Paranormal Activity

Topic of the day at work yesterday was Paranormal stuff, its funny how people don’t believe in the after life. I mean  a lot of people believe in a lot of different things and a lot of people are realists and need actual fact to prove something exists. Its why things like UFO’s and religion are usually topics that are easy to fight about as is Paranormal stuff.

I’m born and raised Catholic, no I’m not a die hard but I believe what I believe. I don’t need to be in church everyday to believe in something. I’m sure its probably against my religion to believe in things like UFO’s or Paranormal stuff, but I do. I’ve never seen a UFO nor do I think I will in my life time, HOWEVER I have had some paranormal experiences that are unexplained. Pictures, audio, just feelings I’ve had at certain times etc.

It was interesting to talk to some of the girls at work yesterday and hear about their different experiences and how similar (yes different) they are. I was telling them about this EVP I had got one time telling me to “leave” and “get out” of the area I was in. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was there until I played back the recording. I have pictures of faces, and body outlines that are also unexplained. And of course there are the stories where you just had to be there to feel it or see it because its something you just can’t capture on a camera or recording.

I am known to watch shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Destination Truth” because things like that interest me. Some people think its stupid but I think its intriguing that there is so much to this world that we don’t know about and some of us are just skimming the top of whatever other things are out there.

People commented on some of my controversial pictures on facebook when I posted them and although I got their point it kind of bothered me that they put it down. I mean everyone has their own beliefs and that’s fine but say your peace but say it with an open mind, not one minded. I mean yes, technology malfunctions at times, things get into a lens and can create weird things in pictures, or certain lights, or reflections and what have you BUT in the same sense you will never know for sure if that was the case right?

I like Ghost Hunters because they try and collect whatever evidence they can and then whatever sounds, pictures etc they get they try and get to the source. THEIR job is to prove if something is paranormal being practical especially in old buildings. The only thing I wish is they actually spend more time then one night at a place.

I’ve been on some interesting ghost walks with Haunted Hamilton, and they tell you about different experiences and stories and its up to you whether you want to believe or not but its interesting to get a ghostly history lesson about certain places around you.

Watching movies like Paranormal Activity freaked me out because it plays off your fears, you don’t know what goes on when you are asleep. Haven’t you ever woke up to an alarm clock you haven’t set, or a strange noise, or woke up thinking you saw someone at the end of your bed and there was no one there when you got your eyes wide open? Paranormal activity wasn’t a gory movie, but for me it played off certain fears. Like the feeling of someone constantly watching you, foot steps, things opening and closing when there is no one there. People have HAD experiences like that, it doesn’t happen everyday and maybe not to that extreme but people have experienced it. Which for me just made it a bit more real.

White Noise was another one I watched and it talked about EVP’s, voices recorded and you don’t realize it. I know I first hand have experienced that, and it wasn’t like I was expecting to get anything and I did. Did it scare me HELL yeah it did, but it also was intriguing to hear words, sentences that go on around you and you don’t even know it. People who can be standing right next to you and you can’t feel them or even really know they are there.

Shutter talked about spirit photography, and how easy it is to fake, but how its happened over the years. Especially in the time of Polaroid cameras and how when you catch a spirit on that it can’t be replicated because there is NO negative. You take the picture and it pops out and develops.

I think when people grow up they lose their imagination, and that’s when life gets boring!    From what I heard kids are so sensitive to paranormal stuff, and its because they don’t know any better and aren’t taught that they are crazy and there is no such thing. They have experiences and think its normal.

For me its always interesting to hear what other people think on this topic, I would never try and convince someone to believe in it, its not for everyone and a lot don’t believe but remember it can be out there…

Great convo to pass the time thought I would share.. If you wanna check out some of my EVP recordings, or creepy pictures check out the facebook group they are posted in


PS: Please post your experiences/beliefs I would love to hear about them! If you don’t believe why that is, if you do why, what experiences you’ve had etc…


~ by Christina Sears on September 6, 2010.

One Response to “Paranormal Activity”

  1. My dear Christina, don’t worried about people who don’t believe what you believe, or life in the afterlife, inner world etc. I am an Eckist ( since jan 1994. I do my spiritual exercise which is HU, 20 minutes a day or more, I do more because I love it. You can chant HU anywhere, anyplace, anytime you feel for…For protection, love, peace…I use to say to friends, just try it and if you don’t like it, delete…My inner guide is the Mahanta, and here is Sri Harold Klemp, the Living Eck Master. You can check a lot of videos about him, the HU chant on youtube. So much things happens in my life for the best since I am an Eckist. A lot of bad things happens too, but when you have the Mahanta with you all the time to help you, life is easier to live…Eck is about love, reincarnation, peace, respecting all life, people, animal, treating people good, well, like you want to be’s about karma, from past life, day to day etc. You should take a look, you might like it and find things that you are agree with. Eckist respect all religions, everything has a reason why it happens, nothing happen for nothing…I will stop here, because when I start on that subject, I can go on and on and on…lolll….I love it and I thanks the Mahanta everyday for all the help he gave me. It happens a lot in my dream state. You know, a lot of people don’t believe that they have life in the inner…when you dream, you are in the other marvellous spiritual world which is endless and pure love…I know about it but if you ask me a prouf, I would say, show me the electricity, show me the winds, show me the heat etc…it’s all there, we can feel it but we can’t see or touch it. I just know and I am happy with that, as I have nothing to prove to anyone…Another time, I can write to you some experiences that I had…

    Have a great night, sweet dream…HUgsss…


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