Hike after a Snowfall!


Yesterday, Hamilton finally got dumped on a little bit, not sure how many cm of snow we had but I’ve seen worse here. So for me yesterday wasn’t crazy bad I was actually expecting a lot more to be honest.


When I got home I shoveled for my mom, I figured I could get in some kind of a work out since I haven’t been to the gym in god knows how long. So I started to shovel our sidewalk, then around our car so we don’t get plowed in, then I just continued down the street and did my neighbours sidewalk. The asians that live next to us have the corner lot PLUS a driveway, and it’s a lot for the owners of the house to do so I figured while I was out here I would try and clear as much as I could, that way in the am they really don’t have to clear much. So that’s what I did, plus did around one of my others neighbours cars that was parked on the street so that way he doesn’t get plowed in either. Of course when I got done the snow had blown and a bit had fallen to where I shoveled but instead of having A CRAP load to do in the am, we would only have a bit which is a lot better in my eyes.

Last night I was bugging my dad about going on a hike today, of course I think I’m the only one who sees all this snow as a great hike opportunity. SO that’s what we did today, we took a stroll down to “Cherry Hill Gate” in burlington and I mean no matter what season you go in this place is just amazing.

Since its winter time birds and squirrels and what not are always looking for food to keep them going, in the other seasons there are always a lot of birds but they don’t come up to you as much (well it depends on when you go) but today it was like they heard the rustling of the ziplock bag in my pocket and were following my dad and I on our walk.

At one point we put some food in our hand and our hands were being swarmed with these birds, they were cute and little! In the trees (since there are no leaves) you could see a lot of red, there were about 10 or more cardinals just waiting for us to step away from the food we left on the bridge. There were a few bluejays and just a lot of other different birds it was crazy. So we got some awesome pictures of these birds.

This is my dad! 🙂


I had the bright idea of putting the seeds on my hood and told my dad to take a pic of them swarming my head haha… I laughed my ass off because I could feel them choose their seed and fly away then a few more would come…

I wish it was a bit colder so that way some of the waterfalls in hamilton are easier to get to because they would be completely frozen over and it would allow you to get nice and close to take some crazy pictures. Last year Teresa and I would try and hit up one every few weeks (miss those days)! It was always fun to take a hike with my girls Teresa and Stefanie, some of the crazy pictures and moments we had… seriously!!!

After the hike went and grabbed a bite to eat with my dad, had a chat about last week Jersey Shore’s episode (YES MY DAD IS HOOKEEEEDDDD) and then headed home. I took a nap, had a wicked headache I couldn’t shake so usually what I do if I can is sleep it off so that’s what I did.

AWEEE I can’t wait to do another hike bring on the snow maybe it will snow a crazy amount on my birthday again! That would be awesome 😛 WELL maybe not so awesome because it will be my cousins engagement party they probably won’t like that too much haha I can hear my aunt freaking out now!!!

I hope you all drove safe and helped out your neighbours with the shoveling! I don’t think there is enough

OH AND I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my parents, their bdays are like a day a part!!! MUAH!




~ by Christina Sears on January 13, 2011.

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