Gina Hamilton

Gina Hamilton’s “Love Game” Performance


I missed Jersey Shore tonight to hang out with my girl Stef as we headed over to the Embassy in Hamilton. A friend of mine, Gina Hamilton was performing as she always does on Thursday nights. As Stef said just before Gina took the stage she brings “class” to Drag shows.

Honestly, I’ve been to some other Drag shows in Hamilton and I haven’t seen one Queen YET who makes the show interesting. Anyone can go up there dress like a women and lip sync their favorite song while moving around walking back and forth.

The thing I LOVE about Gina is that she not only picks songs that she loves and enjoys, but she also takes into consideration what the crowds reaction would be to the song. She make’s sure that she can take some key props from the artist’s video and incorporate that into her show.

For example, she performed “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga, and not only did she have back up dancers who were dressed the part but she herself was dressed the part incorporating sparklers on her chest as an added effect. The performance was amazing probably one of her best and I admire that she tries to top every performance.

She did a few numbers tonight one of them being “Firework” by Katy Perry and it was pretty awesome, she had the lights going with the music as were her sparkler props.

She also ended the show with “Love Game” by Lady Gaga even making sure to have her own version of a disco stick with her. The performance was awesome.

Drag show’s aren’t for everyone, but its a performance just like going on stage for a play or being an actor/actress in a movie. She does what she does well, and I think if she keeps up the rate she’s going she can go pretty far. She continues to set the bar and I would watch her every week if I could.

GOOD Luck Gina!

Check out Gina’s “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga Performance on Facebook


~ by Christina Sears on January 13, 2011.

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