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My summer has just been going amazing, I’ve done a lot this summer and have been working plus going out with my friends camping and to different places plus some hikes obviously. I’ve still been working out as much as I can which is awesome.

I did a photo shoot with a girl I work with Nichala who is one of the most talented photographers ever. She’s got this witty personality and is just so fun and its just really easy to work with her. Always laughing and joking around while getting the job done. She did a shoot with me and some of my training gear in a park, it was awesome and I was just so excited to work with her. If you want she does various of events (weddings, kids, special events, etc) you can check out her website which is located on the right hand side of my site under “Affiliates.” You won’t be disappointed and her rates are VERY reasonable.

Check out Nichala's work under Affiliates

So been thinking long and hard about heading back to school, although journalism is what I love its not what is making me my money right now and I’m 25 and need o start thinking about something more solid something I can support a family on you know I mean that time is coming up you never know.  I’m not (and have never been) one of these girls who sits there and lets a guy pull her through life, I work for what I have and I work very hard for it. When and IF I get married I want my husband to know that if should anything happen to him where he was in the position where he couldn’t work I would be able to pick it up and hold up my end. Money is always a stress on a relationship and I don’t understand women who have no desire to work and are just really looking for a sugar daddy to do everything for them.

So I’m looking into schools for marketing, a lot of people think I have a nack for it and I really think its something I could excel in for sure. So we will see what happens but thats one of my goals right now.  I did end up getting into school at Griffith University (In Australia) for Broadcast Journalism program, but seeing how Journalism isn’t exactly making me the money it would make no sense to go down there and spend all that money! I mean its a beautiful country and I look forward to going back there BUT my family is here, my friends, and my mate is here… Unless i can take all that with me its not something I want to do. If i DO however consider teachers college I will definitely head down under for that..

Didn’t catch UFC 117 over the weekend, and when I miss a UFC event I read up on the hype and check out the fight that everyone is talking about. Obviously the Silva Sonnen fight was a huge one that everyone wanted to watch and has been talking about.

I was hoping that Silva would be hungry enough to just do his thing, and Sonnen brought it and did very well, but I could help but feel like maybe Silva let all that happen. I mean in round one it seemed like he just let his opponent do whatever knowing that he could survive it and be alright enough to get out. It seemed like a large vicious cat playing with its prey thats what it seemed like to me. The fans wanted to see Silva in trouble, wanted to see him work not show boat which he’s been doing lately so thats EXACTLY what he gave the fans. I don’t think Silva looked in trouble through ANY of the fight, I mean you seem some fighters and the look on their face and they look like they are thinking “OH SHIT” not Silva he looked calm cool and collective not even tired at all.

I mean in the 4th round Silva same out pretty hard, for someone who apparently took “so much damage” in the first three rounds he didn’t look worried or gassed or even tired. I think regardless of how the rounds went Silva knew he could have it in the bag, but with the head of the last few fights he also knew if he didn’t show the crowd something or possibly face being cut regardless if he’s a champion or not. So that’s what he gave the crowd and everyone watching.

Also in the 4th round there was one point in the 23rd minute of the round where Sonnen was just hitting him in the face with some shots and Silva didn’t so anything I don’t think it was because he was tired I think he wanted everyone to feel like he was in so much trouble. Prior to that he was just throwing elbows like crazy and split open Sonnen’s face like? That’s not someone who is tired and in trouble that’s someone bating his prey.

5th round Silva obviously knows that he needs to do something to win it, Sonnen even though he was on top and in control for the majority of the fight he’s the one who looked like he was being the one beaten for 5 rounds.

Then it happens Silva works in up to that triangle choke with Sonnen being tired and not watching where he’s putting his limbs and then BAM!!! Choke, TAP, controversy… OF COURSE!

I’m not a fan of this division anyone who knows me knows I’m a lightweight/welterweight watcher normally!

Sonnen DID tap, it was clear as day CLEAR as day and I fell bad for Silva to have to have this controversy surrounding the end of that right, making it probably a rematch for Sonnen. People are going to say it wasn’t a tap, this and that but the video clearly shows that he tapped, which regardless of how the rounds went Silva locked in that triangle and totally deserved that win.

I also started to watch the show Jersey Shore, I know what you are allllll thinking that its one of the stupidest shows ever. The reason I started watching it is because someone crazy who lives around me made a bold statement in saying all “whops” are like the people on this show. So one Sunday afternoon I had the television and the house to myself and noticed it was on MTV so i turned to that station and ended up watching a marathon of season one. I caught maybe the last 4 episodes or so probably. At the end of this marathon I was thinking to myself what the heck was the point of this show, I didn’t get it. BUT I was hooked, the only thing I don’t like about the show is the misconception you have to be Italian to be a guido. I knew Portuguese people in high school who went to the gym, tanned, everything had to be perfect etc… they macked on girls (and girls macked on guys) the whole nine yards.

So I looked up season one on and watched it, and now on to season two, already I know who I would clash with if I was (for some strange reason) on that show. Angelina is just to much for me, she walks around as if her shit (pardon me) doesn’t stink. I mean she seems pretty obsessed with Paulie and grows more irritated when he just doesn’t bother with her. She probably did talk a lot of crap about the other girls and isn’t going to women up to it, I mean if you have the balls to say something then direct it to the person its about if not then be prepared because like Paulie said its always going to leak out.

Sammie and Ron: I agree with Jenny and Nicole when they said that Ron just doesn’t wanna do the dirty work, he in fact would rather the break up be on Sammie. At this point I just think they aren’t together so Sammie shouldn’t waste her time and just go do her thing.

Jenny I like, I love her no bullshit attitude and I love the fact that she can throw down… plus she’s hot I personally think SHE’S in fact the hottest girl in the house. The hottest guy I think is Vinnie, I love his personality and how he is! Mike and Paul would be too high maintenance for me I think haha!


~ by Christina Sears on August 10, 2010.

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