weight for me its (I find) a bit more then normal sometimes… I mean he asks me what I do and then up’s it or gets a feel for what I can and can’t do. SO as I’m doing these rows my form has to be perfect and I have to make sure to punch his fingers between my shoulder blades… He’s encouraging me and making sure my head is focused. WHEN thats done no time to rest right to dumbbell bench presses. No.. not with 5 or 10lbs weights, 20lbs weights for me. I guess that’s not a lot but for me it was. My arms I could feel were giving a bit and I started to crack with the “I can’t’s (WHICH HE HATES).

Next up was some squats, only catch is it was on his count (meaning a 3 count on the way down) and it was going to be more then 5 reps. He threw on 135 (thats what I do for 3 sets of 5 reps) but IN NO way did I think I would be able to do 10-15 of those? So he starts to count 3-2-1 and then up… I think he made me do 10-12 reps for 3 sets. The last set we put 35’s on each side but honestly at that point it still felt heavy and I felt a bit broken and discouraged. Between squatting time was put on pressing only using 20lbs and I had to do 15 reps. I got a minute or so break and then back to squatting after squatting right back to pressing. BUTAL, I couldn’t even get out of my hoody that night OR sit to go to the washroom.

at Goodlife they have stairs to go from the gym part to the front desk, then another flight of stairs to get out the front door. I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it up the stairs. TO BE HONEST I don’t know how I’m even going to get out of my clothes to shower any? I’m THAT SORE! I can’t imagine how its going to be tomorrow.

It’s really hard to keep my head focused when your a bit discouraged because of where I know I use to be. I guess it’s not going to happen over night its going to gradually happen where I get my squat weight back up and everything else. BUT for right now it was a complete eye opener to how much I let go. I’m glad I was able to maintain my weight and not really put any of it back on. I mean a few pounds here and there depending on the time of the month but other then that nothing too extreme.

OH well work in progress..

Thanks to ALLLL the Marks who helped me out today haha 🙂 Much appreciated.




~ by Christina Sears on February 28, 2011.

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