Like Pulling Teeth to Train!

Cowgirl Outfit for Work!

Man, today was like pulling teeth to go to the gym I was trying to make up a million reasons why I don’t want to go and why I shouldn’t go but right after work there I was getting changed and ready to work out.

Tuesday night I started work at 10pm at my other job (The Honest Lawyer), and it was a country theme night in the spirit of Carrie Underwood playing in the city. Needless to say I had to dress up like a cowgirl. Not really my forte, to dress up as something I’m not and if you’ve ever been to a club or whatever you would know the staff goes all out for theme nights sometimes. I mean whatever makes you money it reminds me of Halloween on theme nights because on Halloween when your my age and go out its acceptable to dress like your auditioning for a porno and no one says anything. Well, on theme nights the sexier the better really. Unfortunately I’m not exactly ready to expose my goodies regardless of how much my body has changed.

I ended up wearing my first pair of flats (size 2 kids) YES KIDS, I bought a pair of skinny jeans which I have never worn before in my life and got a cute little plaid shirt to wear! I didn’t wear my jean skirt I guess I wasn’t ready to wear it yet. But at work it got really warm and I took off the blue shirt and just wore my beater felt more comfy after that more like myself. But it didn’t turn out all that bad I suppose I mean I guess it could have been worse.

I didn’t get out of there until 4am though, and I had to be at work at my other job for 11:45 the next morning. So I was pretty burnt out and looking at the rest of my week I knew I had to get in some gym time come Wednesday. But I was just so zonked from work and then more work followed by sucking that all up to train. That’s when life can get in the way of wanting to be an athlete!

But like I said, there I was in the change room rubbing my eyes and getting changed figuring out what I was going to do today during my gym time.

I figured I would work on some of my lifts, kind of change it up today seeing how I wasn’t really my self because of how tired I was.

I went over my squat, cleans, and front squats, which i haven’t done in a while. I mean I have done squats recently but I haven’t done front squats and cleans for awhile. MAN I forgot how annoying it feels on my shoulders. I was holding it how I was suppose to but even when I did it over at crossfit my shoulders would kill like the one bone of mine that sticks out. The bar just rubs on there and it feels like I got a deep bruise or something.

I miss doing a lot of the lifts I was doing, but doing them with people who knew how to correct me would be better then doing it on my own and hoping my form is right. Lee’s the one who helped me with me cleans and front squat.. over and over again he was drilling me about it! Which I totally appreciated and it was a lot of help.

After that I decided to do some cardio and get through a chunk of the Hogan book I’m reading. It’s actually not all that bad. Honestly though cardio sucked because I was on my feet all night till wee hours in the morning and the floor at the Lawyer is brutal on the feet regardless of what shoes and insoles your wearing. Then I had to work again so my feet were just wrecked, even though I was wearing shocks it still hurt to do cardio. But I drowned the pain in my ipod and in my book I got through a lot of calories and almost 30 minutes.

It was just a brutal cardio day.. hopefully the rest of the week will be a little bit better.



~ by Christina Sears on March 24, 2010.

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