Cathedral High School

My Friends during WORLD CUP

Cathedral High School, somewhere where school spirit ran off the charts, had teams that were just unstoppable, and an alumni that bled blue and white. It doesn’t matter which year you graduated everyone shares the same bond because they went to Cathedral.

In recent day Cathedral has made another name for itself. It seems due to events that took place Tuesday January 18 2011 “Fight Club” is the schools new nick name, a place where people aren’t safe to get an education, a place that is in the “ghetto” of Hamilton. It does go to show it only takes a few people to spoil the bunch.

A 14 year old now faces charges for aggravated assault, the video of the event were captured on cell phone video YET instead of taking it to the office to have it dealt with it was instead posted on YouTube for the enjoyment of everyone to see.

I never remember high school being all that violent, now a days you can’t even look at a kid without them thinking its the wrong way and wanting to beat on you. IT’S not just Cathedral High School IT’S all schools. Cathedral just so happen to be the one the media caught wind of.

At 14 years old attending Cathedral I was trying to make a new circle of friends, I was trying to fit in, and most of all I was trying to make the basketball team. I wasn’t in the halls causing fights that at the end of the day will destroy my reputation for later opportunities in life.

School should be a place you feel SAFE to go to, it SHOULD be a place where NO you don’t have to get along with everyone, but you treat everyone with the SAME respect you want to be treated with. WHEN I went to Cathedral the principal Mrs. DiGregorio had everything under control and even though there was the odd spat or physical altercation she made sure regardless of what it was those students WERE dealt with and it didn’t continue to rot the reputation of the school OR the rest of the student body.  They just weren’t suspended or sent home for the day THAT would be too easy, when I say she dealt with it I mean she hit them with the book.

It amazes me that with ALL the surveillance Cathedral has up and around the school that this particular fight was discovered through YouTube and not the schools surveillance system. A system which is suppose to be there to ensure the safety of the students. It’s worked in the past why not now?

I’ve been reading a lot of students are upset with the comments made about their school in the Media. It’s true those reporting about this recent event might not know what Cathedral is all about, they only know the events which are happening. They don’t walk the halls everyday (or have ever), so for them calling the school a

Some of the ComTech Class with Mrs D

“fight club” is kind of fair game.

It would make me mad too if I had to read such terrible things about my school and heard bad things from people from other schools about my school. Even now at 25 years old (graduating in 2003) I have people tell me I went to school in the Ghetto, they seem to think fights broke out all the time because of the location but I’ve walked the halls you have walked and I know that a fight like this didn’t happen as often as what it seems out there in the media.

If you don’t like the comments made in the media, THEN changing your school atmosphere STARTS with you and you pay that positive attitude forward. Teachers, VP’s,  and your principal can only do so much. You don’t like how that person is talking to another person you speak up and say “hey, your being nasty… “ RESOLVE IT AS ADULTS not as kids. High school is about starting a new chapter of your life, one preferably not starting with a jail sentence. NOT everyone likes high school, they are “suppose” to be the best years of your life but not everyone feels that way (I’m one of them). BUT do I blame it on the school? NO I blame it on some of the choices people around me made. When you hit grade 12, you look at the minor niners and you make your comments (everyone does it even I did it) but once upon a time you were one of those niners. IF only some of the seniors would take the juniors under their wing and show them the ropes, remember they will be the voice of CHS when your graduated, they are the ones who carry on that school spirit, they are the next in line to win those championships and wear the blue and white. YOU want them to wear it with pride like you did.

SO high school is different for everyone BUT its up to you (THE STUDENT BODY) to make the name for yourself. You don’t like the media’s comments do something to change it.

I graduated Cathedral in 2003, which to some of you that are younger reading this might think “WOW this chick’s old.” You know how many big fights I can think of from high school ONE in my GRADE 9 YEAR a good friend of mine got jumped. Someone I actually went to Elementary School with, so you can imagine how that made me feel. It made me feel it deep enough to make sure that I never got into a heated altercation. If I didn’t like someone I tried to just ignore them, if stuff was talked about me I did my hardest to let it roll off my shoulders. Was it easy NO, but it did prepare me for the real world. After your four years of high school you go your separate way, you DON’T have to see those people again. After high school you move from a little pond to an open ocean and I don’t think that some of these people getting into fights and are getting that concept. Right now you might feel like your top dog. GUESS what there is always going to be someone bigger and will EAT you for dinner and then what?

Goofing off on my lunch with friends

When I went to Cathedral I remember the .25 cookies that were nice and fresh in the morning. I would go to the cafe and get a few of those with a chocolate milk and head to my first class.

I remember the killer chicken burgers or panzerotti’s the cafe would have on certain days regardless of what lunch you were on if those two items were the special you had to get to the cafe quick time to get a good spot in line.

I remember attempting to play soccer in the field on my lunch with my friends.

I remember harmlessly skipping class during mass and going to timmies with my friends for a good chat.

I remember always seeing a familiar face in the forum, or catching up on my homework for my next class.

I remember making the basketball team in grade 9 and just being so happy because I had some really stiff competition. PLUS I made a CATHEDRAL TEAM which was huge.

I remember making the wrestling team which developed so many strengths for me in my later years.I remember Christmas Assemblies where the teachers were just as involved as the student body.

I remember finally being able to break out of uniform and have a civies day.

I remember going to football games with my favorite sr/jr’s number on my cheek and cheering them on regardless of the weather. I remember beating Bishop Ryan and STM which at the time were OUR biggest rivals.

I remember HOW multicultural Cathedral was, there wasn’t just ONE type of person, it was a school filled with different colours, races, cultures which I think gave our school character. I know having a lot of Portuguese friends from Cathedral it really made World Cup and Euro Cup more interesting (all in good fun of course).

I remember having a STEP SQUAD to go along with our Cheer Squad (what other school had that?

I was proud to say I go to Cathedral High School, and I was proud to say it because it is a great school to attend. If your athletic you have so many opportunities through the sports programs at Cathedral, it has something for everyone even if your not the most athletic.

I enjoyed going into my Communications class and working on news packages, and intros for the morning announcements. We had a teacher (Mrs. MJ DiGregorio) who was so passionate about teaching us Communication Media. We had a class who was driven to entertain the student body WHILE still getting the messages out there that they needed to know. ANYONE remember the famous Matrix/Austin Powers end of the year video? I think TO THIS DAY it was one of the best well put together videos, which showed the TRUE spirit of Cathedral High School.

I feel bad for the student body of Cathedral to have to be labeled as a “Fight Club” when I KNOW from experience the entire student body isn’t about that. My advice is if you don’t like the direction of how your school is being portrayed DO WHAT you can to change it. Change starts with all of you. God gave you a voice, use it for good, for positive things. There is ENOUGH fighting in the world, let your school be where you can be yourself, where you can meet people, play sports, get an education, and most of all somewhere you can discover who you are and what you are about.

Grade 12

At the end of the day fighting will end up bending you over and giving you the dirty end of life rammed right up your backside. You can get a reputation that WILL follow and haunt you for the rest of your life and when you get to be my age no one is going to want someone to start a career with them with a dirty reputation. You will go nowhere fast so really at the end of the day is being charged with aggravated assault worth it? Being an accessories  worth it? Talking “shit” worth it?

I can sit here until I’m blue in the face and tell you its not… but it doesn’t matter what I say… you have to look at yourself for the correct answer and decision. WHEN you can 100% say its not worth it then you’ve grown a little. Until then here is your bottle and diaper and good luck going somewhere in life.

I hope this generation of Cathedral-lights can get their act together because there is A LOT of history which has been passed down year after year and its up to you to keep the BLUE AND WHITE pride alive!


2003 CHS Graduate

Spec Article on the Tues Jan 18 2011 Fight:–teen-facing-aggravated-assault-charge


~ by Christina Sears on January 24, 2011.

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