Bye Bye Summer!

Best Burger in town! Check it out!

The summer is over and the fall is starting to approach us, the weather is going to start cooling down, there will be no more mosquitos buzzing around you trying to bite you, there will be no bees swarming your drink or food, and slowly but surly you will be putting some warmer clothes on. The leaves will start to change and fall from the trees the night become longer and we will eventually gain an extra hour of sleep.

My summer couldn’t have been any  more perfect, its weird how life has its way of working things out. When you just believe in the path your own and leave those who are hanging off of you behind your life just becomes more brighter. Besides work this summer I was able to spend a lot of quality time with my dad who once upon a time I didn’t see eye to eye with. We discovered a lot of neat little places to stop for ice cream, hike, and just hang out and take a walk.

I also got to spend time with my god children (Michael, Selina, Jacob) who are all getting so big it really makes me feel old. Speaking of which Selina is going to have a baby brother or sister in a little whiles time. My cousin Chantel is pregnant and I can’t be more happier for her. She’s one of my older cousins that I sorta look up to, I mean we were never super duper really close but in the same sense we are. She’s been through a lot in her life and still stands there to talk about it. I admire a strong women like that!!

A lot of people are wondering when am I going to settle down and have kids, she encourages me to wait until I’m ready and not meet anyone else’s time line. I think she’s truly the only one that means that when she says it. I’ve always been on the line with having kids, but not because its a life commitment but because there is just so much to learn! I think I’m a head of the game though (thanks to my mother, younger siblings, godchildren, and friends kids). I may not have kids and I never have proclaimed to know what it feels like to wake up at 4am with a baby (or a sick baby), I’ve never given birth, I’ve never had that kind of responsibility. BUT do I think I can do a better job then some people out there these days with children… I’ll just say I think I’d be okay!!! Someone recently told me I don’t understand because I don’t have children, and yes a portion of that is true, but because I haven’t carried one doesn’t mean I don’t completely understand and I just thought it was funny someone would say that. I wish people were more educated sometimes because then they would know anyone can give birth but it takes strong, dedicated, mature people to be parents. Which is why I admire my cousin so much!

I was there! The UFC wasn't 😦

Training has been going well, I get to the gym as much as I can between work. That’s one thing I hate about my job, I can’t stick to a routine because start and finish times are so inconsistent. Never mind a routine, having a social life is sometimes hard because of the inconsistent start and finish times. But this summer I managed to make new friends, go on some adventures, stay training at the gym, and enjoy my summer.

Training these days is still at Goodlife, haven’t found time to head up to Cutting Edge, or HSMA, or anything like that. But I miss the people I was close to at those gyms and my trainers of course. I’ve been trying to run 5k at least 3xs a week, so fat its not to bad! I also have been working a lot on getting my numbers back up on my lifts, still looking for a training partner. Sometimes I wish I had someone to work out with, just for the company and motivation!!

SO the big thing that happened this summer was I headed down to Las Vegas Nevada with 14 other people and spent a week doing what people do most in Vegas (as Jerri would say) MAKING MISTAKES!!!!!!

My Big Girl Drink!

I’m not one for gambling but I did learn a few games, and won a bit of money while I was out there. I expanded my tolerance for alcohol from 2 drinks to about 8 or so (yes believe it people). I spent one night out of my world in a tight cute little number for the club hot we did, I stood 5000ft on a cliff at red rock canyon that I had climbed and I visited the Hoover Damn and got there driving a jeep rangler!

So many moments to write about when it comes to my Vegas trip but its one of those you had to have been there to know why it’s just so funny types of things. I do recommend anyone who enjoys a challenge, hiking, and climbing to check out and book a hike with Neil if you are out there. It was fun, challenging and I learned a lot about different things while I was out in the desert! Once we climbed the 1000ft to a peak that was 5000ft I felt great, I couldn’t believe I did it, coming down I was pretty terrified a few spots but I had some great support and a great guide not rushing me and coaching me through some of the scary spots.

5000ft up!

I got to know a great group of people, I mean I work with most of the ones who went but you never really know a person until your out of a work environment and I think they are pretty awesome. Here’s a little bit about the crew I went with!!!

Jerri-Rae was my room mate, and she’s a girl other girls are intimidated by. She’s beautiful no matter how you look at her, even in the middle of the morning when she’s getting out of bed to pee with her hair all sticking up and her sleeping mask half on. She’s got a great personality and just really laughs and jokes around a lot. She’s pretty blunt and straight forward and is just herself which is more then anyone can ask for! Rooming with her helped me hit a huuugee stepping stone without her even realizing it. It was never a dull  moment in our room that’s for sure. Between jumping onto the beds, mooning a window washer, and cold bum cheeks in the face how could it be boring? REALLY? PLUS we had an elephant in OUR bathroom BEAT THAT Hangover movie! I can’t even think of a funny moment in vegas with her because like I said it was NEVER a dull moment!

Laura & Neil are two great adult figures, yes they are old enough to ALMOST be my parents BUT they don’t make me feel like they are. Laura I look up to because she’s a tough chick, really driven and aware of what’s around her. She’s very confident and regardless what’s up will tell you what she thinks just because she cares. Neil is a fighter (literally) so it’s always great getting work out tips from him and what not PLUS he’s just a really funny dude to be around. I think one of the best moments with Laura in vegas was after the hike while everyone was napping Laura was sipping on the “roofie coladas” by the pool oh what a sight to see. I must say though she handled herself very well. THEN there

My Gurlie Clubbing Dress!

was neil, I think him putting on Jerri’s green hat and hugh heffner robe is what did it for me I laughed my asssss off that night.

Steven: I’ve known for awhile was also one of my room mates, it was the first trip in eight years that we have been on together, and I think it went rather well. I was glad to have him tag a long and again seeing how Jerri, Steven and I were in the same room there was NEVER a dull moment. Steven taught me how to play some things at the casino, he’s who i hit the strip with towards the end of the trip, and he’s one of the people who helped me on the hike face my fears. PLUS helped me from not killing myself in the Jeep! I think I owe him one…

Jay & Audrey: They planned the entire trip, and showed us how to DO Vegas! Jay… oh so many great moments! I mean from watching you take the mad hatters thunder, to offering girls in a jeep a good time, to walking around in a “girls girls girls” t-shirt, to seeing you out cold from only god knows what you drank my goodness! haha! Audrey was a great planner and tour guide and a lot of effort went into her plans and I really appreciated the outings she put together. Watching her eat crab at a buffet is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! You had to be there to see it!

The other people I met were amazing, again never a dull moment between tucker walking in telling us drunkin stories while he’s still drunk, to ryan and his pink eye, to raimey and sho, to christy and aaron, mr. papageorgiooo!!!! it was just an amazing group and fun.

GO TEAM “Don’t go FULL Retard”!!!! Vegas 2011 will be better then 2010 I’m sure!

I loved being able to meet up with Carla too, haven’t seen her in a long ass time and I appreciated her meeting up with the group for dinner!!!

SOOOO what is the fall bringing, well saving for a nice car, and I’m going to be looking into re-applying back to school. Possibly for marketing or something, like I said looking into it.

I have a new fan page where I’ll hopefully be doing more video blogs, just trying to figure out what to talk about and how to approach it so if you have ANY ideas let me know. Whatever you wanna see (well almost whatever haha) let me know… see what I can do for yeahs!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned people



~ by Christina Sears on September 6, 2010.

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