Jersey Shore: Season 3: Episode 2

I finally got around to watching Episode Two of the third season of Jersey Shore, I was out Thursday night so couldn’t watch it but when I was reading some of the tweet updates on my Twitter (@christinasears) I could tell some people were already getting irritated with Sam & Ron because of the dayaavu that was happening.

This episode I can sort of relate to some of the characters involved, I knew a guy who was like Ron, where his girlfriend didn’t get along with a lot of people he was friends with, or girls he was friends with and therefore alienated himself away from them to “be a good boyfriend.” In all honesty that’s great that he’d stick by his girlfriend BUT to what degree? To sulk at home while everyone else is just doing their thing and having a good time? To create more drama in a place where people could give a flying fuck what’s going on and in most cases it was water under the bridge a long time ago?

I can KIND of understand how Sam feels with it being three girls on one but seriously the difference between her and I is i grab my balls and I just go in there and pretend like nothing will cut through me. I wouldn’t NOT go out because people I hate are going to be there. I’ve been in SOOOOOOOOOO many situations where there are people who I don’t like because they are fake, talk a lot of crap, or are just pure drama and I WOULD never in a million years LET them bring me down. THAT’S life beautiful your not going to like or get along with everyone you meet you put on a face and keep moving forward. At the end of the day you don’t have to take them home with you and they are nothing to you so why give them anymore then that? It’s not wasting your life over and that’s exactly what your doing when you let someone bring you down and get to you. In Sam’s case YOUR at the JERSEY SHORE, your not paying for your shore house I’m sure so LIVE IT THE FUCK UP! WHY agree to come back on for season 3? For money or to air out your problems on national television? SERIOUSLY? Get over Miami or move on (just like Ron said). WHY waste an entire summer with all that anger built up inside you? I don’t get it, it would make me crazy….

I feel bad for Ron because its like he’s got to continuously say he’s sorry and justify himself. I’ve been there, had a guy cheat on me and guess what IF YOU CHOOSE to stay with them after EVERYTHING you seen and know, then you have no choice but to FORGIVE THE GUY and give him a clean slate. If your going to throw it in his face and “not let him” just hang out with people and what not because of it then WHY are you with him? You should have just not been with him regardless of how much it hurt not to have him in your life. I couldn’t always have my mind wondering, and feeling like when he’s not with me he’s with someone else. SO clearly if you decided to work it out, make up, and stay together your giving him that clean slate and your going to have to work through those insecurities and just take his word for what it is UNTIL he gives you a reason to be suspicious. It irritates me that she’s beating the subject like a dead dog.. your with him.. SO get over it OR move on, its been a year pretty much if you haven’t worked through a lot of it why are you guys together?

I really hope this season isn’t all Ron & Sam drama like in Miami honestly they beat that like a dead fish, and it was just brutal to watch every week.

SOOOOOO Vin gets followed around the club by some chick that obviously wasn’t the best looking because if she was then I’m sure he wouldn’t be running. I can’t believe she was showing up everywhere, that’s just pretty crazy. I’m happy to say I’ve never had to go through that in my life and I never want to!!!Everywhere you turn and BAM there that person is … is a little creepy to be honest. Like I was telling a friend of mine the other day I think persistence like that is such a turn off. It gets creepy when you can feel a guy (or girl) who just won’t get the hint especially when your not into them. You find yourself “politely” brushing them off and they still don’t get the hint. You don’t want to be rude but sometimes you just have to or they won’t get it. AND even then some of them will continue which then you get rude and walk away.

ANYWAYS Guido’s UNTIL next week those are my Shore Thoughts…

Feel free to comment on anything I said I’m sure there is SOMEONE reading this who’s a Shore fan and doesn’t agree with me!!



~ by Christina Sears on January 15, 2011.

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