First Gym Day of the Year!

I finally got to the gym for the first time this year, yes FIRST TIME. Since probably mid november its been rough to try and make it for any kind of training and then last night my friend Bryan and I hit up Goodlife for a work out.

He wanted to work out chest, I was down… not really picky on what I work on really at the gym, I just like to get in some cardio and I always always do squats don’t ask me why just something I ALWAYS do.

So we started off with bench, Bryan is 137lbs and not to much taller then me (regardless of what he says) he looks about 5’2 at most to me (hahaha)! SO I love working out with him because we don’t have to fiddle with how high the bars are for squats and bench and what not because he can manage where ever I put it for myself (unlike most people I train with).

I warmed up with the bar as I always do to just get range of motion and warm up all my “muskles” and maybe dust off some of the spider webs that were building up haha!

He started with like 95lbs, I tried to do that for my second set and couldn’t push it up, I was pretty broken about it I know its only 95lbs but I was doing that with NO spot easily before I stopped going to the gym. So I just upped the weight a little bit at  a time to see exactly where I was at. Bryan was doing 135lbs and I made sure he was doing it properly and not being a meat head about it, and he did really good added a bit more weight on there and was doing good with it. I was proud of him because he’s such a little guy!!! I ended up doing like 90lbs easy peasy… then telling Bryan that I probably psyched  myself out trying to do 95 and that I could probably do it no problem but that’s something I will do next time at the gym.

Headed over to the squat rack to work out our legs a smidge. I love toned legs on a girl, and I love when my legs look nice and fit in a pair of pants, PLUS it helps firm up my butt which also ends up looking pretty good in a pair of tights or jeans! SO squats are always a plus in my eyes. Again I warmed up with the bar making sure my squat is ass to ankles stretching everything out.  I think Bryan and I both ended up at 135 and just pushing them out, thats something else I could do a lot more of before stopping my visits at the gym so I have to get those back up. As he was working on some other things after squats I brought out my Hopper Deck which has a crap load of Crossfit work outs on it. I picked out 3 that I could modify if I needed to for him and I to do. He was asking about the Hopper Deck and I explained the Crossfit work outs, I said they sound easy but usually those are the ones that are the worse. WE ended up doing the 5k run for time.

It’s always good to do something like that with someone because its like a silent competition or a bit of a nudge to keep pushing when your tired. I was telling him how I’ll probably barf due to what I ate before hand and throughout the day. So started out and I ended up finishing it under 46 minutes (I usually finish it in 46 PLUS minutes). Got done at 41 minutes and ended up burning 293 calories which is huge for me because I’ve never burned that much. So I ran more then anything this time around and I was pretty proud. When I got home seriously I could feel the work out thats for sure… Can’t wait to go back I might have found a work out partner… (Well besides my trainer whom I love)!



~ by Christina Sears on January 14, 2011.

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