Back to the Bench Press

Wow, I am sore from Monday’s work out I can’t believe it I upped some of the weight Monday and how many reps seeing how I wasn’t feeling sore after before so I thought I would challenge myself a little bit.

Today I worked on chest, back and shoulders I believe, I started with bench press I like to try and mix in some lifting at the beginning I don’t know if that’s the right thing to do but I love to lift and want to fit it in where I can and whenever I have time. I like being a small power house. I am a total work in progress but for my size I think I’m a head of the game and its a good feeling, its funny to see some of the men stare at me when I’m taking over a squat rack or bench area or something. It’s almost like they are waiting to see how much I do if i can even do the bar. I sometimes watch some of the women who go in there and I mean watching them gives me a bit of a competitive edge, I always want to look at them and do my best and progress to either be better or just as good as the women around me.

So I was on the bench press and as I was getting ready to warm up on it I saw a friend of mine from when I worked at East Sides, apparently he trains at the same gym which is awesome. He’s looking good too pretty thick which is awesome we caught up on some stuff and then I continued with my bench press date. I started just with the bar to warm up everything (45lbs) I think is standard  for the bars there. The upped the weight to 65lbs, then 75lbs, then thought well.. go for broke and went up to 95lbs. I struggled with 95 but still got it up. I remember when I use to bench 120lbs, and for not doing it as often as I was its amazing I can even get 95lbs up!!!! I was pretty excited!!!

I did some lat pull downs the weight on them wasn’t too bad i think 50lbs or so did four sets of twelve. I could feel the blood rushing to my “muskles” and they started to swell, I never use to notice that about my muscles but its pretty awesome because you look so much bigger when your working out sometimes. I mean I feel like a meat head when I”m training everything swells its craziness.

I also did some pulley rows and some dumbbell raises too…

Finished up the rest of my work out then decided to head down to my Nonna’s house, needless to say she was working away in the yard as always (the women is 75 years old and doesn’t stop)! We had some lunch it was soooo good, of course, because it was nonna’s cooking. She made my favorite soup I had some broccoli and a yummy panini ohhh so good. Had a nice heart to heart with my nonna, I absolutely love that women. I mean she’s really someone I look up to and can’t wait to be like when I’m her age. She does everything and doesn’t stop and she’s stronger then what she thinks. She’s an amazing women.

My friend Melissa just called me, she might be having her baby today, she’s actually on her way to MacMaster hospital as we speak she thinks that her water is breaking slowly so I guess I’m going to stay posted on that. I told her she better keep it in there till next Thursday though because I originally picked the 6th of May for her to go (her due date is the 22nd) but the girl is huge and looks like she is ready to burst. THEN I changed my mind to the 13th SOOOOOOOO if she goes tomorrow I’m going to lose it (lol)!



~ by Christina Sears on May 5, 2010.

One Response to “Back to the Bench Press”

  1. The Gym You are at looks incredible. The Girl in The pictures looks pretty fit. The Overall Blog, promising. Wishing you all the best


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