King of the Cage Bad Boys II

I finally have a chance to sit down write about what i have been up to since my last blog.  As you probably have noticed, I haven’t been to the gym which I know isn’t like me. But last week I must have eaten some uncooked chicken when I was out and about because I had got food poisoning starting on the 9th. It lasted honestly five days, I was throwing up for about a day and a half and on the third day my body was just so aching and sore. I couldn’t eat nor did I want to eat ANYTHING, it was probably one of the worst things ever.

Then this past weekend an opportunity to go to Detroit to watch King of the Cage  Bad Boys II came up and with me wanting to get back into MMA reporting I thought it would be a great networking experience. I knew some of the guys who were going to be there so its not like I would completely be in Detroit alone which was a good feeling.

I decided to head out a little later, that way the highway would be clear, no traffic, and the border shouldn’t be all that backed up. It roughly takes about three hours from where I am to get to Detroit, when I got to the border I crossed at the tunnel which was right across the street from the hotel I was staying at and where the event was, was just located down the street.

I will be honest, I’m not a fan of being in the USA and I’m not putting this on EVERY AMERICAN, but every time I’ve been out in that country I have the worst experience with some of the countries finest ignorant people.

Once I finally got to the border, I handed them my passport and then obviously was asked questions like “what’s your citizenship, where are you coming from, how long are you staying, why are you here etc.”

AS SOON as I said “I’m here to watch King of the Cage, its a mixed martial arts event” the border officer was like “can you please follow me.” So i had to follow this guy with my car he told me to pull up where there were 4 other officers that surrounded my car. The one asked me to roll down ALL my windows and leave everything in the car but my ID and money. I couldn’t believe it!!!!! I obviously did as I was told and went into the little building where they hold you when they go through and take apart your car and your belongings. When i walked in I had to hand the officer at the desk my passport and the slip the officer outside gave me and sat down. He then called me up to the desk and asked me a bunch of questions, one of them being why am I going to go watch THIS MMA event. I had said that I do MMA reporting and I thought it was a great opportunity, upon saying that he asked who I write for and the last people I wrote for was MMACanada. So he asked if they had a website and I said yes they do. Doesn’t this particular officer google me AND MMA CANADA????

I guess he found the “babes” section of MMA Canada and I’m on there, FULLY clothed and really not saying what those other girls are. He brought it up, told me what I was wearing and asked me how it makes me feel being in a “section” like that. I said, I’m fully clothed, I have my info up there to network in the MMA industry, and I’m not saying anything I would regret so ….

After interrogating me for awhile, he told me to sit down, five minutes later another officer who was over hearing the conversation asked me where I train, how long I’ve been training, what my “style” is etc… I felt like I was being drilled, like they didn’t believe that I was someone who trained in MMA or reported in it for that matter.

THEN they asked me who I was meeting in Detroit, I wasn’t really meeting anyone but I knew some people that were going to be there so I named them and the officer then suggested that maybe I was there for “pleasure” more so then business… I was like “well I do love watching the fights, so I guess its a win win for me” and he then made it clear that he was talking about pretty much having sex with whoever was going to be there that I may or may not see while I was there. I couldn’t believe it, and at that point I was thinking to myself “WELCOME TO THE USA FOLKS, WHERE THE IGNORANCE FLOWS FREELY.” It really made me angry but of course being at the border I just bit my lip and just kept my comments to myself. I just ASSURED HIM clearly I wasn’t about to engage in any sexual activity while I was there. I did want to thank him though for taking an interest in my sex life…

So I had to then find the hotel, the streets are pretty messed up in Detroit so I found the nearest parking garage near the hotel and then I had to wonder at MIDNIGHT to find the entrance of this hotel. FINALLY found it and was about to press the elevator button and was stopped by this security women who was probably about 230lbs and was about 5’2 and she was like “do you have your key card” I was like “no mame I have to go get it at the front desk where do I go to get to the front desk” and she says to me “on the third floor but you need your key card to get there.” She was being quite rude and lippy with me at this point and I was getting quite irritated to tell you the truth. She then gathered whatever brains she had to actually CALL the front desk and enquire about my key card that I knew was waiting for me to pick up. SURE ENOUGH I was right, and she then let me up, no sorry for the misunderstanding nothing.

When I finally got to my room I was fuming… So i just talked to a friend of mine cooled down and relaxed the rest of the night. Tried to keep busy in the room to keep my mind off of how much I hated being  in the USA (no offense).

The next day, I thought I would give the city a bit of a chance so I found my way back to the car and went for a bit of a drive, not really sure what I was looking for. Then there it was staring me in the face on the left side of the street in big clear letters “IHOP.”

I was so excited I pulled over… and thought… mmm breakfast just what I needed to relax! I got to the front of the diner and waited to be seated, got a nice little booth to myself and ordered what I had ordered when I went to Niagara Falls ONLY it was soooooo much cheaper. I had a spinach and mushroom omelet with three butter milk pancakes and a chocolate milk. When I ordered that in Canada the omelet itself was almost $20.00 and in the USA it was like $7.99 (craziness)!

As I was eating, I was kind of just looking around and on the walls they had a lot of famous black musicians, and then I realized that I was the only white person in the entire place eating. Well I was the only white person PERIOD, like I said on my facebook update I now know how my “brown” friends feel. I didn’t feel weird it was just something I wasn’t use too. But everyone was really nice to me there, yeah NICE who would have “Thunk” it.

I went back to the parking garage and checked out the waterfront that was just behind the hotel, it was pretty beautiful and I had an excellent view from my room to. The water was a beautiful colour, I was sort of tired though so I went up to the room and laid down for a bit. I saw Trigg on the way back up to my room he was with his co-hosts who were commentating at the KOTC with him, its so weird to see the guy with hair but he totally pulls it off. It was nice to see him and chat a bit with him.

Trigg honestly is a fighter that I never followed, I don’t know what his record is, I don’t know how many knock outs he’s had, I don’t know much about his fighting career. I started following Trigg with his broadcasting he’s a complete natural and is amazing at what he does. It makes me jealous (something I tell him all the time), for him to sit there and just be so confident, cool and collective on the mic is just amazing. I mean I did watch his fights in the UFC recently and personally I think things happen for a reason and broadcasting and doing what he’s doing now is his calling and thats why it worked out the way it did. He’s really helped me develop as a person too, I mean he will tell me how it is no sugar coating it, he lets me know when I’m slacking and when I’m doing a good job. Sometimes I’ve even gone to him with something seemed shady to me, or to ask him about something, and he’s always been there to help me out which I appreciate. I hardly ever see the guy but when I do its great!

Before my nap, I was checking out facebook and saw a post by a buddy of mine Woodrow about the fights. I so right away I contacted him seeing if he was going to be there. I didn’t know he actually had his XCC show the next day. Sure enough he lets me know he WILL be at the KOTC, I was pretty excited to meet up with him and catch up on things. The guy is always asking me to come out to his shows and I can never make it as much as I would love too. My boys at Cutting Edge have all fought their amateur fights at the XCC and have done very well.

Woody and I were trying to catch a cab to this area (both of us not realizing it was down the street) he is a hoot, I never laughed and had such a banter with anyone like him before. I appreciated him sticking around and watching the fights with me, he knew some of the guys who were fighting on the show personally so it was great to get a little bit of background on the guys as they were entering the cage.

OH before I could even watch the fights I had to pick up my vip wristband at the ticket booth and of course with how my luck was going the women behind the glass was giving me attitude saying my stuff wasn’t there.. So I had to ring up Guy Mezger  and get him to come down and help me sort everything out (like I was asked too if there was a problem). I have never been escorted to my seat before let alone by the president of HDNET Fights. It was weird but very nice of him to do, I appreciated him taking care of everything that night. He even took the time to text me during the event to make sure things were good which was great. Like I told him I wish I could watch something like this in my own province, because Canada (especially Ontario) has SO MUCH talent and its unfortunate we are battling to get it legal.

There were a few guys that kind of caught my eye when they were fighting, Umm… Caleb Grummet seemed to have some heavy hands when he took his opponents back and secured his hood and then unleashed those unanswered punches. His opponent literally just turtled and tapped to the strikes. His opponent didn’t look very confident going into that fight though i must say.

Brandon Hunt VS Brad Burrick had people on their feet, it was for the KOTC 185lb title. Hunt was getting his butt handed to him in the first round, I mean he didn’t look like he was going to make it out of that round (but he did) and then the unthinkable happened Hunt through this body shot which brought Burrick’s hands down a smidge and followed that up with an over hand right and a punch down the middle folding Burrick like a chair. EVERYONE and their mother were on their feet not believing what they just saw. It was crazy considering everyone thought that Hunt probably wouldn’t even make it out of the second round.

Daron Cruickshank VS Jason Holmes was a good fight, I usually like watching smaller guys fight because they are all over the place and quick. This bout was at 170 but Cruickshank looked like a 55er, and I couldn’t believe that he was fighting at 170 and he was smaller then his opponent. Woodrow was telling me the kid comes from a fighting family and is an excellent wrestler with some good stand up, and I was in awe with some of the stuff this kid was doing. Homes had some heavy hands though and if Cruickshank didn’t get out of the way to take some of the power off Holmes’ ‘punches no doubt he would have been a little more banged up.  But that fight went the distance but it was an interesting one to watch.

I also got to finally see Joe Doerkson fight, I’ve never seen him fight and was excited that he was on the fight card. I’ll admit I was cheering more then writing in this fight, I just wanted him to win… It was an exciting fight  and he pulled out the win with a decision.

The fights ended pretty late, and I hung out with Woody for a bit  then walked him to his car and headed back to the room. I was pretty tired and went to sleep, just to get up a few hours later and have to drive home and then have a few hours to myself before going to work. It was a crazy weekend. But it was amazing, made some great contacts and saw some people I haven’t seen in awhile which was great….

I was happy to cross the border and be home again BELIEVE THAT!


~ by Christina Sears on April 20, 2010.

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