Brisbane Australia Flooding

Flooding in Brizzy

I’ve been seeing posts about the flooding in Brisbane Australia, and I know that Aussie is known for floods so I didn’t think anything of it really. When I was there in 09 I noticed that all the houses were raised off the ground and depending where you went they would have record flooding levels signs (I guess to show how bad it was at that time).


So this morning I see it all over my igoogle and its getting worse, so I started to look up pictures of South Bank Brisbane where a former friend of mine lives, and its not how I remember South Bank at all. South Bank when I went was full of people all the time ESPECIALLY at night. When I looked at pictures of the board walk, and down town areas (some places I even walked) they were over powered by flood.

ALTHOUGH I don’t get along with the friend that I had, I couldn’t help but sit here hoping things were okay. He was born in Tully and I remember him telling me they get stuff like that all the time up there, BUT it still has me here worried a little bit.

THEN I started to think about how if things fell through and I had decided to accept the offer to go to school in Australia I WOULD BE LIVING THIS  RIGHT NOW. I got accepted into Griffith University for my second choice, I found out a little before my friend and I stopped talking. I gave it some hard out thought and knew I didn’t wanna be 60 grand in the hole for school at this point in my life. So I decided on not going, and just picking up what I want to do here on my own soil. Besides there are a few key people in my life I knew I couldn’t live without even just for a year. SO I would have been either moved in at this point or leaving to start my semester in February.

CRAZY how sometimes things happen in life to make you rethink your direction, I was DEAD SET on going to school down under but some events occurred that made me change my mind, and I mean I really sat down for a few days and looked at this acceptance letter and really decided. It wasn’t just a “nah I don’t think I’m going to go” kind of thing!

I can’t stand to see Brisbane in the shape it’s in, it really is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. It truly breaks my heart to see a city I loved so much flooding with water and I’m really hoping that it stops at some point and doesn’t get any worse for the people!!!!

When I went o Brisbane it was in the beginning of December, AHHH yes in their summer months getting away from the Canadian winter. I stayed for almost three weeks arriving back home JUST before Christmas. It was weird for me, to walk around and see all this Christmas stuff around, trees and reindeers and such. PLUS it was weird wearing shorts and going swimming rather then shoveling snow and going ice skating on a frozen lake/pond etc.

How I REMEMBER South Bank Brizzy

Brisbane was truly an amazing place, their down town has a beach its some in ground pools (nice pools) with a sandy beach (man made) and surrounding that were shops, restaurants, markets etc and it was always filled with people. I would imagine people are trying to stay away from the water and stay safe.


I feel helpless being in Canada and really not knowing what to do. I know they have set up donations for this like they did Katrina and such, but sometimes I feel like all that money that is donated never 100% gets there. I’d sooner go to Australia if i could and get my hands wet helping whom ever I could.

Thinking about it now the water in australia have some of the most dangerous things, SO I can imagine what is in those flood waters DEPENDING where you are. I mean you can have jelly fish in there, sharks, maybe some crocks… SO not only are you being swept away by water, these people have to worry about what’s IN the water if they get stuck…. okay.. now my tummy is turning just thinking more into it.

No Flooding calm night.. how i remember brizzy


BOTTOM line.. I’m hoping the people I know out that way are safe and sound and are surviving. Praying for them..




~ by Christina Sears on January 11, 2011.

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