Snow Shoveling… stupid people!

Shoveling the first snow fall

So Hamilton got some more snow today in the afternoon, today was heavier then the last snow fall in terms of the snow. Last time it was fluffy easy to move around snow, today it was more of a wet packing snow which is a little heavier to move around. Well it seemed much heavier for me considering I worked out yesterday so every time I had to pick up the shovel I wanted to grunt like a dude haha!


Man, some people seriously irritate me and if your reading this and are one of these people SORRY to offend you but this is how I feel.

1. I don’t understand why people can’t shovel the snow on their property, they insist on taking up parking spots on the road by making massive piles on the road making it impossible for those who DON’T own a driveway to park on that side of the street. Parking is already limited as is and your just adding to the problem. LEGALLY your not allowed to do that and if someone were to call the city and send them you doing it YOU can be fined. I just don’t understand when the gap from the sidewalk to the property is like next to nothing and you can’t drag or lift your shovel over there. I can understand if your a senior BUT when your not old and brittle I’m pretty sure you can manage not to dump the snow FROM your property on the street.


2. Those of you who live on a MAIN street and your throwing the snow on the PLOWED street, seriously how much effort does it take to shovel the opposite way that way your getting it on your patch of grass instead of the road. Depending on the snow the lanes are already smaller because of where the plows dumped the snow and now your just making it worse?


3. People who refuse to shovel at all, it doesn’t take much effort and if you don’t want to do it find a kid on your street to do it for five bucks. I’m sure not EVERYONE enjoys shoveling, but you have to be considerate for the people who have to walk on the side walks with their kids, or older people etc… Like if they fall on your patch of sidewalk YOUR liable you know that right?

GOD the ignorant people I seen shoveling today made me so angry on the way to Starbucks, I was going crazy. I was bitching at everyone I saw just half assing it.

the corner lot i did


I shoveled not ONLY my property, but I also shoveled out some of the street so my mom’s van won’t get stuck in a plow hill or something. I also did my asian neighbours side walk and they have a corner lot. I didn’t mind as much as it sucked because my body was a bit sore from the work out yesterday I figured I’d lend a helping hand I mean those people are always really nice to us, and usually help us out when they are out and what not too. So I didn’t mind doing them a favour.

WELL that’s my snow rant I’m sure I will have more to say on the subject as the snow keeps falling..


Drive Safe Kiddies!



~ by Christina Sears on January 15, 2011.

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