Trainer’s Thoughts

My start weight was 113lbs and in the last two or so weeks of working my butt off to lose a goal of 2lbs a week I’m currently weighing in at 110lbs which isn’t too shabby. I had a one on one session with my trainer at GoodLife fitness Mark Walter, and let me tell you I was broken by the end of it. I hadn’t hurt or felt broken to that point since working with Adam Morden at Alchemy Crossfit in Hamilton. Mark and I go way back and have been friends for a long time, but that friendship was checked at the door today when we started training. I had warned him how frustrated I can get and he assured me he was going to be a prick if he needed to be. I don’t think either one of us let the other down in that respect. He really worked me to the bitter end. When I couldn’t lift my arms anymore he wouldn’t let me put the weight down he would wrap his hands around my wrists or on the weight and not let me drop it until my sets were completed. He was excellent in judging how far to push someone and knowing their limits.  I also learned a lot in how to do some proper technique, I mean who really knew how much went into a proper lung! I think we worked on that for a bit, after a good laugh it was onto other stuff. Of course he had a thrilled “I’m going to destroy you” look on his face, I knew I was in for it. Honestly some parts of that work out I really thought I couldn’t do anymore and when he said you have a few more or was on me about it I have no idea where I got some of the power to push them out. It was definitely mind over matter on some things. When I was doing the leg cranks it felt like he was holding my ankles down, I couldn’t even move at that point and remember having tears come to my eyes. Mark put a hand on each one of my shoulders looked me straight in the face and said that I had this, it will be a sin-ch, and after a few minutes he started counting out the 24 squats, 24 lunges, 24 jumping squats, 12 jumping lunges. I couldn’t even walk down the stairs with out being shaky. After the work out I headed to the mall, and to get some groceries for the week. I had never been so tired in my life let me tell you. AMAZING work out!!!!

I’m looking forward to our next session together even though my legs feel like concrete, my arms are like jello and all I want to do is eat and nap. It was time worth spent and I appreciate the hard work he’s putting into this.
I thought it would be interesting for you all to read up on HIS thought’s of the training session so here it is:


My thoughts on the workout… I think it went well! I was happy with everything! Other than working on some balance during lunging, which will come pretty quick with some practice, everything else was done well! As far as details go, I’m not sure what to say. I was thinking of a lot of things. Lets see: The thing I was most impressed with is also the thing I’m most concerned with! Christina’s drive is through the roof right now, which is exactly where I want it! She pushes herself and that’s what I want! And when I say one more, she does it, which is awesome!
Her drive falls easily though! I hate hearing people say “I can’t” more than anything else! I’ve been training for a while now, and usually am a pretty good judge of how someone’s doing! I’m also very honest on the floor. If you suck, I’m going to tell you that so we can fix it and get you better results! BUT, if you’re doing well and I think you’ve got a few more reps left in you, or a couple more seconds left to go, I’m also being honest, and want you going hard the whole time! This only happened once yesterday, but especially since it’s Christina and I’ve known her for so long and know what she can do, it bugged me a bit!

Anyway, that was the only negative out of the hour and a bit we were there! Her form was good, her motivation was high, and even when we were about to do leg cranks which she wasn’t exactly excited about (if you’ve ever done leg cranks you’ll understand that completely), a few quick words later she was ready to go!

Overall, yesterday motivated me even more than I was before, because if she pushes herself like that every time she’s in the gym, and stays dedicated outside the gym, even with a tough goal like hers it’s definitely within reach! I’m looking forward to our next workout!
I’ve never summarized how i felt after a workout, so I’m sure I’ll get better with practice! I was really impressed today, you did well! At some point I want to get it out there that I only agreed to your goal cuz it’s you! Unless someone comes to me and has a lot of weight to lose, normally I think this much weight would be pushing it. It’s only cuz I know what you can do and how hard you work that I think we can do it!

~ by Christina Sears on November 24, 2010.

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