Crazy Encounter

I tried to regroup this week seeing how last week was a huge struggle for me, I had a lot of people reach out to me in some emails telling me about their experiences, and not making me feel like maybe I’m going crazy! I really appreciated everyone who emailed me and commented you have no idea how soothing it was to hear that this is all NORMAL!!!!!

I was at the gym Monday and I worked on my chest, back and shoulders, wasn’t too shabby saw a few people I knew at the gym so between sets caught up with them.

There is this one guy who does a lot of crossfit stuff too, and we were talking about the new one that opened up in Stoney Creek which both of us will probably check out (seeing how its closer then the other ones). He’s a good guy to talk to though, I sort of want to do a crossfit work out with him maybe Fran or something. Next time I see him I’ll ask him if he wants to meet up and do a wod.

Once I got through all the stuff for those body parts I was on the treadmill running at a good phase, I’ve decided not to go by how much time I’m on there . I feel the run goes so much slower that way, I started to set a calorie goal for myself instead. While letting my mind focus on whatever music I have on, and just thinking about stuff that’s going on around me it really does make the time go by a lot quicker. PLUS I give myself a calorie goal with running then once I reach that goal, I allow my body to slow down for a bit of a walk till I hit another calorie goal and then speed it back up again.

The way I figure it, I’m not training really for anything where I have to have this great cardio, so doing 20-30 minutes or whatever mixing it up with a nice run mixed with a fast walk back to a nice run wouldn’t hurt? It’s how I get through my cardio. To be honest I miss Crossfit being able to go outside and just flip tires and do the cardio out there. So I think I’m going to go to the Bayfront A LOT over the next few warm days that I can get down there and go for a run. I love running down there, the only thing that is discouraging sometimes is the older folks (I mean in their 50’s and 60’s) zooming by you like they are younger then myself. I giggle to myself but REALLY I’M THE YOUNGER ONE OF US TWO I SHOULD BE THE ONE BREEZING BY!! Kudos to them though, but its a nice area I love it down there.

Leg Press Machine

Tuesday I went again to the gym same bat time, and worked on my legs. I don’t mind doing legs they are starting to shape nicely I think. I was trying to figure out how much the sled was on the leg press. I did 2 plates a side which  alone is 180lbs, and it wasn’t too shabby I think I am going to put another plate a side next time I do legs. But I want to know what the added weight of the sled is. Just stupid things I think about when I’m training. Most people don’t record the weights they use they just ball park it. For me, I need to see the progress on paper as well as feel it so I write down everything I do and some days when I have nothing to do I might head over to the gym and try and beat whatever it was I did. Its just one way I stay motivated in the gym.

My younger brother Dave and I headed over to the Hamilton Cemetery on Tuesday around 6pm while the sun was going down because he is thinking about doing his ISU in Photography on “Spirit Photography.” I said that with the day being as clear as it was you could probably get some nice shots of some old textured stones at the Hamilton Cemetery (with it being the oldest in Hamilton). I also said the sun setting will give you some good light to work with and se the feel for your project’s presentation.

We headed over there and normally if I go to a place that is possibly haunted I always try and remember my digital recorder. I find the paranormal fascinating and I know to each their own to what they want to believe but I do believe that when people die their energies are still around. Being a Catholic its probably against my religion to feel the way I feel about some Paranormal things but like I said to each their own.

I didn’t do what some of the pros do and ask questions or provoke any spirits, I honestly just walked around and turned my recorder on here and there or placed it down while taking pictures.

The Hamilton Cemetery is very old and has stones dated back like in the 1800’s maybe even some sooner some are really hard to read. But standing there I was fascinating (while respecting those who were buried there). I mean a stone that has been sitting there since the 1800’s? Or sometimes you would see an entire family in what they call a “vault” where they had the entire family in one area placed in a wall, which was locked up. There is A LOT of history there, the stones are very interesting and the textures of some of them make for an amazing picture.

The movie Resident Evil Apocalypse was filmed there the grave yard scene. Hamilton has had a lot of great movies filmed in the area. The Incredible Hulk, Four Brothers, and a few more I’m sure you can look them up if your completely interested. My city I feel has a lot of character, now if only the government took the time to care about the character and the people took the time to take care of that history we have and really put some T.L.C back into our buildings then maybe we would be a city that people would want to go to. I mean did you know that in and around my city we have 125 waterfalls? It’s true, they are hidden gems that you can hike to and admire.

*Resident Evil Grave Yard Clip. Hamilton Cemetery*

So when i got home, I plugged my ear phones into my voice recorder and started just going through pictures while listening to the clips that I had recorded and I did catch some EVP’s (which are electronic voice phenomena), the last one I captured really sent chills up my spine when I heard it. Of course I tried to respect the dead as much as I could, you know not taking anything from the grave yard (old rocks and such), not stepping on the stones in the ground, I even dusted leaves off the ones that were covered. I didn’t touch the stones with any disrespect etc..

I don’t know why paranormal stuff interests me, I mean everyone has to have a different opinion to what happens to you when you die right? I think its crazy that there are reports of different types of energies, possessions, etc that have happened and until some see it and are there to see it with their own eyes they don’t believe it. I myself was a person who didn’t really believe it until I heard or saw something for myself. Watching shows like “Ghost Hunters” and “Creepy Canada” they talk about different things and how to respect the Paranormal.

When I got my digital recorder for Journalism purposes I did remember watching something where they used a recorder and got these EVP’s, but of course with the power of technology you can manipulate pictures and sounds to make them seem to be whatever you want. So, one night a friend of mine and I were talking about these EVP’s and thats the night I caught my first few. When I went this time with my brother it was in the day (not at night), and I wasn’t really looking or thinking I would catch any recordings. But when I was editing through my pictures you just hear some distinct sounds that just don’t fit, and when you hear them and go back you can make out what they are saying and that’s what happened to me.

The first recording I got was in the very back of the cemetery, I had just left my recorder on this lovely stone and went about my business taking my pictures as did my brother. Neither of us were anywhere near that recorder for five minute (neither was anyone else). But in the first thirsty seconds when i played back that recording I got a voice that said “Help me.” Oddly enough… last time I was there with friends and had my recorder going in almost the same area I had another voice say “help me, help me, help.”

*EVP’s I Captured Today*

After we collected our pictures down there we went back up to the other part of the cemetery, and again I placed my recorder down maybe for three of four minutes and when I played it back I got “get out…” and then seconds later it got louder and more distinct “get out, gettt outtt.” Gave me goosebumps because my purpose wasn’t to disturb what was around me, or offend it I was just fascinated with the stones around me and the idea that I could be walking through some kind of spirit conversation to catch a recording if I was lucky.

Hiking and getting out of the woods before the sun went down I’ve caught faces in trees, and some weird lights and mists at Niagara-on-the-Lake. I was given a book from a friend to help me with the passing of my grandfather. It’s called “We Don’t Die” and it talks about a man who can see “energies” and communicate with them. It’s not a book for everyone and you have to read it with an open mind. In away it did make me feel better knowing that yeah my grandfather is gone but his energy is surrounding all of us at some point, and it was comforting to know that rather then thinking he went to heaven for some reason.

I know this is a bit off topic from what I normally talk about, but its something that just interests me to the no end and I would love to hear about your experiences and where, see pictures, hear anything you’ve recorded. I know I have a few stories but then this would be crazy long and most people probably wouldn’t even get this far.



~ by Christina Sears on March 16, 2010.

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