Project “Get Ripped” Starts Monday Feb 1 2010

In life sometimes things don’t always go your way and something happens that sometimes turns you off of something, or makes not you not as hungry for it until something (or someone) comes a long and lights a flame under your butt and actually sparks you to want to do something again.

I’ve been down that road with jiu jitsu and wrestling many times, I trained so hard and then sometimes I would leave it sometimes for a week, other times for a month just depended on when I felt like jumping back on the mat.

I love jiu jitsu and I always will, and I love training and everything that comes with it. I mean it is a very challenging sport, almost like a game of chess and its just amazing how you can manipulate your body and use it against someone else, or even use someone else’s body against them.

But last year in the summer I was training at a crossfit gym in Hamilton and fell in love with lifting. My coach Bryan Edge always drills into my head “tecs before pecks” and its normally an ongoing joke we have. BUT beyond the mat, I really loved how I felt being 4‘10.5 and lifting weight that sometimes girls bigger then me were struggling with. I was surrounded by some amazing women at that gym that just made me hungry to life more then them. I wasn’t trying to prove that I was better by any means, I just wanted to challenge myself so I used them as my prize. I always wanted to be THOSE WOMEN, never did I think anyone would want to be me.

I realized that I motivated more people around me then I could imagine, and a lot admired my work ethic, my hard work and my dedication. All things I knew I had, but didn’t notice or care to notice if anyone else noticed yeah know?

But lifting, and training all together lost its luster for me. I found myself filling my days with work and no play even if somedays I thought “yeah I’m going to go and train” I would be to tired to even bother.  That went on for about almost four months, I didn’t have any desire to train at all. I canceled my membership at my current crossfit gym (because I was throwing money away), and I had not been back to Cutting Edge Martial Arts and Fitness nor did I have the desire to go back right away.

It wasn’t until I was talking with Pete and Elaine from Physical Development in Burlington (P.D.N Shoppe) that I started to get hungry to train again. What started as a bad joke slowly started to become a reality.

I was joking around with the fact I should do figure, and how funny it would be to stand up there in my “wood stein” of choice, with this glittery suit on, IN HEALS, strutting my stuff. Anyone, who knows me on a personal level knows that I am the complete opposite of that a figure model represents. I’ve been friends with a few for awhile and they are constantly watching what they eat, where I on the other hand love digging into a tub of ice cream. I can’t for the life of me walk in heals, some people have even got the pleasure of watching me trip wearing them. I’m not sure I’d be a fan of colouring my body to the point where I look orange, and I really can’t stand people looking and judging me I’ll have to admit kudos to those girls I couldn’t do it (or so I thought).

Before I knew it, I was talking with Pete about diet and what not and not to long after that I had my diet in place, went and bought my supplements and proteins for the next little bit and had a start date planed for myself when this was all going to happen. I was on the road of challenging myself with something that will be more of a mental thing for me then anything else. I love to train, I can handle a diet, but everything else that is going to go with this I’m not to sure about at this point.

So I start my quest as of February 1st (tomorrow Monday), and for the next 2 weeks try and shed some of this “fluff” to see exactly what shapes we are dealing with to mould over the next few months. It will be a detox for my body which I’m sure I’m going to feel withdrawals but I told enough people that are around me everyday so they will keep on me over the next few weeks if they feel I’m slipping (which I don’t think I will).

This diet that they gave me is pretty fantastic, I mean it isn’t a “get ripped in 3 days or a week” kinda diet but I will never be hungry, and after this thing is all said and done I won’t feel like I starved myself (like most quick diets do) and I will be able to still look great and not have to gorge on everything around me. Were I find by talking with most people there is always that “i ate so much after” factor that happens with the quick fix diets. I feel yeah some of them MAY work and MAY make you feel great and look great for that little bit of time but after people normally put back on the weight because they aren’t use to bringing the diet into an everyday life.

Pete & Elaine from PDN Shoppe made my diet custom to my everyday life, they have me eating 11 (yes 11) meals a day, and I’m eating every hour and a half. I shouldn’t go hungry at all during the day, its all healthy stuff that my body probably isn’t custom too just yet but thats what the detox is for. They did warn me about the mood swings (closer to comp), the cravings I will have etc… ALL normal and nothing I haven’t heard before.

This will be my first time having to cut weight for anything, or cut down for that matter!!! So I’m quite excited, this will be a huge challenge for me and seeing how I want to do a variety of things I figured I would give this a go.

I’m going to document everything for PDN Shoppe create a testimonial book for them (or DVD) not sure yet maybe both. I have taken before pictures but until I”m comfortable with them I don’t think I will be posting them. Sorry everyone, but I will try and post as many pictures and video as I can to keep this interesting.

Thanks for following and please feel free to post your feedback at anytime!


I want to send out a special thanks to Pete and Elaine from Physical Development & Nutrition Shoppe for the time and efforts into a fantastic custom diet for myself, and for putting in some time developing a game plan and work outs also to get everything into place. I also was able to purchase all the supplements and protein from them, they gave me no bullshit and gave me what I needed not something  that will do nothing for my body.

Ultimate Takedown

Another thank you to Brian from Ultimate Takedown for sending me some swag to use for my before/during/after pictures. I appreciate your support!


~ by Christina Sears on January 31, 2010.

One Response to “Project “Get Ripped” Starts Monday Feb 1 2010”

  1. Hi Christina, you almost have *me* motivated! Keep telling us how it’s going. Thanks, Chris


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