Deadly Cocktails

So I figured since I’m not training as much as I would like I would just write about some of the things that I come across in the day (well that I find interesting and think maybe you will find interesting too) and just blog about it for now. Just until i get some kind of schedule back up and going.

I was reading Cosmopolitan (YESSSS you read right) on my break at work one day and came across an article entitled “The Deadly Drinking Mistake Smart Girls Make.” Obviously I was a little bit intrigued seeing how I am a light weight after all in the drinking department.

As I turned the page they had some of the key facts bolded one of them being “The painful irony about alcohol is that being a light or inexperienced drinker can actually raise your risk” WHICH then in turn really did strike my interest to keep reading on.

There was a story about a girl named Laura Treanor who wasn’t really a heavy drinker and apparently she ended up dying in her sleep. It took the medical examiner three months to figure out what killed her. The cause of death was acute alcohol intoxication. Her blood alcohol content was 0.29 which is more then three and a half times he legal limit for driving and equal to roughly seven to nine drinks for a 120-pound women.

Another girl was celebrating her 21st birthday and I guess under two hours she had a lot to drink and she passed out in her friends apartment. By morning this article said she was dead. Cause of death: acute alcohol poisoning with her B.A.C being 0.46 which is almost six times the legal driving limit. Apparently that level is beyond what researchers call Lethal Dose 50, or LD50 at which point about 50 percent of drinkers would die.

This article admits that there isn’t one universal formula because alcohol is very individual and genes play a role as well. SOME people  have a faster engine I guess you can say which means they metabolize alcohol quicker then others. They can  speed it out of their system which allows them to drink more without it getting toxic. APPARENTLY people are born with a super liver like that and the article assures its readers you can’t make your liver into a super-organ, your either born with it or your not haha!

SO ladies this one is for you, apparently not only are most of us smaller then the majority of men but we have a higher fat-to-water ratio. THIS means that the alcohol we drink has less space to hang out in our bodies. Instead of just passing on through, it remains concentrated, which is why for women binge drinking is defined as having four or more drinks in about two hours but for men its five drinks. For women the LD50 requires you to have 10 or more drinks in under an hour.

Novice Drinkers can get carried away because they have no idea what their limit is, they don’t know what their body will feel when drinking certain things or when they are tipsy or drunk. BUT experienced drinkers can tell you what drinks hit them the hardest, and they know when they are reaching that limit. They know how much their body will take and how much it won’t.

Drinking whether its a lot or a little is a whole body experience that starts with your liver. DID you know that your liver process one drink an hour and if you keep it to that you can still get a little buzz but you won’t be entirely intoxicated? Overloading your liver with more then one drink an hour doesn’t give it time to process it out and it leaves a lot of alcohol circulating in your system including around your brain and vital organs. Eventually it will effect important stuff like your breathing and if you continue to slam back the booze it will eventually completely shut down your respiratory centre in your lower brain stream. END RESULT: leading to a coma and will stop your breathing in which time you have six minutes before your brain leads to the breakdown of the body systems and permanent neurological damage. Soon your heart stops.. then well.. you die. That’s only one way something bad can happen.

Another interesting way something bad can happen involves your digestive system, because alcohol is a stomach irritant that can cause vomiting, and throwing up when drunk is deadly.

The article told a story of another girl who  was 21 and got drunk I guess, they don’t know how much she drank but in the morning like some of us she felt sick and threw up then went back to bed. Her boyfriend left the apartment to get some food and when he got back she was dead. She died of aspiration pneumonia due to alcohol intoxication. She had vomited in her sleep and inhaled it into her lungs. According to this article if your blood alcohol gets high enough, it suppresses your gag reflexes.

THEN there is the “Killer Cocktail,” which is a trend that has totally been hitting the bars for awhile now and thats mixing your alcohol with an energy drink like Redbull or Rockstar. I tell my friends ALLL the time this isn’t good for them, I knew this back in college after doing a story on combining the two and the findings I got turned me off of even daring to mix the two. So when this article started to mention this trend I wasn’t surprised.

According to this article those who mix the two do get drunk twice as often per week as those who just drink alcohol. Energy drinks ameliorate the sensation of drunkenness. You are drinking and you feel okay, so you keep drinking (makes sense right). BUT since your consuming that energy drink the caffeine actually keeps you up and partying a lot longer then if you were just drinking regular booze. That not-drunk feeling is really dangerous because there is a time lag with alcohol. After you stop for the night, your BAC keeps rising as you process the booze in your tummy.

Fortunately for me I don’t like Jello.. HOWEVER, those of you who LOVE Jello shots here’s some interesting facts for you, or any food with alcohol in them to be honest. DID you know that the alcohol in the Jello is still being absorbed from the stomach and circulating.. even when you passed out? THAT could be a huge risk, I mean you may never wake up depending how much you ate or drank that night.

SO you can imagine after reading this article I wasn’t really worried about how much of a light weight I was, because I intake my alcohol properly in my eyes and i rarely binge! But I wanted to share that with the rest of you who may do some of these things. Remember to not only not drink and drive BUT be safe with how much you drink as well. WHO wants to wake up puking, or with a headache, or feeling gross the next day? I guess you have to ask yourself… IS it really worth it?




~ by Christina Sears on January 10, 2011.

One Response to “Deadly Cocktails”

  1. Great read. I fall into the alcohol + Red Bull category as my non beer alternative. It also applies to my my favourite drinking buddy. While I’m a big boy, she’s pretty tiny and should probably give this post a look. I’ll be forwarding it to her.


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