Week Re-Cap

Photo By: Nichala Cutts

The weirdest thing happened to me the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine and I’m not sure how we got on the topic of the gym and working out and what not and she said to me that I was her inspiration to lose a bunch of weight. My jaw dropped I didn’t believe it I mean I write about my training and my struggles because.. well it helps with my writing, PLUS I did want people to know that its not as easy as it looks.

I guess awhile ago her and I had a conversation and she was saying how she just wants to give up, how unhappy she was and what not… and she’s a great girl one of the best I know and she’s my friend so I tried to bring her up.. she said that i said something in that convo that made her wake up the next day and just… set a goal and she got into the gym.

I said something like you can work out all you want, but you have to do it for you. You have to do it to make yourself happy and no one else, make yourself feel good. She’s lost about 55lbs or so I believe since that chat.

She also read a lot of my training blogs, and read about my struggles, my thoughts in the process, saw my pictures… and that too helped her know she wasn’t alone in how she felt.

Hearing her tell me that I WAS HER INSPIRATION like my heart stopped. I didn’t think very many people really read my training blog (or care really). I really do it to help my writing and yeah I would hope people can feel like they aren’t alone in some things but this is a REAL CASE OF THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I was so humbled by what she was telling me and I couldn’t believe it but I was so happy I was able to help her in some way. It was a great feeling and I know she can reach her weight goal. Last I talked to her she seemed more like herself, she seemed driven and determined and it was good to see that.

Training for me is up and down some weeks are more busy then other’s but I’m trying to go as much as I can. I was talking to a guy I trained with at cutting edge mma last night Steve Boardman… he was checking in with me. It was nice to chat with him, I remember when I first started at Edge’s he helped beat me up haha.. seriously though he was a good training partner, good to work with, and didn’t let up because I was a girl he made me work for my position and submissions and I totally appreciated that. Made me think about how much I miss my training partners *sigh*… SOON enough I’ll be back on the mats a lot more but right now life’s taking over and I’ve got to get that in check first.

I didn’t make it to the gym this week, but I’m back to eating pretty clean, I think the only junk I really have is the odd bowl of ice cream (YES THE ODD BOWL) and pop corn (love pop corn) thats about it. Been eating a lot of veggies, fish, chicken and fruit…

Photo By: Nichala Cutts

Everyday I continue to realize who my friends are, as you go through life you will meet people that come into your life for a “season, reason, lifetime” is the motto! Its hard when you have to let go of someone you thought was your friend because you catch them in a lie or something. Kind of had to go through that this week, but I mean shit happens right? I wish them well regardless. I never really hate anyone I’m not friends with anymore, would I say hi to them probably, would I let them back into my life? Not so much! If you hold grudges in life you will live a miserable life, got to let it go and move on.

Nichala Cutts, a photographer I worked with a few months ago sent me a few of the 140 something pictures she took of me in our shoot together. She did an amazing job with the editing and the shots I love them. You can check her website out on the right of your screen in the “Affiliates” section.. she’s amazing people!

I caught Nate Marquardt’s fight on Wednesday on Spike, I thought it was pretty good, I couldn’t believe his opponent stopped in the middle of the fight to say that his legs were greased up. GOOD that the commission got in there asap and checked it out, Nate coming out with a clean win!

I caught the new TUF series too, I’m pretty excited about the coaches, just because in season one Koscheck was a little prick and I’m sure he’s going to bring that same attitude into this season as well. The fights were good too that 13 second knock out was retarded congrats to that guy. I love that its light weights, watching 55ers is amazing they are usually so wiry and all over the place. Not like some heavy weights where they are very slow and sluggish however the knock outs are usually crazy when they happen because of all the weight behind those punches. Next episode should be great.

I saw the new resident evil movie in 3D, i’ve never played the video game from what i hear the movies are like the video games (especially this one). I thought it was pretty awesome in 3D I recommend people to go see it.

I want to see that other one which came out on Friday called catfish or something, its about a guy who meets a girl on facebook and they document the entire thing apparently the entire thing takes a weird twisty turn. It’s probably not for a lot of people but I wanna check it out at some point.

SO I don’t know if any of you saw the posting on MMA Junkie that Frank Trigg is stepping into the cage in November in Israel against a guy who is 1-0. I recently got the MMA Junkie app for my blackberry and I check it every so often to see what’s up in the MMA world. When I saw that I was shocked, when I read the guy was 1-0 I was even more shocked. I haven’t talked to Trigg about it, I mean if he thinks he can still get in there and compete all the power to him, age is just a number look at Couture your only as old as you make yourself feel. I think Trigg is a natural broadcaster (which i’m jealous of) and he’s great at what he does so its not like he doesn’t have a back up to fighting like most guys. I wonder why he took the fight, its at a catch weight of 180 which isn’t too bad but the other guy hardly has any experience.. it must have been one hell of a win or something… Hopefully I get to chat with him about it… BUT regardless good luck to him!!! Obviously my prediction for the fight is Trigg winning and that guy regretting he even took the fight!!

Photo By: Nichala Cutts

What else has my attention this week?

NOT sure if there is anyone reading this who is a Jersey Shore fan… I’m not a fan but I can’t help but watch the show. I have no reason why its attracting my attention its a bunch of people in a house who work here and there, get hammered, get laid, and fight… Obviously that’s what’s always portrayed on the show, but one of them is going to be on dancing with the stars, the other is negotiating a play boy contact, ones a DJ its crazy… If your a Shore watcher what drags you to keep watching it? I’m curious because I can’t figure out why I follow it…. or what keeps me hooked.

I’m hoping this week I can get some video blogs up and going, kind of want to do an interactive video blog so if you have any questions you want me to answer email them to me at searstina@hotmail.com just put in the subject “RE: question” so I know its pertaining to this blog. If there is anything you want to know, ask about etc.. by all means!

Thank you to everyone who’s been keeping in touch through my new fan page I appreciate it. Also to the pple showing me some love on Twitter I appreciate your follows everyone!



~ by Christina Sears on September 18, 2010.

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