The Update…

Again another while since I’ve actually updated this thing, I’m really slacking people and I’m sorry for that.  So I guess you want to know how things are going if you didn’t you wouldn’t be reading this right.

So on the gym front, there was a bit there where I just didn’t have any drive to go to the gym and train. I guess I just wish I had someone to go with like I did when I was at crossfit. I had Christine training with me and it was always like friendly competition to complete a crossfit work out. She was amazing for that if she would push I would pull and vise versa we had good chemistry when we trained together. It was awhile before I had a great training partner like her. I’m not at crossfit anymore due to not being able to get out that way BUT I just wish I had someone to hit the weights, or a work out with at Goodlife. Keeps things motivating and when one is not on their “a game” the other can bring them up and help them push though it.

I have been trying to push through how I feel and still do my best when I get there. I’m working on my lifts I want to get the numbers back up and be strong, I mean I loved knowing that I was 108lbs at 4‘10.5 and I was doing weight some girls around me at the gym who were heavier and bigger then me weren’t able to do.

I’ve been trying to do my cardio outside instead of on a treadmill and what not, I bought a pair of rollerblades (size 2 kids haha), few weeks ago. My first time out I went blading with Travis and it was alright I for sure thought I was going to fall on my ass but I didn’t, then I went with another friend of mine James and he showed me how to lace them up a lot tighter which was awesome, and he’s really good and fast at blading so needless to day when he went with me I was falling far behind. It was quite humbling, something I wanted to get better at but I haven’t rollerbladed since I was in like elementary school. BUT didn’t I fall when I went with him, in front of A LOT of people, it was quite embarrassing. He didn’t let me live it down either (jerk) haha but I would have done the same!

I started training in Jiu Jitsu again, close to home for now see how it goes, the first night I went I felt like an r-tard it was just a matter of getting back on the horse you know? As long as I have the days off I’ll be there, miss grappling a lot and its a great work out too.. Obviously there are things that’s sore on me that I’m not use to being sore because I haven’t done it in so long. But its a work in progress and like i said a matter of getting back on the horse right?

Jiu Jitsu Training Video…

The MMA Expo Toronto was this month, from what I heard a lot of people wish they hadn’t paid the 20$ to go! Which is sad to hear considering they can do something amazing with a show like that especially in this province. I mean if you market it the right way and make it something people would want to go to then they will be there. Sometimes i think people do things for the all mighty dollar which by all means there is nothing wrong with that. BUT if you have the contacts why not make it something amazing and also be able to make your money in the process… I didn’t go so i really can’t tell you how it was… I’m just going by what I heard!

I watched the Rampage VS Evan’s fight as I’m sure a lot of people out there did, and I was kind of irritated at the comments that were being made. I mean I’m not a fan of that weight class its just not my weight class to watch. I usually love watching the lightweights and welterweights…

BUT a lot of people were saying how brutal Rampage was and this and that, and its because he went off and did some movies and whatever. It kind of bothered me, even walking out of the restaurant I went to watch it at there was this drunk piece of white trash (a chick) slurring how much rampage sucked and how he got his ass kicked and this and that. I honestly wanted to walk up to her and tell her how stupid she looked and sounded for the simple fact if you know mixed martial arts you would know it wasn’t a fight we all thought we were going to see. They pumped it up about these two guys hating each other and that its all real (which it probably is). BUT everyone knew Rampage was off doing a movie that wasn’t a secret and people thought that he might not come back 100% because he didn’t get to train as long as Evan’s was training and what not. I still think for someone who did a movie Rampage went in there, personally i think he should have let his hands go.. BUT in the same respect… Evan’s was fighting while Rampage was off doing his movies.. SO why wasn’t Evan’s performance better? I mean the first shot.. yeah… nice hit almost rocked Rampage.. BUT after that it was lets wrestle lay on the guy do nothign with it, get back up hold him on the fence again do nothing… THAT’S ALLLLLL IT WAS. So for people like that drunkin idiot to say Rampage got his ass kicked or handed to him is pathetic… EVAN’S was the one training… the entire time SO HIS PERFORMANCE should have made Rampage look stupid… OF course there will probably be a rematch…

Liddell also fought recently, and I didn’t get a chance to watch that fight with Franklin but I know he lost. A lot of people were on the line about who would win and who would lose for the simple fact that both men haven’t been winning much lately. It bothered me when Liddell lost (again never really been a fan) but I mean its funny how people can love a guy when he’s on top and “unstoppable” BUT when he starts to lose he’s old and should retire, and how he’s “garbage” etc… I mean this is a pioneer of the sport, he set the bar for champions after him, he defended his title for a number of years and worked his ass of to keep it around his waste. This sport has evolved and sometimes people hit that wall where they can’t keep up. Doesn’t mean they are garbage just means it’s their time.. you know? I mean the people who were cheering him on are now the people calling him a has been it truly makes me sick… have a little respect…

World Cup as begun and I know that to most people its a game, other’s take it beyond that but for my friends and I its fun competition, always bickering about the came especially myself and my Portuguese friends haha always a rivalry there! I was excited to get my Italian jersey… its pretty and i love it 🙂 number 5 baby!!!!

A friend (well now friend) of mine Melissa had a baby girl, she’s beautiful and I’m really happy that I’m in the babies life considering 6 years ago she had her first and I wasn’t even allowed to look at the kid. Its funny how things change, people think I’m crazy for befriending this girl but honestly there was no need for the 6 year feud it was pointless and a waste of time (truly). People (a lot of people) have a problem with us talking and I think its because like with her they were saying one thing to me about her, and another thing to her about me. Now that we are talking the laundry is being aired and dried out and I think it makes people nervous. Regardless I’m doing my own thing and not even giving the “rumor mill” a chance to bring me down around their level, I have better things to so with my life. Quite frankly I’m pretty content spending time with her kids and getting to know her FOR MYSELF and not what people have told me!

My diet is there here and there, I mean I’m not AS strict as I was that food poisoning really f’d it up for me to be honest! But when I’m ready to go serious with it again I know I can do it. I’m just eating as clean as I can for now!

Anyways have to go to work soon…



~ by Christina Sears on June 19, 2010.

One Response to “The Update…”

  1. I admire your honesty and tenacity.

    Keep training. I can’t roller blade either 🙂

    The Expo was fun, but it was my first time going so I cannot compare it to previous ones. I loved watching the fights and learning from everybody at the Expo, personally I thought it was worth it to have attended. My fighters did well and I did my job. 🙂

    As with Rampage and Evans, I look forward to their rematch.

    Liddell and Franklin, much respect to both guys, they did their best and continue to inspire, me at least.

    World Cup, schmurl cup. Great game. Too much racism from ignorant fans. I love playing soccer/football myself. Too bad Philippines doesn’t focus on that sport, so I’m not into FIFA for now. I like combat sports too much 🙂

    It’s great that you don’t pay mind to the “rumor mill”. It is a hard thing to do.

    Keep to whatever diet you please, train hard and after some rolling, get into a striking art.

    I am taking my jits class next week and my muay thai Kru will be pleasantly surprised to see me ready to spar and sweat again.

    Have fun at work!



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