Back into the swing of things!

It’s been a busy and eventful few weeks let me tell you! Which is why I haven’t updated this thing! I even had a friend of mine Carrie ask me if I’m training still because she hasn’t read anything about it. Its a great feeling to know people I never thought would read my stuff reads it.

Firstly, I went to that MMA Rally in Queens Park not to long ago (the 22nd of May) and I was shocked at the turn out. Reading some of the media coverage on it a lot of the journalist’s and columnists that covered it all said there was a crowd about 100-150 people. That’s what threw me off when I first got there the crowd, because of how many fans, gyms, clothing stores etc we have in Ontario (in the Hamilton, Toronto, Niagara area too).

I was expecting there to be so many booths set up, regardless if it was clothing, gyms, stores, news sights etc… whatever just all mma related and I think were was just a hand full, and you didn’t know what they were I think one of them had a sign saying who they were.

They had some good fighters from the area like Jeff Joslin who is known within the area not only for fighting in the UFC but just in Martial Arts in general. They had Carlos Newton there who was the first Canadian UFC champion which regardless where he fights now thats a huge accomplishment. ANd Mark Hominick who has competed in the UFC before and competes in the WEC. They had the promoter of the MMA Expo who I think was the one to kind of put this rally together, and Joe Ferraro from MMA Connected was also there.

The guys put up some good arguments for the Ontario Government, a lot we have heard before. I thought that was great but when the “general public” think MMA they think of the UFC. Ask any fighter and they will tell you when you tell someone you are an mma fighter or you train in martial arts the first thing they say is “you you fight like ufc style.”  The UFC is the most mainstream organization for the “general folk” that watch mixed martial arts (I’m not talking the die hard fans).

I think that the rally could have attracted more people if a lot of Canadian fighters came to support the cause and not just the ones within the province. Although GSP and Cote are from Montreal, Ontario is part of the country they are from and I think as a Canadian fighter its important to fight for provinces like Ontario who are struggling to get the sport legalized!

The more names the bigger the crowd, look at the UFC expo, or even the MMA expo coming up. I’m sure there will be MORE people to go through that MMA expo then a rally to legalize mma in Ontario and that’s because there will be venders there there will be names (American and Canadian).

I think the rally was an excellent idea but wasn’t executed right!

I went on another Hike with my dad, we headed to Webster’s falls for four or so hours, it was probably 30 degrees outside and for us Canadians thats HOTTTTT! So needless to say I was sweating like a fat kid all over a lollypop!

Webster's Falls

I swear we must have walked over 10K by the end of it. It was a beautiful walk though, Webster’s was so clear and not running to harshly, sometimes the water rushes really bad down stream but that particular day it wasn’t too shabby.  I got a lot of amazing pictures!

I have been training at the gym again, of course after being food poisoned it was awhile before my body felt better to be at the gym. I went off my diet because I couldn’t eat those certain things I was use to eating. I ended up going on a two week ice cream binge and bingeing on the things I DIDN’T eat though. Gained back five pounds and felt terrible. SO I’m back on a clean eating diet and back in the gym my three times a week. I’m on day five of the diet and I’ve already shed off three pounds which is a good feeling. I know some people lose a lot more weight sometimes in a week but I’m smaller then most people!!!

The gym has been going great, obviously being away from it some of my weight went down so I have to work back up to that gain which is never fun. It messes with your mind but I try to keep thinking to my self “training wheels”!

GOOD news, I am going to start training again in jiu jitsu and stuff (pending on my work schedule) again. I’m not going to take off days to train just yet because I need the he hours but I’m going to try and go where I can on the days I have off. This week its HSMA because Edge has Gi on Wednesday nights (not my thing)…. So I am pretty excited to say the least about that!!!! It’s been far to long but life came first I knew the sport for me will always be there. I know even with that too I’m going to have to work my way back up, and get use to that kind of cardio, stretching and twisting my body in certain ways, and remembering the submissions!

Another piece of good news that developed earlier this week is that I am officially going to “Las Vegas” August 23 – 27th! I will be traveling with a few people form work and their friends!  Just looking up flights seeing if we can grab something cheaper and then Vegas here I come! I’m not much of a drinker (as some of you might know by reading up on me), and I don’t gamble, however I am looking forward to maybe some BJJ training, hiking, sight seeing, obviously partying it up at some point… seeing some shows and what not!!!!! Maybe meet up with some friends like my girl Carla!!!!! I’m pretty excited I’m not going to lie!!!!

Well I’m heading on a hike today with a good friend of mine Stefanie and then maybe hitting up kickboxing later tonight! Wish me luck!



~ by Christina Sears on June 1, 2010.

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