Day 3 Week 1…

Day 3 Week 1 and I’m still at 113lbs, I kind of know what some fighters feel like, I mean its not as intense I have 6 weeks but still… being small already its going to take some hard work to get this “fluff” off I think.  I went to Hamilton School of Martial Arts Wednesday night to get in an extra work out. Its crazy the different shape you have to be in to roll around, its definitely a different kind of cardio. PLUS how long has it been since I’ve trained really? I feel SO behind and out of whack… being out that long you miss a lot and everyone else around you progresses everyday. SO I have to get back in there and eventually get up to Cutting Edge to work out too.

SO I walk into the gym, kind of felt out of place a bit and I got on the mat and started warming up. Of course my legs and butt hurt from some of the lifting I did and then that 5K I had done earlier in the day. MY body wasn’t having any of that warm up but you gotta do what you gotta do right?

Rolled around with Mark, he showed me something to strengthen up my core and help me with my top game in Jiu Jitsu so I’m going to give it a go at the gym when I’m there next. People are going to think I’m retarded when they see me doing it but whatever!

It was great to see Will too, I haven’t seen him in ages he’s put on a HELL of a lot os muscle looks good though!!!

Rolling was a bit frustrating because I did feel behind and not at the level maybe I should be and I felt like I was starting from scratch all over again. So many people thought I had so much potential and now I’m starting from the bottom and fighting my way back up again.

Diet’s been going pretty good to be honest. I mean the first day was a bit rough, I will hopefully have Amanda on the record to tell you a bit about that day I was at work and the withdrawals I was going through. It wasn’t pretty she even messaged me later that night after work asking how I was doing forgetting I was eating different and just thought something was up. GOOD friend though to check up on me I appreciated it. I’m sure her perception of how I was will be entertaining for the rest of you and I hope to get that up for you soon.

I will give you an example of a bit of a rough patch I hit at work the first day of my clean eating. A lady came in with an “OH SO YUMMY LOOKING” ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. I swear everything stopped and went in slow motion as she molested that cone with her tongue… she wasn’t attractive i was just so fixated on that ice cream and its what I wanted at the time. I was going crazy… After I got a bit of sleep in me and re-grouped for the next day I was fine. It was weird THAT never happen to me before, where I was like feeling like a druggie that’s not getting their drugs you know?

Just trying to keep my eye on the prize and just work my tail off see how it goes, work in progress and I have some amazing people behind me.

Today wasn’t too shabby… I made an awesome protein shake for breaky with some yummy peanut butter in it (seriously peanut butter is my fave). Had some good snacks and stuff to eat while I was at work. Didn’t feel as out of it as I did on day one. Hopefully get into the gym at some point tomorrow maybe in the am or after work if not tomorrow then definitely saturday in the day I’m hoping If I dont keep up my trainer won’t be pleased (thats for sure).

I don’t know if I would have it in me to be a personal trainer. I’ve already come across people in my time who have an excuse for everything and diagnose themselves with whatever just so they don’t have to so a work out or something they don’t like. SO to watch someone pay 5000 or so dollars for personal training and then not work at it would irritate me. WHY pay the money for the help if YOUR not willing to put in the blood sweat and tears?!! That’s a total waste, and then its usually those people who turn to the stupid fast diets that will just make them miserable. YES I’ve been miserable cutting this “fluff” off me BUT at least I have the satisfaction of knowing I’m working my ass off to get where I wanna be. OOH it makes me frustrated thinking about.

Sorry about the ramble its probably bed time for me





~ by Christina Sears on November 18, 2010.

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