Got to love Monday’s

What a weekend I had, besides working I went out to Toronto in support of the band “Breathe” who was playing at “Hollywood on the Queensway.” They did amazing, it was my first time watching them play Teresa knows a lot of the band members personally and her and her friends usually go to their shows when they can so I was happy that I could be there this weekend. I’m not much into hard rock music or whatever but it was awesome to be there live and listen to the music. I was pretty hungry when we got there and so Stef and I ordered 20 (honey garlic) wings

Shane = Real Life Pacey Witter

and a thing of nachos (which was huge).  BUT man it was soooo good!!!! Now if only I drank beer I’m sure it would have been quite a site to witness.

Joshua Jackson "AKA Pacey Witter"

It was a pretty good time I’ll admit, and our server reminded me of Joshua Jackson when he played “Pacey Witter” in Dawson’s Creek! A real life Witter! HAHA!

So.. wasn’t sure how I was going to feel in the gym today, because along with those yummy awesome wings and those tasty nachos, I also had a peanut butter ice cream craving and caught myself indulging in a Ben & Jerry’s little tub of ice cream.  It was such a delight but after I ate half the little tub I was feeling sort of sick ( yeah I know what your thinking).

So, going into the gym today the first thing I do is check the weight area to see how busy it is. And I mean it wasn’t backed but it was a bit busier then last week around that time. I noticed there were people using the racks so I had to wait it out. I went and did some stretches, and bosu ball stuff, and what not and then headed over to the treadmill and started to walk at a comfy pace to warm up WHILE catching up on the news. OH how I love CHCH News!!!! But the weirdest thing happened when I was listening to the news and doing my little warm up walk, I got zapped in the ear. YEAH like as if i put my finger in an outlet kind of ZAPPED… weird.. so I took it out of the thing to listen to the news and continues listening to my ipod.

Checked out the weight area again and the rack was free, so i ventured over there and wrote out my new weight for the three lifting days this week. Was so excited to be moving on up, felt like a kid in a candy store.

Squat last week was 115lbs ( 3 working sets of 5) and moved that up to 125lbs!!!

I know it doesn’t seem like much, but its a big deal for me to be up there like that and moving on up. I never thought I could do this by myself and here I am doing it. No spotter when I was terrified at this point last year NOT to have a spotter. I guess when I hit the bigger numbers then yeah I’ll need someone but for right now I’m good alone!!!

I kept my Press the same because I’m no pressing it entirely with my arms, I find myself kind of doing a smidge of a push press so until I can get it all arms I’m going to wait to move it up, I want the technique of the lift to be down and make sure I can do the weight that I have before moving it up.

I moved my dead lift up to 125lbs from 115lbs, and honestly I felt soooo confident, I felt really strong surprisingly this is the easier one to do. Before it was my squat, and my dead lifts were my weakness now they do not seem like much of a weakness which is awesome.

I didn’t do much cardio today I didn’t have enough time to really do anything had to get the car back and what not.

SO I’m pretty excited that Stef found me Utter balm for my hands, since using the stuff my hands and skin hasn’t been as chapped from this Canadian cold weather, and therefore my hands are not being ripped to shreds on the bars in the gym.



~ by Christina Sears on January 19, 2010.

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