Day 1 Complete 13 Days Left

Day one of this diet is finally over and done with! Was it as bad as I thought it would be? Not so much really, but this is only day one into the thing, I’m sure in two weeks I will have another opinion.

I woke up at 7:30 in the morning for my first round of food man, that’s about the time I had to take my fish oils (and I have the liquid kind). I really didn’t think it would be that bad so stupid me I mix it with my chocolate protein shake thinking to myself “how bad can it be?” I don’t think I tasted chocolate anywhere in there, I couldn’t believe how gross the fish oils tasted, I kept thinking to myself “what’s worse, Buckley’s or fish oil?”

Wow, that was such a rude awakening again this is all pretty new to me so its trial and error on my part with things, I never use to take supplements and what not so sometimes I’m walking into it not knowing what to expect which brings me to my next topic the horse gel cap of a multivitamin.

I couldn’t believe how massive these things were, I’m not use to taking something in a pill form that big. When i went to put on in my hand to take I noticed a greasy orange film that was staining my fingers. I right away called up Pete and Elaine before I did anything else and they said one of the gel capsules must have ruptured inside the container. MAN, how annoying but it was good to know I wasn’t going to get poisoned or anything (hey man you never know!!!!)

So I have to fit in 11 meals in a day, and I was thinking to myself “how the hell is this going to happen?” I’m 4‘10.5 and I weight 113.5lbs and I am not use to eating that many meals a day. I think by the fifth meal I was feeling it, I’ll say this though I was never hungry.

I went to the gym and started on my work out, I did some cardio to start things off (and because I was waiting for the squat rack). Went over to the weights and one of the racks was free so I wondered on over there.

I really feel weird sometimes when I’m over there, I feel like I’m in male territory and some guys are looking at me (when I’m taking up a squat rack) and are like “she shouldn’t even be here.” Its just the vibe I get when I’m in there (so weird)!

Regardless of my feelings I still get in there throw on my ipod and just do my thing and not thinking about anything else but getting the weight up! So I was warming up my squat like I normally do, a bit nervous because I was a there a bit earlier then normal so Tony (one of the guys that sometimes spots me) wasn’t there yet, and I hadn’t seen Mark floating around the gym.

My squat was at 145lbs this week for three working sets of five, but I was getting up just fine which is awesome this is my fourth week I believe in the gym so to get up there in that amount of time I think is great. Considering it took me months to be able to even get up there last year when I started lifting. I remember struggling at 145 last year I mean shaking on the way up the whole nine yards. So for me, its an amazing feeling and to know that I’m doing this alone is an even greater accomplishment.

I had my first experience of someone random coming up to me at the gym and talking to me. I heard a lot of stories of people meeting other people at the gym, but no one (but Mark, Tony and other people I know) talk to me unless its to ask if I’m using a machine or something.

Today, a trainer came up to me and struck up a conversation about the weight I was squatting. He seemed to be amazed I was lifting that much, and told me that i can probably squat more then some of the guys that are in there right now. I laughed it off (feeling sort of flattered) but I have looked around me somedays and some of those guys are massive in there. If they are only squatting 145 there is a problem.

I bumped up my weight for my over head press to 75lbs, and it was going up too no problem. It is a good feeling too because again last year around this time I was struggling my ass off to get the weight up (and that was 65lbs)!!

My deads use to be my weakest point and I am happy to announce that last year I was struggling at one point with 65lbs (because of an injury to my back), but I built that up last summer to 145lbs and was struggling with that. I remember dreading doing dead lifts in ANYTHING not just on my lifting days. And I have officially (in a month) got my dead lifts to 155lbs! That was a great great feeling you have no idea.

I’m waiting for Pete to come up with my other training stuff for the gym, to get my body prepped. I sent him my “before pictures” which were so uncomfy to do. To know that someone is going to really look at a lot of the details and pick you apart. Not a good feeling (for me anyways).

By the end of the night I did feel a bit weird and had a smidge of a headache, I think it was because my body is starting to go through withdrawals of stuff I normally would be munching on (mostly ice cream because I loveeeeee ice cream)! So one day is down, and I have 13 more days to go!



~ by Christina Sears on February 1, 2010.

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