Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 1

SO, 8.5 million viewers tuned into Jersey Shore season 3 on MTV tonight, and I will admit I was one of those 8.5 million.  Jersey Shore and its cast members were trending on Twitter for the majority of the night as well which was crazy, plus from what I heard from friends people on their facebooks and what not status all had to do with Jersey Shore (or the majority of the status updates).

Don’t you think that huge for a reality show that is based on an entire summer at these hot get away spots. It would be like me taking a camera with me and taping/editing going to Wasaga Beach, Blue Mountain, Montreal, etc.. there are a lot of hot spots around here as well!

NOW a lot of people ask me how I can watch a show like the Jersey Shore, and to be quite honest I can’t even give them a straight answer, its just addicting I guess.

Am I offended with them being Italian and acting like that? NO because honestly I know people who aren’t Italian and party like that “balls to the walls” I guess you can say. Guido is definitely a stereotype, but for me like i’ve said in the past its a “European Prep” someone who likes to be fresh and make sure everything is in place before they go out. To each their own right? So I’m not offended because I don’t take it to heart I KNOW not ALL Italians are like that (even tho some people would argue that fact) so what do I have to be offended about.

If you missed the season premier of season 3 you can watch it on (or .com if ur from the usa) and catch it.

My thoughts on it, I knew when they were showing the previews of Sammi and Jwow going for round 2 of their unfinished drama in Miami that it would be at the end of the show (like the last 30 seconds) so I was pretty disappointed that, that’s what happened.

My thought’s on Deanna-Nicole the new girl in the house, she is a burst of energy that is thrown at you full force at once. I don’t think she’s anything like Angelina. I do think she was sincere when she said she was going into the house with an open mind and I really don’t think she hated Sammi off the bat until Sammi was rude to her at the patio table when she was asking what part of Jersey she was from.

I did think Sammi was being kind of high on herself. I never really liked her from season one because although she’s a pretty girl she’s really too dramatic for me. She’s always arguing about something or complaining, I mean for a pretty girl she’s obviously got NO self esteem. I think last season when Jenni and her got into a fight a lot of people DID hold Jenni back because she would have eaten Sammi alive.

I feel bad for Ron because you have to stick by your girlfriend but I mean where does it end, you do fight some of her battles, and it takes you away from everyone else too. I guess you gotta know where the line is.. and when its to much right?

I think this season is going to be pretty dramatic, I know I will be watching and I’m sure a lot of people will be too. The previews for the next few look pretty intense so its going to be a crazy few weeks at the shore!




~ by Christina Sears on January 6, 2011.

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