The Gym, So interesting!

So I was at the gym and I did my 5k run even though I couldn’t concentrate I tried reading a bit of my Bret Hart book (which is really good so far), and then I just lost myself in my music and then in my thoughts… I try and run 5k at least 3xs a week and my goal is to run as much as I can and beat my original time and how many calories I burn, the more calories that are burnt means I ran more that time around.

Normally I have my head in the game but I couldn’t help but think of this little dog I’m close to laying down with intervenes in him at the vet! Gizmo, the cutest little puppy ever got really sick all of a sudden and is now pretty much fighting to stay alive. Vet said its 50/50 chance right now. I know some people would say “its just a dog” but as time goes on you get to know their personality and they become like one of your best friends. Always there when you need to smile, comforts you in their own way when your in a mood or having a down day. They give you companionship, company, and bring you joy sometimes! ALTHOUGH he doesn’t live with me I was there when they brought him home he was so tiny and liked to snuggle in my arms… he literally fit in the palm of my hand at one point. When I walk into the house he’s always soooo excited to see me and jumps up until i pet him and gives me a billion kisses. he sits and cuddles with me when I’m watching TV he’s fallen asleep with me so its hard to know he’s sick and I’m helpless.

SO after cardio I hit up some of the weights, when my mind isn’t there I find it hard to stay focused and weight that I normally can do always feels much heavier its such a mind fuck! BUT it made me get lost in my thoughts during my rest time and I was looking around the gym and I couldn’t help but kind of giggle a little bit to myself. I noticed so much that I never use to notice when I first got a gym membership!

I didn’t understand fitness to much when I first started training, I remember thinking to myself I’m working out a lot and getting nowhere… It wasn’t until I met Simon (who was a personal trainer) that I learned a few things, then went into Crossfit at Alchemy and Adam taught me a lot and then just doing my mma reporting I learned a little more and then met some awesome people (Pete and Elaine) who own Bodee Max Nutrition and I learned even more. Plus I read like women’s health and stuff like that just for other info or gym ideas. I have other friends who are personal trainers etc…

I don’t know about you people, but when I go on a hike, go for a run, go train or go to the gym I’m almost always in comfy “work out type” clothing. I never have my hair done (unless its between shifts on my break and even then its up in a pony tail), my  make up is washed off and I’m not really there to pick up a meat head.

I was looking around and i saw a few women wearing aerobics clothing with their hair done, make up on, boobs popped out they looked like they were auditioning for one of those sunday morning work out shows haha… the really GAY ones. There were some meat heads who looked like they were juiced to the tits or on GH ( to each their own). There were the guys that didn’t want to look like pussies so they do more weight then what they can handle and use improper form to get the weight up and what not. Other people there just using it as a social event, you have some of the timid women who probably feel to fat to work out around other people… etc

THERE are sooo many different types of people there, and everyone watches everyone, I myself have even noticed I also watch people. Either they are doing something interesting and I think to myself “hmm I’d like to incorporate that into my work outs” or its a women and I’m curious to see what they are lifting and what not because it actually inspires me, or there is just some girl with her boobs out so much it just says “stare at me I want you too (haha).”

Its interesting I often wonder what their story is, when I’m resting from a set and I’m wondering my eyes around and just lost in my thoughts i sometimes wonder “hmm I wonder what their deal is.” But that’s me, I’m always pretty interested in peoples stories and where they come from and what not.

I haven’t made very many friends at the gym its kind of lonely at times because I’m use to the family/friends environment at Alchemy Crossfit and Cutting Edge and HSMA. I have so many people that I look up to around me helping me out and at Goodlife I’m on my own pretty much. But here and there I’ve talked to people who have approached me about the work out I’m doing, or strike up a convo when it comes to lifting helping me out or I help them out and I’ve made some friends that way, other people I know from school or have worked with or know them through other people. PLUS a few of my friends are trainers there and its always nice to see them around here and there for sure.

STILL looking for a gym partner if anyone is interested!!!!

I”m back to eating pretty clean and obviously have to do a detox for two weeks (no junk) I have to earn my cheat meals *sigh*! I don’t know if anyone reading this has ever attempted some kind of diet or change in eating habits or whatever but man my body hates me, its like I’m fighting with myself and I feel like I’m in a HUGE war.  My body wants chocolate cake and although my brain knows just how delish that would be, its telling my body alll the reasons why it can’t have chocolate cake. My body uses the “menstrual excuse” and still my brain is doing everything in its power to say NO and stick to no!!!

But its so hard, I love my ice cream (anyone who knows me knows that), I love cake, I love burgers, I love to eat, I love a lot of things *sigh*! THIS SUCKS! haha!



~ by Christina Sears on September 9, 2010.

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