The Busy Cluster!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve updated this training log of mine, doesn’t mean I haven’t been training, I guess I’ve just had no time to myself to really sit down and think about what I’ve wanted to say. A few things have happened since I wrote you last I lost a bunch of weight nine or so pounds actually.

I know some of you (especially the ones who know me personally) are probably sitting there thinking and saying to them self “how did you find nine pounds to lose” I mean I am only 4‘10.5 BUT I obviously had it on to lose it. It wasn’t all at once, I mean I don’t believe nor do I think those quick weight loss programs are good for your system. I don’t mind working hard for what I want, that when when you get it you appreciate it a lot more and if you don’t get it then I guess there is no one else to blame but yourself. There is always something more you can do to better yourself if you really want something (so I’ve learned). My weight started at 120.5lbs which I went down to 113.5 stayed there for a few months and then in January I talked over diet and nutrition with a few good friends of mine who own and run their own nutrition shop and worked with them and got my weight down to 104lbs.

Some would look at me and think “wow your not jacked enough” but when I look around the gym, I am one of the beefier girls there! I mean you have your figure models that work out and compared to some of them my back is much thicker and my shoulders and traps as well. They show regardless if I’m dieting down or not so I know I’m doing well for doing this gym thing on my own this time around. I still feel strong I have my off days where I obviously feel like I could life more then I am but with two jobs and everything else I mean I can’t be hard on myself. Its just my body telling me “hey women give me a break here.”

After my food poisoning experience a few weeks ago I went on an ice cream binge, I don’t even know why, and if you know me you know ice cream is my weakness. But its made me feel crappy enough to get back on the diet and move forward.

Peanut Buster Parfait *mmm*

Stef and I have been trying to get together as much as possible during the week to go running, I hate to run however its been an amazing stress reliever. I mean Lifting and what not totally gets out frustrations and stuff too but running, I just let my mind go and before I know it I’m at point B and have to go back to point A. Stef’s calculated the Bayfront to be about 6.6k and we are working on running the entire thing, our first attempt we ran about 5.5k which honestly is better then what I thought I WOULD personally do.

I’m also getting back into a routine at the gym and I’m hoping to be able to hit up jits or something during the week, its something I’d like to do again. I mean seriously I MISS BEING PUNCHED IN THE FACE!!! I miss rolling with the guys, I miss tapping people out and being tapped out… Like I was training with people I considered my second family they were amazing. They always pushed me and told me when I was slacking and never treated me any different for not having the “same parts” as them if you know what I mean.

Between all my work shifts I have been neglecting my social life, I feel like I’ve been all work and no time to actually enjoy the weather or anything so I did a few things this past week.

I went to Toronto briefly with a friend of mine to pick out some solid shoes for his drag show. We walked into this store that honestly was probably for porn starts and strip club dancers because the shoes and the clothing fit those types.

Downtown Toronto

He was looking for a size 14 (YES 14) heal, of course he’s got the same problem that I do and sometimes stores don’t have his size and if they do its a limited selection. But we did manage to find this great pair but they were 5 inches instead of 2 and they didn’t have a backing on them which worried my friend a bit. But as he put them on and started to walk around he honestly rocked it, I was a smidge jealous because there was this guy in a 5 inch heal and he was walking better then I ever could (haha)!

The next day was his drag show, so after work I got ready and met up with Stef and we went down to the Embassy in Hamilton. I was just in time to see “Gina Hamilton” which is my friends drag name  do her thing. I especially loved when she rocked “Bad Romance” by gaga seriously it was awesome, what an experience!!!

Then that weekend I went out to Bayfront park to support the band Breathe, they are in the top ten for the break out band contest. They also totally rocked it, I love going to watch them play they are amazing guys off stage and just a great band to see live. You should look up the bands fan page on facebook and check it out. Its constantly updated with all the events that they will be at and what not and how you can vote for them for the Y108 contest.

Breathe @ Bayfront Park in Hamilton

Had to also hit up a baby shower, I mean never in a million years did I think I would be headed into the lions den just to come out a live and untouched. It was for a girl that has   hated me for the last seven years.. LONG story to how we got talking and to have her realize that I’m not AT ALL what she thought. So I went to see her son Landyn whom I really adore and love being around and obviously to support her with her wee one on the way. Baby showers and like bridal showers aren’t really my thing. I mean I go and have gone with my mom but its not something I love doing, its far to much estrogen in a room then I would like. But it wasn’t too shabby.

Hit up the gym at the beginning of the week, thought it was about time to get back into the swing of things. I worked on bi’s tri’s and core so I wrote up my work out prior to hitting up the gym that way I don’t have to waste anytime while I’m there or look lost. I like knowing what I’m doing so its a complete no brainer.

I felt really good, while I was doing core Mark stopped in the aerobics room I was working out in and chatted me up wanted to know how everything was going and catch up. Mark’s an awesome trainer over at Goodlife on Centennial and Barton in Hamilton. I was telling him how discouraged i felt because my core wasn’t as jacked as I would like it and he said is it like soft because of weight or… and i said no no no my weight is fine its like definition, and explained it was flat with no definition. SOOOOO being the amazing guy that he is he gave me a few pointers to get where I need it to be. Which was awesome and I totally appreciated it. He’s always always taking the time to help me out he’s an amazing trainer and friend.

So now your up-to-date!



~ by Christina Sears on May 3, 2010.

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