Tough Week….

My weight has been at a stand still this week, I’m not too worried about it because I truly don’t think I look any different. Some who haven’t seen me in quite awhile have noticed, and the only time I NOTICE is in the gym, when my shoulders, arms and back are really pumped with blood from the work out, and my legs are looking good in a pair of jeans (not to mention my “butt tocks” as well!

I may sound like everything is “easy-peesy” but its not… everyday I have to motivate myself to get up, eat what I need to eat, and train the way I need to train. Sometimes the gym gets lonely but its getting better. I’m starting to meet a lot of great people who also have different methods of doing things and its great to have them teach me that as well.

This week has been hard for me food wise because lets face it I’m a female and some times of the month are much easier then others. Some may say that its an “excuse” but really unless you’ve ever gone through a women’s cycle please don’t lecture me on what’s an “excuse” around that time of the month and what isn’t.

I’m not sure about other women (because we are all programmed different) but for me, a week (sometimes two weeks) before the “going to start” day I find my body holding on to about five (sometimes ten) pounds of water. So I start to look like a water balloon, nothing fits right and I feel bloated and fat day in and day out. That really gets into my head sometimes because here I am, eating right, training at the gym doing what I need to do and I look in the mirror at this water balloon. For me its hard to look at that and put on clothes that should fit that won’t fit and stay motivated.

ALLLLLL I was craving this week were cookies, these yummy sugar cookies you can buy at Fortino’s and sometimes Sobey’s. They are soft more like a cake then a cookie with this thick layer of sweet icing on top of it and these yummy little sprinkles. Am I making your mouth water yet? MINE is just thinking about these delightful pastries. So needless to say I couldn’t wait for my cheat day to just have one (okay maybe three)!

I started my second job this week at the Honest Lawyer in Hamilton, and between both jobs I have been working everyday since last Sunday, so I found that since my schedule change my body hasn’t been responding well in the gym, I mean its hard for me to want to go and when I’m there its hard for me to stay mentally tough. NORMALLY for me when I get to the gym, regardless of what I’m doing I get this adrenaline rush and its what helps me through my work out and I feel so fantastic and accomplished after.

I know I don’t have kids and a 9-5 job and a marriage, but kudos to those people who do. I mean I’m holding down two jobs and trying to do all this stuff which isn’t even half of what they are doing. Thinking about stuff like that while I was working out kept me a “smidge” motivated.

I was doing legs on Wednesday, and I had seen Tony (aka Fridge) and his buddy working out, as Tony would say “beater” weather is fast approaching and its time to shed off the winter fat and get into a summer body.

As I was doing my squats Brendan finished up helping someone he worked with go through some specific work outs and then came to see how my work out was going. Of course with him being a Personal Training we always get into conversations about different work outs. Coming from a crossfit background he likes doing similar circuit work outs so we were going back and forth with tough ones we have done.

He had to do legs that day too so he threw his leg work outs in with mine, and let me tell you I was so sore by the end of it. We did a bit of core too seeing how thats the one thing on my body that ISN’T coming along. Which is kind of a piss of as well. Which I discussed with him, he tried to make me feel better but I am a pretty stubborn person who is a perfectionist and I wasn’t having any of what he was saying. But we went through a lot of core after legs which I didn’t mind. I showed him hanging knees to elbows, he’s never done them before and when I did them I suppose I made them look easy because when he got up there he was like “WOW, I can’t get my knees that high.” Not going to lie it was a good feeling to show someone something that is already in that profession AND do it better then them. I told him I can probably do it because of my Jits background, a lot of flexibility with that and hip movement.

Monday is a workout day for me but I don’t think I can go, a guy I went to elementary and high school with passed away on march 4th after being brutally beaten feb 20th. He was on life support since Feb 20th and I guess being in a coma he went brain dead so his family had no choice but to take him off the life support and it was just a matter of time after that. So although I wasn’t best friends with the guy, we did have good laughs in school and he was close friends with some people I was good friends with. Out of respect myself and a few of y old classmates are heading down there for the funeral. The “viewing” I guess its called is today so I’m going to head down there before work.

It’s especially going to be hard because he was 23 years old and my one brother just turned 23 you know? I mean, it can happen to anyone something like this. I never do well with funerals. But I sincerely want to wish his family and his wife the best, its hard to lose a child normally in the circle of life you go before your children. A parent should never have to burry a child but sometimes life just throws you a curveball you know?

On the diet front I think Pete has said that its time for a change up, and my work out is going to change up in a bit as well so this should be interesting. Pictures will be coming soon!!!


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~ by Christina Sears on March 7, 2010.

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