New Years Eve


Wowzers anyone else feel like 2010 just kind of FLEW? Seriously I can’t believe how fast that went, I’ve been told by an old man that comes into my restaurant that as you get older life just seems to fly by and he’s totally right for sure.

Well, not sure how many of you were following my tweets (@christinasears) and my facebook updates BUT I was asked to go to a banquet hall for New Years therefore forcing me to go and buy a formal dress, shoes, the entire shabang.

If you’re not to familiar with me let me tell you that I’m far from the type of girl that like’s to get glammed up like that. SO for me as much as it sounded like a good time, the time that was going to be put into looking for an outfit, a look for that night was just to much to think about.

SO needless to say it was the week of Christmas and it was coming down to crunch time for a dress, I ended up buy two dresses. One I bought on a moonlight madness at the mall, I saw it, I liked it, I bought it… NOt really thinking about it being pink and that maybe it looks more of something to wear somewhere in the summer then in the winter…. SO I a day later bought another dress at Eclipse in Eastgate Mall, its black and was just perfect.

OF course Steven gave me tips on the shoes and accessories NOT to wear with this dress and had suggested that maybe a colour other then gold or silver to pop out and grabbed the accessories to go with the shoes. I have the smallest feet in the world, and I think they have shrunk a smidge in my ripe old age of 25!! SOOO I was searching for a 4.5 size heal but apparently most of them come in size 5’s. IF anyone reading this knows of places that sell 4.5 heals PLEASEEEE post a comment telling me where!!!

Hair Done at: Heads UP Salon, 1131 Main St East Hamilton Ont



SOOO I found a pair at Le Chateau that I just loved. They were a nice “berry” but looked like purple to me and nothing I saw out there compared to these shoes. THE last thing on my mind was thinking about how I was going to walk in these monstrous heals I just wanted to make sure I had shoes. At this point it was like two days before New Years Eve so you can imagine how stressed I was. Steven and I trucked to the Dixie Outlet mall in Mississauga just for them not to have my size so Steven had them call other ones in the area to see if we can get my size. Sure enough the Eaton Centre in Downtown Toronto had my size 5’s. We put them on hold and went and grabbed them. Trying to find parking was just retarded… But I was happy we were able to get down there to get my shoes. AND I grabbed some accessories to go with it.

SOOOO New Years Eve  I headed to Heads Up Salon on Main St to get my hair all done up right nice for the nights festivities, had it dyed, cut, and styled. Grace did an amazing job and the curls she put into it held really really well too which was awesome. I love going there, I never have to worry and things come out great!!

EVERYONE was just shocked with how i looked after, everyone got out there camera’s at home and were taking pictures like crazy, and I was just worried about not falling in these monstrous shoes I was wearing (which were still a smidge big for me).

Going out this particular night I knew I had to put on a little bit of a face for some people just because of the tension that’s happened in the past year. I knew a former friend of mine was going to be there again with probably another date and he’s always different with particular girls around him… PLUS his dates like to stare daggers into me for whatever reason. Walking into my friends place of course there was whispering from the peanut factory but I just chose to be the bigger person and not stoop to that level and just at that second pretended like they didn’t exist and I was going to have a good time tonight DRAMA free and thats exactly what I did.

I tried some martini’s too after dinner they were pretty awesome, the only martini I ever had (yes onlllyyy) was a cosmo and no offense ladies but I don’t see how you can like them, I thought they were pretty gross to be honest. BUT this apple and berry martini I had was amazing…

The rest of the night was great the DJ and live band was pretty good, I felt bad for Steven because he was pretty under the weather (like a lot of people apparently were). But we still made the most of the night.

I danced my little heart away (no not with the shoes), and didn’t even care about everyone else around me but the people who mattered to me in that room!!

I know my family wished I was at home but… gotta leave the nest sometime haha 🙂 maybe next year I will be at home sipping on some drinks with the fam 🙂

Happy New Year to everyone reading this, especially the people that have supported me this year. I appreciate it!!

Christina Sears


~ by Christina Sears on January 1, 2011.

2 Responses to “New Years Eve”

  1. You clean up nicely.


  2. Hmm… your blog doesn’t translate completely to RSS reader. It showed up with 2 pics instead of 4. But I wanted to leave a comment and saw the rest. Weird…

    Anyway I’m glad you had a great time. You looked fantastic in that dress. It’s fun to dress up now and then eh? 🙂

    Where’d you go? Was it a hall? Hamilton?


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