Project “DO YOU”

ANYONE know when the last time I wrote a blog was? Anyone miss me yet? OHHH I bet you miss me (yes you right there)!

WELLLL I’ve been getting a dozen messages here and there asking me the same thing “what are you up too, you still fighting.”

TRUTH is life’s really just took over a little bit, I know that some of my team mates who are married with kids can relate to that, and maybe some people my age which is great because they understand. DO I miss it? HELL YEAH everyday, I miss the bond I had with my team mates, I miss the talks we had them talking to me like I’m one of the guys, I miss them punching me in the face or tapping me out. I miss the feeling I had leaving the gym (which ever one it is). I always felt less stressed and more relaxed after a hard training session at Cutting Edge MMA or HSMA then I did at a regular gym. I know that a lot of people who train in the martial arts can probably relate to how I feel.

DO I plan on getting back into it, I think when I get my car it will be a lot easier to go when I HAVE TIME, it will make it easier to commute and make it rather then wait on someone else or wait on getting my parents car! I already have a routine in mind when this happens is how bad I can’t wait to get back into it. MMA is a part of who I am and what I’m about you can always take the gym away from this girl but never be able to take me completely out of the gym you know?

ANYWAYS, in the mean time I’ve been working with Mark Walter who is a Personal Trainer at the GoodLife Fitness on Centennial and Barton in Hamilton. I met him years and years ago when I was a young women wrestling in high school (haha young women… what a gay line)!

He’s really seen some potential (I guess you can say) in me and sat me down one day over a hot chocolate and asked me what my goals were in the gym. CLEARLY you already have some “typical women” answers running your head as your reading this and I assure you my goals aren’t like your typical women.


1. Be strong

… yup that’s really all I asked for… being strong has a lot of meanings for me. I don’t just want to be meat head strong, which in my books is being able to life some crazy numbers (although being 4‘10.5 that would be freakish), I mean be strong mentally, and emotionally as well. I know shocking right, I don’t care if my but isn’t firm, I don’t care if I have abs, I don’t even care about the shape of my legs. ALL I care about is feeling comfortable in MY OWN SKIN and being strong enough to stand in my skin.

NO one really knows, and when they do find out are shocked to hear (especially my girl friends) that regardless of how I am on the outside, on the inside I’m more insecure then people think. YEAH I’m confident in who I am and what I’m worth but I do have some fears here and there. When I sat down with Mark he was shocked to hear how i felt, which is why I think he’s even more driven to beat my ass in the gym.

I use to be someone who would feel not good enough in certain aspects and try and find the quickest way to the solution like a lot of people do. BUT I realized through my last relationship that people are going to always try and beat you down but you have to love you for you before anyone else can love you. That relationship brought out those insecurities because I was being told stuff that wasn’t even true about myself but I BELIEVED IT because a part of me was already self conscious about it. I  surrounded myself with some people I consider “strong” in a lot of aspects and they showed me that same path. Its been a struggle to get down it but I’m standing aren’t I? REGARDLESS of how I feel I still got back up and continued on this path.

Some people ask me how do I stay motivated, working two jobs and then find time to go to the gym… truth is sometimes I’m not motivated, I need a break like everyone else. BUT I do know when its time to get off my ass and get in there and do my thing. Life’s been a lot this past little while, but I’m always trying to make time for me too and the things I love.

What I’ve learned thus far is that no fad diet is going to make me feel strong, no fat burner in the world is going to help me feel better about myself and certainly no six day six pack kind of diet is going to get the job done. The job has to get done by myself, starting with me wanting to move forward on that path and hit my fulllll potential.

FOR ME it will mean a hell of a lot more I think, which brings me to ……


It’s something Mark and I are working on, his drive and passion has rubbed off on me and he wants to train me, GoodLife has a great facility and its like his playground so when I’m in his territory he’s always looking for new things to test me. As we further discussed what it would mean to me to be “strong” he and I both talked about what it would take to get to my goals…

SO I will be making a mini documentary type video and taking all of you along this journey with me. SO far this is week 1 day 2, my first day of clean eating was pretty crazy. I was at work and a women walked in with a DQ ice cream and honestly it seemed like everything around me stopped and her licking that cone was in slow motion. Something you would see in a movie, I felt pretty out of it and then went to the gym after. OUR goal is to lose 13 lbs in 6 weeks (just something to motivate me) I’m sure regardless of what I will be doing the clean eating and work outs would have me losing weight anyways. SO that means about 2lbs a week and I’m starting at 113lbs right on the nose.

BY the end of this I want other women (even men) to know that it starts with you, and will end with you… NO ONE can motivate you but you and there isn’t any QUICK fix to feeling strong, and being strong its something you have to do within!

I know when I was at Alchemy Crossfit I motivated and inspired a lot of women which shocked me. Most recently I motivated a girlfriend of mine and she lost a huge amount of weight because she was tired of just being depressed and she said something I said just clicked…. When she was telling me about it, I literally started to tear because I didn’t know I would effect someone like that. I thought if I could do that with her how many more people can I reach?

THOSE of you who know me know that its not going to be easy, others have been following my blogs since day one and have a sense of how I am… so this should be interesting to see how i react to the work outs Mark’s going to have in store for me and the clean eating and beating temptations and what not.

I’m very fortunate to have Mark by my side as a trainer, honestly he’s worth the money! He’s one of those trainers that feels like they succeed when their clients succeed. He drives and motivates everyone he works with and just has a comfortable sense about him. He never puts you in a position your not ready for and will definitely make every second and minute your paying for count which I love about him!

I’m excited to do this but scared too… I don’t know… see how it goes, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

I did a “ask christina” portion to my video blog, kind of went okay people sent me their questions and I answered them the best I could. I might continue with this depending on the feedback I get so let me know what you think!

OH and I also completed my Vegas Video (wellll  my perception) of it.. there should be a much bigger one in the works. IF you haven’t seen it check it out…

Till Next Time




~ by Christina Sears on November 17, 2010.

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