My crazy busy week!!!

Sorry about my lack of updates from Wednesday’s day at the gym… I’ve been busy at work and knew I had to get crazy sleep time in for my shift on Thursday (I knew it was going to be a long one). Before I get to why it was a long one let me start off my talking about Wednesday at the gym.

Wednesday I did my normal lifting routine and stayed at the same weights as I did for monday.

Squat 125lbs

Dead Lifts 125lbs

Press 65lbs

I can feel my body being hungry to up the weight, I am trying not to rush it because I want to make sure that everything is working right. Meaning, my ACL is healed up right nice, my back is strong, and my technique is perfect. I want to be ass to ankles every rep and make it count. reviewing my other lifting videos I wasn’t getting low enough a lot of the time. So with me doing this on my own this time around I want to make sure to do it as right as possible.

After lifting I did some cardio with a buddy of mine (Tony) who is always at the gym the same time as me. So we both did like 20 minutes on the elliptical. Not my favorite thing, I’d sooner bust out a crossfit work out but its what I did today. I ended up burning (according to the machine) 250 calories. I did sweat like a mother (which is the point i suppose).

SO Thursday’s shift was pretty crazy, every Kelsey’s Restaurant was giving out a FREE pound of wings to every guest that walked into the restaurant from 4pm- 12am. I started at 12pm was done at 2, sat and ate relaxed for a bit and was back on the floor at 3 30pm. I worked and ran my butt off from 3 30pm – 11:11pm that night… YES A LONG DAY!!! It was a fantastic event, and it seemed like everyone enjoyed it (well everyone that obviously got free wings)! Man, by the end of the night I was so tired I had a migraine… So needless to say I knew Friday’s work out was going to be something I’d have to push through.

SO TODAY! I work another double… and after my first shift I headed over to the gym to get my lifts out of the way. Chatted up Mark during my 2-3 minutes rest between sets. It was nice of him to make sure I was getting low, my knees weren’t bending in, and that I was doing it properly. Mark is an awesome guy and a great trainer, I’ve known the guy FOREVER!!!!! SO its always nice to catch up with him and hear how the wife and kid are doing and what not.

I was looking around the gym, and was watching some women (who seemed to be in the body building stuff) do their work outs, watching how they do certain things and what not. In some way some of the stuff is great in others.. they LOOKED great but not strong… If I ever did something like that (which could possibly happen), I’d want to look great and BE STRONG!!!! *laughing*…

If that’s possible that would be fantastic!!!!!

Anywho…. I did my press I think I’m ready to up it on monday to 70lbs ( I was at 90lbs when I stopped lifting). My squat is going to be upped too come monday to 130lbs. Mark was asking me why I am only doing 125 when it clearly looks like I can do more.. and for more reps. So I explained to him when I stopped lifting I had some injuries, plus being off for almost 4 months can sometimes “f” with your body more then you realize. So I wanted to take it slow, and that’s what I’ve been doing. SURE I can probably do more but I would rather be confident I can get my ass to my ankles in a perfect squat with good technique. But when I stopped lifting my squat was 190lbs. BUT however there was this girl beside me doing (what I think were dead lifts). Its weird some people stand on this little step thing and so them? I just put the bars on the side of the squat cage and do it that way? I guess to each their own, anyways I saw her doing 65lbs… It made me remember when I sprained my back and couldn’t even do that. So i had it stuck in my head that I could do more for my dead lifts. Instead of waiting till Monday I upped the weight today.

135lbs… was what I was doing, doesn’t sound like a lot but when you go from wanting to cry to just dead the bar (which is normally 45lbs) to being in triple digits it makes a girl smile at heart knowing she accomplished that. WELL it has for me. When I stopped lifting my dead lifts were at 145lbs so.. only being a bit off and being back at the gym for maybe 2 and a bit weeks and already seeing results (well I thought I was)!

Man, you know… I thought when i shed all that dead weight months ago that I’d be done with the “your fat” comments, or feeling like I can’t win.. but of course, things never go my way. AS I was saying to Piero, I was called fat probably 4x’s this week which made no sense to me. I’m not far off to the weight I was a a year and a bit ago, and I am back in the gym. I mean when I was out of the gym no one said ANYTHING? AND now I am working out again and I am fat? How does that make sense??????

Regardless, I have to get it out of my head what people think… I know my body and how I feel. It was just something that caught me off guard.

I’m working with Physical Development & Nutrition Shoppe’s owners Pete and Elaine to come up with a game plan for something that I may take part in soon. Details to come when things are final!!!! But I appreciate their support and help with everything…!!!

OOHHH and just a random little blurb.. tonight after work I baked this “layered birthday cookie” which was a recipe from my cookie calendar that I got for 2010. SINCE my father is throwing my mother a 50th’s b-day get together I thought I would give it a go to have out on the table for everyone to try. I obviously added my own little touch to it like adding mini chocolate chips and what not. But I am looking forward to experimenting with this recipe with different cookies. BUT here’s how my first one turned out!! I am quite proud of it!!!

So that’s been my week I work the next few days and I believe monday is my own day off *yawns* its 2:02am right now.. I’m thinking its time for bed. I’m hiking with Teresa tomorrow so I’m quite excited about that.



~ by Christina Sears on January 22, 2010.

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