Hike with My Pops!

Hiking at Dundas Valley

Today was a beautiful day, its the beginning of March and normally around this time we are still being dumped on with snow and it is still pretty cold. However where I am in Hamilton we are fortunate to have a mild winter this year and only last month had two snow dumps and both melted as fast as they fell.

I had no motivation to go to the gym today, I had a lot going on in this brain of mine and kind of needed a de-stress day. SO when my dad got home from work I had suggested that maybe a hike was due,

the sun was shining the snow was melting there was a lot of mud and some slippery ice.

We headed out to Dundas valley to hunt down two of the waterfalls around there it was pretty interesting to watch my dad walk and slip around on the ice that was around. The mud was pretty thick, but the sun was shining just the right way and everything it touched just shined so beautiful.

I got a lot of amazing shots, normally at Dundas Valley I go off trail a lot and just wanter around, but my dad didn’t have the best shoes on and it was really slippery so I totally can’t wait for the snow to melt. I really want to check out a few other hiking trails “Niagara Glen” and “Rattlesnake Point” both I hear areamazing, I did a bit of the Glen last year or so and it was really amazing.

When we were getting close to Sherman falls there was this older man running along the path in the opposite direction of us, and he says “be careful its a muddy wet area.” So I just figured he was talking about around the falls or something. BUT sure enough we get to this path and it was like being in a movie with all these different challenges to get to where you want to go. The first challenge was a really rally icy path with lots of water, so the water was making the ice even more slippery. Watching my dad walk on that just made me giggle so hard, until i almost lost my legs from under me somehow I managed to catch myself. Then I stopped and said to my dad ‘that guy had to have been like 55 and he was running a long no problem and we look drunk walking here.”

The next challenge was not losing our shoes in the amounts of mud that was in the way. It was terrible I was covered in mud my shoes were just brutal and my feet felt heavier because of the load of mud that was on them. My dad decided he was going to push me into a purple thorn bush that I was taking a picture of. He bursts out laughing… I didn’t get hurt just startled with the thought of falling into this thrown bush.

My Pops at Sherman Falls!

Then we have to go down these man made steps in the bush just before the waterfall and they are completely ice over. My dad refused to come down them, I convinced him to stop being a baby and live a little. MAN I never laughed so hard in my life, all the while asking him if he wants my spikes. I bought spikes with Teresa for our hikes for grip. They are the most amazing things I’ve ever invested in. When we reached the waterfall I got a lot closer (hoping I wouldn’t fall through the ice), and I showed my dad just how amazing these spikes were.

I got some really awesome wicked pictures, I can’t wait for the nicer weather and get out and hike with the girls a lot more. I love living in Canada, yes it’s cold but in the same sense its just as beautiful as any other country. We have our hidden gems in my city and its a shame that not a lot of people know about them.



~ by Christina Sears on March 8, 2010.

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