Progress Takes Time

Well, now that I have another job in a bar/restaurant/club type place I have to go with the themes that they have going on, on certain days. With being in the downtown core there is always so much going on and this other restaurant I am working at is located in the middle of it all. Right across from our coliseum and theatre.

This week there is a theme night in honours of Carrie Underwood playing at Cops Coliseum, with the theme obviously being “cow boys and cow girls” pretty much being “country”!

I have a jean skirt, and obviously some cute beaters that I COULD wear but no shoes so I ventured to the mall today to try and find something sexy but no skanky, sexy and smart! I don’t want to give off the wrong vibe to drunk people around me. I mean I’m not the type of girl that like drunk people hitting on her (not like that would happen) but I’m just saying.

So went to the mall and headed right to my favourite store Garage, they usually have something I want and I guess I went at the best time because they had A LOT that I want. I mean all the new summer stuff has come in

and although I went to Australia in December and bought summer clothes, I have now lost weight since december (about 8 or so pounds).

I was trying on size 0 jeans just to find out the only reason they didn’t fit was because my legs were too thick so I needed a size 1 which they didn’t have. I use to be a 5 or 6 which to some people is small BUT to someone who is just completely tiny its huge. My shirts went from a medium or large to a small and in most cases today I needed an extra small.

There isn’t very much clothing out there to suit and fit an athletic build really I mean jeans didn’t fit because I have muscle on my legs, some shirts didn’t fit because my back was too big others because my arms were too thick, I mean.. its rough when your athletic sometimes never mind being over weight or just skinny like a toothpick.

But I felt really good in what I bought for work, I ended up getting another jean skirt with this cute plaid shirt that I think I’m going to tie just under my breasts with a tank top under it (not ready to show tummy yet). I just need to buy a pair of comfy flats or something to go with this skirt, if not I’m going to go and buy a pair of jeans with some rips in them (ones I saw at Garage) and wear those they complimented my features well only they didn’t have a 1 and thats what I needed.

I’ve been doing this diet for almost 2 months now, and I dont personally see results but those around me do and I appreciate them letting me know. Like I was trying to explain to a friend today, I was so use to being one way and having the pressures of some people thinking I’m fat and no good and after that its just who you think you are. SO with all this chance my mind has a lot to catch up about which is what its doing right now!

I could h ave spent a lot more money in Garage today, I think I’m going to go back when I get paid and buy some more stuff… I need summer clothes and I don’t nearly spend enough on myself that I should in regards to clothes. I hate shopping always have but there are things that I seen I liked and with Garage there is always something I like there so I don’t walk away disappointed (unless they don’t have my size)!

Shoes are going to be a challenge, any of you remember what happened halloween when I tried to find shoes (holy hell) that was a mission and a half!!! So we will see how it works out I suppose!

For my cheat meal today I decided to have some Chinese food, the thought of breaded chicken, mixed veggies and chicken balls just made my mouth water!!! Obviously when you order Chinese food you get a lot for your money, and with being on this diet sometimes on my cheat meals my eyes are much bigger then my little belly and I was almost full after only a few bites. But it was so great and totally worth it, but I needed some sort of dessert I mean its not everyday I can pick up a spoon and dig into some ice cream, so I bought a sundae (no i didn’t eat all of it by myself) but I did dig into it and shared the rest. Bought the “strawberry shortcake” one (mmmm sooo good)!

I was really tired with the week worth of work that I had, I rented a movie while eating my cheat dessert! I rented “Old Hogs” with  Robin Williams and John Travolta, I never laughed so hard in my life. There is this one part where the kids mix up Williams and Travolta’s medication just previously they were talking about the side effects some of their medications have. Like Williams was saying his one med made him have partial face paralysis while Travolta’s mentioned one of his meds says something about bad depth perception when he’s on it.

SOOO the best part by far is when they had each others meds and those side effects clicked in. I took a picture of the screen with the face John Travolta had when his face was doing whatever on its own because he was at a mourning club where people who lose a loved one can go and be with other people dealing with grief His face is frozen in this overly happy face! I mean you will have to watch it to see what I mean but by far one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

I also managed to take my “progress pictures” after doing some specific work outs for three weeks. I never saw any changes in the first two sets of pictures but everything is starting to come alone nicely. It wasn’t until I went shopping today and seen these pictures that I realized “HEY YOU IDIOT YOU ARE SHOWING RESULTS”!

I was shocked with how trim I started to look and my core ISNT as bad as what I thought it was I guess. Just like everyone I suppose I have my good and bad days, it sort of gave me more motivation to continue to move forward with this!

Surprisingly I seem to be inspiring people around me with my updates and struggles which is awesome. Others just don’t understand that diet and regular exercise isn’t easy if it were easy then personal trainers and gyms would be out of business. From experience I know how hard it is to get into a routine with all the temptations he world has to offer that can make you slip off the wagon. Lately the only thing that’s been eating away at me is people who ask for my help and then just don’t bother really listening to what I have to say and then complain about how they look.

March 21 - 108lbs

I use to be the complainer and it wasn’t until i took it by the nuts and move forward and did something about it that I started to feel better. NO ONE is going to do it for you, you have to do it for yourself and want to do it for yourself.

I’m just a work in progress, I’m just learning about all of this which is why when people make suggestions to me, and comment it really does help me a lot. It gives me something to look into and research and in some cases try. BY no means do I think I’m better then someone or put myself on a pedestal.

When my friends and people I know come to me for help, or questions it shocks me BUT I always try and point them in the right direction with what I’ve found out on my journey and if I CAN’T help them I try and direct them to someone who can and WILL help them. My contacts have really helped me out in directing me on the right path with specific things. I really appreciate what they have done for me because they have had a hand what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.

Some people get the misconception that I’m a health “freak”, those close to me know that I love my cake, cookies and most importantly my ice cream better then the next person. But those who don’t know me very well always get this misconception of me which is fine I can get how they would. A friend of mine assumed I NEVER EVER eat fast food, when the truth is no I don’t usually or ever eat the “micky d’s, burger king, taco bell etc” but I do like Harvey’s and A&W. The reason I rarely eat there is because it really does kill my body since starting this diet. The feeling I get after eating at one of these places isn’t worth it. I do like to have wings, I could eat wings everyday if I could and that’s fast food… I do love to get street meat and thats fast food its just a different fast food. WHEN I go out I hate getting salad, I eat salad alllll the time I would much rather love to eat nachos or a good burger or a steak or something?

I’m not a health freak, I can’t justify torturing my body and not letting it have some of the things it desires it would make me miserable and those around me insane. I’ve met people like that and believe me I don’t want to be that, or like that and obsess that much. I like who I’m becoming but I’m also giving my body a break!

Well… more pictures and progress stuff in a few weeks, hopefully I can get some video up at some point!

It was a good relaxing night and I want to thank Travis for offering to steal my closing shift at Kelsey’s. I needed the night off and I was too stubborn to just get rid of it!! Thanks hun I hope you made some money!!!!


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~ by Christina Sears on March 21, 2010.

3 Responses to “Progress Takes Time”

  1. Hey Christina! Loving the blog as always, and keep it up! Good youtube vids, too. Would you mind shooting me an email sometime? I have a diet question for you. Cheers!


  2. First and Foremost, You look incredible. You def, have a hot body.
    Second, I really loved the blog, it was a great read, although I know it can be tough, just know you are not the only one with the same problem. You will always find ways to get what you want.
    Proud of you an all the weight loss. PROGRESS TAKES TIME but more importantly PATIENCE


  3. Miles: I emailed you!

    Rin: thanks for the support buddy!!!! BFF!!!!!


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